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The Evolution of the Acoustic Piano and Digital Piano

Over the past five centuries we have seen the evolution of the piano. The humble acoustic piano has evolved and grown through so many different changes, there have been dramatic changes in the last century with the advent of new technologies and the introduction of the latest digital piano solutions.

Rock and Roll Heaven: How A Priest Helped Write Ricky Nelson’s “Hello Mary Lou”

Ricky Nelson’s “Hello Mary Lou” was a 1961 hit penned by singer Gene Pitney, whose co-writer was less well known: Cayet Mangiaracina, a Dominican priest. Mangiaracina was just out of high school in 1954 when he wrote “Merry, Merry Lou,” which was recorded by Bill Haley and Sam Cooke. Pitney’s “Hello Mary Lou” sounded so similar that it brought a lawsuit that led to a split of the song’s credits and royalties.

Sorting Out iTunes – How To Get A Clean iTunes Library

As with everything else, the way we listen to music has changed dramatically over the years. It is now possible to listen to music using portable mp3 players, where earlier you only had a gramophone or a radio to do so. It is possible to download music into your iTunes library and listen to it when you are on the move.

How To Remove iTunes Duplicates And Find Missing Album Artwork

A disorganized library makes it difficult to locate songs and generally makes the library look messy. Using software will help you to fix any misspelled song details, remove any duplicate songs, and add on missing iTunes album artwork. It also helps you to sort out your entire iTunes library.

Why Over Ear Headphones?

Have you ever thought about purchasing a new pair of headphones, and wondered what would be better? Let us take you though why we think over ear headphones are a better choice!

10 Interesting Facts About The Fender Stratocaster Guitar

There’s no denying it, the 1954 designed Fender Stratocaster electric guitar helped shape the musical landscape of the past 50 years. In this article I look at its history and some interesting facts.

Beat Making Software – Not All Beat Makers Are Created Equal

Making beats used to be a time consuming task. These days you can make your own rap beat in under 10 minutes using beat making software, and the best part is – anyone can do it. If you’re new to making beats then please read on.

Best VST Plugins for Bass

The Korg MS20 VST plug in draws on the unique Korg MS20 analogue synthesizer. The MS20 is perfect for analogue sounding, serious, warm, wobbing bass lines. It provides a complete possessing patch panel which gives everyone a huge amount of capabilities, by linking out oscillators to certain ranges you may make a nice selection of noises, among the more renowned could be linking the LFO with the cutoff to get this cliched dub-step modulated bass noise.

The Story of Amazing Grace

The story behind the hymn “Amazing Grace” is just amazing as the song itself. Learn more about the author to more fully appreciate this hymn and what it represents.

Worldwide Appeal of JRock and KPop: Proof of Universality of Music?

Asian groups are hitting the global charts. Korean pop groups and Japanese rock bands are landing in markets and cultures previously dominated by Western music. And their fan following from countries other than Japan and Korea are growing. Is this a proof of the so called “universality of music”?

The Best Jazz Trumpet Recordings That Every Musician Must Have

You have to listen if your goal is to be the best musician that you can be. Learning the jazz “language” by listening to the greatest musicians of all time is vital to your understanding it. Learning jazz is much the same as learning a second language.

Why Soundbars ROCK!

This is a quick guide to how a soundbar can improve your listening experience without the hassle of a full blown surround sound system. It discusses whats involved and what you need to consider!

GP55 Junior Drum Set Review

It may be difficult to know which junior drum set will be suitable for a beginning drummer. This article explores the the pros and cons of the GP55, and explains why it is the most popular drum kit for beginners.

Disco Design Concepts And Games

People really like to apply disco design concepts when making a party or a different event. A flash from the past is just what they need most of the time to liven up an event. There is no difference what kind of party you are organizing – for children or grown-ups, using some special disco design concepts can make it a one of a kind party for every person participating.

Perform An Itunes Cleanup With An Itunes Organizer

Missing mp3 tag information, duplicate songs, misspelled names and artist information are just a few of the many problems that seem to follow most iTunes users today. You may find that your library is full of “Track 01” and you have no other way of telling who the artist is or which genre the track is so you have no option but to listen to it to ascertain its artist, only to find that it is the one you had just listened to a few minutes ago – this can go on and on. This frustration is however…

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