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Impact of Music Software on Today’s Music

To compose good music is not the exclusive domain of professional music composers. Now with advanced music software, everyone can become a good composer. They can experiment with different beats and upload their tracks on different websites for others to listen.

What Dreams Are Made Of

The modern film has undergone such growth from the times of the likes of Charlie Chaplin that it can be subdivided into very many genres. The array of genres demands that anyone aspiring to have a career in the film industry knows exactly what kind of participation they want to have. One of the genres is animations. Films are produced with animated characters telling a tale, but their voices are the voices of real people.

What You Should Know About Eritrean Music

If you’re in love with native cultural music, you’ve got to find it when you visit Eritrea. This is a great country with rich cultural heritage of native music. You have a lot to gain when you visit the country.

Money Verses Quality: Memorex MKS-SS1

The Memorex MKS-SS1 karaoke machine also has a marker that informs users about their progress and it actually gives tips to on what to do and what to say. Since most of this models come with either a television or a monitor they are actually associated with big events and amateurs who would like to give karaoke a try and actually feel how good it is.

The Secret To Writing Amazing Songs Everyday – In 3 Simple Steps

The majority of muso’s / songwriters dislike writing new songs due to writers block. Not to mention all the songs that were started and never finished, or embarrassingly bad and had no connection to their fans at all make matters even worse.

Vienna in Franz Schubert’s Days

Vienna’s reputation as the most musical city in the world is indissolubly linked with the names of Haydn, Mozart, Beethoven, Schubert, Brahms, and of course the Strauss family. Each only added to the lustre of the city’s incomparable musical crown – but its reputation preceded them all.

A Guitar by Any Other Name Is Just Another Guitar

Buying your first guitar should not be taken lightly. You have to put some serious thought into what kind of guitar you should get. There are many great guitars out there, but my thought is that a guitar by any other name is just another guitar!

Lost Bands of the 80’s (1): Nu Shooz

The name of the band means of course “New shoes.” According to founder member John Smith, the bizarre spelling is due to the band’s original bass player Jim Hogan. As a rocker, he thought it looked more “rock.”

How to Choose Between a Bedroom Studio Vs a Professional Recording Studio

Anyone trying to decide which is the better option between a bedroom studio or a professional record studio, the single most important factor question to ask is, WHAT DO YOU WANT TO DO with your recording. Your goal?

The Beatles Home City

The city that was the home of The BEATLES: Liverpool was called ‘Liddypool’ by John Lennon. His song ‘In My Life’ remembers his city: all the Fab Four were from Liverpool. This article remembers the Beatles City and the places in it that have strong connections to the BEATLES.

How to Build a Soundproof Room (For Musicians and Dummies)

An easy, step by step tutorial on how to build your own soundproof vocal booth or soundproof room. This tutorial is for musicians and “dummies” with minimal building skills.

How to Get The Feel For Switching Between Chords

Contrary to what many will tell you, practicing guitar chords doesn’t have to involve  boring, monotonous switching between one chord shape and another. It is also not about memorizing the biggest number of chord shapes possible, especially since once you learn barre chords there is very little you need to get lots of variety. Practicing chords is really about learning to relax and have fun with the guitar.

Steps To Becoming A Singer And Making It To Stardom

Different people have different talents, and how you use it will determine if you will be famous or not. If you are good at singing, there is a chance of perfecting the singing skills and start having your own music collections. To become a professional singer, you need to put a lot of effort in what you are doing and get as much help as possible for you to succeed. There are some steps, which you need to follow to achieve your dreams.

The Electric Guitar’s Secret Weapon: Distortion

If you’re a rocker with a knack for shredding on the electric guitar or are simply a lover of anything that has to do with head-banging, heart-pumping and floor-shaking rock and roll, then you’re definitely well-acquainted with the eminently famous effect that is distortion. Turn on your radio and sooner or later, you’re bound to hear a good song that has even the slightest hint of distortion in it. It is one of the most common and best-loved effects of musicians in the rock and roll industry, not to mention other genres like blues and jazz.

Going From Beginner to Intermediate Guitar

Everyone at one point in their life has made the statement “I want to learn to play the guitar.” From that point there are infinite possibilities to where that simple idea can go, either people start to learn and instantly become prodigies, or they can play for years and never really get the hang of it.

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