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Joy Division – The Final Curtain

Much ignorance surrounds the unquestionable legacy left by the long extinguished flame that was Joy Division and the unfortunate case of Ian Curtis in my home country, Northern Ireland. The reaction when I proudly state I holidayed in Macclesfield Cemetery and stick on my favourite garment adorned with Curtis’ image, when I grab a stout, in a country full of supposedly well educated /culturally up to date people is quite extraordinary.

Queen Is the Most Bootlegged Band

Queen band was established, after the demise of Smile group in 1970. The group line up was comprised of Brian May, Roger Taylor, Freddie Mercury and John Deacon. Live performance and hit songs, are some of the features, which increased the popularity of the band. The band 1985, live aid performance was voted, one of the best live performance.

How To Learn Guitar Scales Effectively And Make The Most Of Your Guitar Practice

All guitar players know it’s important to learn guitar scales and practice regularly if they are to progress their playing. But too many times I have noticed how students don’t maximise the effectiveness of that learning and how time spent practising is not necessarily as productive as it could be. This can be addressed with a couple of simple techniques that will help you focus your learning strength and speed up the long term benefits that comes from gainful guitar practice.

Need for Home Entertainment Systems Booming

Have you ever visualized if you could get a chance to create such an arrangement at home. These sound reflections make your recording sound much more real once played through surround sound systems at home.

How To Keep Your Vinyl Records Clean And Well Cared For

Vinyl records are very much on the comeback trail. That wonderful artwork is much more enjoyable than a CD slip case or an MP3 download. It is said by the listener that the traditional slab of vinyl offers a much richer auditory experience also. However, vinyl is not as durable as a CD or a download and must be cared for properly to maintain optimum play back. This is as simple as following some basic good practice so let’s take a look.

Organizing a Memorable Birthday Party

Birthday parties can be a challenge to plan, especially if you are dealing with a youngster and their set of friends. However, with the number of game arcades that have come up, hosting a party at any one of them can work to your advantage. One of the best parts of organizing at an arcade is that you have your venue done up for you. Entertainment is never an issue because of the numerous games around. Most arcades also have party packages that cover the organizing of food, games and even take away gifts. All you need to do is send out the invites.

Facts and Features of the Very Versatile Yamaha YPT230 Keyboard

This informational article is loaded with facts, features and benefits about the Yamaha YPT230 Keyboard. After reading this article, consumers will be well equiped with the knowledge needed to make an informed decision when purchasing a keyboard.

Clean Hip Hop Dance Songs For Kids

It’s no secret that a large proportion of hip hop dance songs are littered with foul language and obscenities that can be hugely inappropriate for the younger crowd. This can become somewhat of an issue for younger people and children who are very interested in the world of hip hop dance. As hip hop lessons become more and more popular in dance studios across the globe, the issue arises as to the type of music that parents want their children to listen and dance to. Finding clean hip hop dance songs for kids can pose a great challenge for parents and dance instructors alike.

The Differences Between Jazz Vs Hip Hop Dance

Jazz and hip hop have been around for ages. Dance studios everywhere teach both styles of dance – among others – and many of them even teach both together or combine the two. For those who are not heavily involved in the dance scene, it may be confusing to differentiate between these two styles of dance. So the question is, what is the difference between jazz and hip hop?

Basic Guitar Lessons – Things To Take Note Of If You Want To Learn The Guitar

Do you want to take up basic guitar lessons from the comfort of your own home? Here is a resource which I highly recommend. It is called Guitar Success, and it has helped many people fulfill their dreams of becoming the guitarist they always wanted to be. Do check it out for basic guitar lessons which I highly recommend!

Read About the Evolution of Music

You would have definitely read in Greek mythology about the nine Muse Goddesses who were responsible for all aspects of science and art. Reportedly born to Zeus the king of the Gods in Greek mythology and Mnemosyne, they embodied all knowledge about the arts particularly music, dance, and literature.

Career in Music – Is It a Good Option for You?

Launching into a career in music today is far simpler than it ever was in the years behind us. Today, we have to help the Internet and the social media to get us going quickly and enhance our visibility in the social networks. You cannot discount the valuable help from YouTube and other social media networks in our fast progress in the field of music.

Interesting Facts About Pantera Band

There is no band, in the history of rock music that inspired metal world, like Pantera in the 90s. This band inspired the development of metal core and other types of movements. The other four bands, which influenced metal genre, include Slayer, Black Sabbath, Metallica and Megadeth.

Kenny Chesney Tickets, Musical Background, Successes, and More

For years, Kenny Chesney played a huge role in bringing country music to mainstream. With hits like “You Had Me from Hello”, “Young”, “When the Sun Goes Down”, and “Beer in Mexico”, it’s no wonder that Kenny Chesney tickets sell out in arenas across the country. He is also known to be a rather handsome charmer. Since the late 1990s, he has been coming out with one hit after another.

When Learning Guitar Scales Which Ones Prove To Be The Most Useful?

Learning guitar scales is an essential part of developing your guitar skills and they should be a vital part of any dedicated guitar player’s practising regime. But with a vast catalogue of scales to choose from, some of which require a good understanding of music theory to make any use of, which ones are the best ones to concentrate on to maximise your lead playing ability? There is little point in labouring over scales that won’t yield results when it comes down to the most important aspect of guitar practice i.e. improving your playing.

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