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Sinatra And Me

Leave it to Frank Sinatra whose rendition of the songs “It Was A Very Good Year” and “I Did It My Way” all embodied, exemplified, and personified the character within me. Though not intentionally my whole life seemed to revolve around key elements related in each musical score. From the time I was 17 to today each decade could relate to the lyrics of those songs.

Golden Tips On How To Promote Your Music Offline

Although, many famous musicians find their first success online, research studies have shown that even if you receive millions of views online, you won’t get the reception you want on the internet. For you to get the reception that you want, you have to promote your music offline. Curious of how you can do it? Here are tips on how to go about it:

Jazz Guitar Standards – Kenny Burrell Played Them With Class!

Kenny Burrell is one of the best mainstream jazz guitarists in history! He plays with style and class as well as excitement and creativity.

Tips On How to Mix Your Songs for Radio and TV

For you to increase your sales and be popular you need to push until your song is played on radio. For the radio producers to accept to play the song you have to ensure that it’s of the right quality and has the right content. You also need to mix it the right way. To help you out here are tips on how to properly mix your music for radio and TV.

Lead Sheets Versuses Rhythm Charts For Singers – What Works Best For You?

As a music arranger I often get requests from new vocalists/clients for a lead sheet of a new song they want to perform with an accompanist or band. I almost always advise them to go with a rhythm chart instead. Here’s why.

Are You Ready to Buy DJ Equipment?

If you want to buy DJ equipment, there are many reliable online stores that provide the required stuff at a price which fits well within your budget. There are various DJ gear which you can buy as per your budget and requirement.

How to Get More Listeners for Your Music

It’s the dream of every musician to have his/her songs listened to by millions of people. If you are a musician and you want to increase the number of people who listen to your music, here are tips that you need to put into consideration: Quality of Music How good is your music? For people to listen to your music it has to be of good quality. To determine how good your music is you need to ask yourself a number of questions. Some of the questions that you should ask yourself include:

Hello Kitty Karaoke Machine

Most cartoon characters are short-lived, but few of them are so enchanting that their popularity lasts almost eternally. Hello Kitty or Kitty White is one of very few cartoon characters that remain captivating even after decades of their tenure as children’s obsessions. Hello Kitty is now 40 years old, yet its existence as a lovable doll and toy in many homes and recreational venues in many parts of the world proves that it is still an adorable image for children. Hello Kitty’s popularity leads to the release of a large assortment of merchandise with Hello Kitty theme. One of such merchandise is the now popular Hello Kitty karaoke machine.

The Truth About Promoting Music Online For Independent Artists

It is rare for independent artists to break into the music scene without any help from major music companies in the industry. There are some who rely on social media to help launch their careers and others rely on social networking.

How to Come Up With Ideas for Your Songs

Do you consider yourself a musician, but are struggling to come up with ideas for your next song? Here are tips to help you out: Start With the Theme You need to think about the general concept of the song. The concept can be anything such as love, pain, or heartache. Once you have settled on a given concept, your next step should be seeking inspiration. There are many places where you can get inspiration for your song. The most notable sources include:

About Full Range Loudspeaker, Sound Stage, Phase Congruency and Goosebumps

Amongst Audiophiles around the world there is a heated debate about the best loudspeaker design. Back and front loaded horns, bass reflex boxes, open baffle designs and transmission lines all have their vocal following. Today we make a case for loudspeakers that have a particularly passionate, if small crowd of enthusiasts and are slowly making their way back into commercial space after living a vivid life in the DIY community for many years: The full range single driver speaker..

Lovers Who Cannot Move On: List of Heartache Songs in Tribute to Percy Sledge

Singer Percy Sledge passed away last week, an event that evoked memories of one of the greatest songs of an eternally heartbroken lover. It may have forever marked Sledge as a one-hit wonder, but “When a Man Loves a Woman” is undoubtedly a hit worth being remembered for. “This gentle, eternally devoted soul had just been blindsided by his woman, who’d left him broke, bleeding inside, and sleeping out in the rain,” explained USA Today’s Jerry Shriver in his 4/15/15 obituary of Sledge.

Jazz Fusion Guitar Solos – Larry Carlton Is One Of The Best!

Larry Carlton is one of the most versatile guitar players in the business! He plays everything from blues/rock to jazz/fusion with style and class.

Title Tracks That Appear Last on Their Albums

Next month will mark the 50th anniversary of the genre known as folk-rock, for it to as in June of 1965 when the Byrds released their debut album. Titled after their cover of Bob Dylan’s folk image-laden folk song, Mr. Tambourine Man also featured electrified versions of three other Dylan compositions.

How To Put An End To Guitar Teacher Insanity and Make A Great Income In Your Teaching Business

Albert Einstein famously uttered the following phrase: “Insanity is: doing the same exact thing time and time again while expecting to get entirely different results.” This is very relevant for guitar teachers, because this is how most of them think when it comes to earning a great living teaching guitar lessons..

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