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Rockabilly’s Sam Phillips Turned a Work Ethic Into The Formation of Rock and Roll

Of all the heroes you can point to in the rockabilly world, one of the greatest of all was not a hero because of what he did with his own music, but because of what he did for the music of others. Sam Phillips who owned a small Memphis recording studio called Memphis Recording Service and started the Sun Records label was every bit as responsible for the rise of rockabilly and the very formation of rock and roll as his biggest start, Elvis Presley.

Tips to Recording Great Vocals

This article gives basic tips on how to get the best out of your vocal recordings. Following these simple recording tips can be the difference between bad sounding vocals and great sounding vocals.

Creating Your Unique Style For Hot Rap Beats

Creating your own hot rap beats can be very innovative, fresh and inspiring. Each new day this musical genre is evolving with new styles and themes. It is because of this reason that these musical beats have grown so popular over the course of time. Well, you might think that it is difficult to create and produce these beats. However, it is not that difficult in reality. If you begin by following instructions properly, it would also be easier for you to create your own beats provided the fact that if you have a passion for rap music.

Loopmasters Dubstep Arena Review

As a Dubstep producer I’m always searching for new samples to create drumloops that can hold under the weight of my over compressed dirty basslines. I take pride in my productions, and always ensure my mixes sound tight and crisp. I don’t purchase many Dubstep sample cds because they tend to sound poor, but Dubstep Arena is one of the sample cds that I had to have in my collection.

Writing Song Lyrics People Can Relate To

Writing song lyrics people can relate to is one of the most important skills a songwriter can develop. If you wish to improve your songwriting chops try putting yourself in the listeners’ shoes.

The Fun Facts About Guitars

If you are interested in guitar as a stringed musical instrument, the playing technique is not the only matter to know more about. Before you even go further and learn deeper about the best guitarist in the world, it is better to know some facts related to this popular instrument.

What Year Did Rockabilly Music Peak?

Few arguments seem less solvable than the one about what the very first rockabilly song was. Some say Elvis was the first when he recorded “That’s All Right” in 1954. But others point to various other artists–for example the Maddox Brothers and Rose–who were creating music that fits very comfortably into the rockabilly genre as far back as the late 1940s. But one thing that there is no real argument about is that once Elvis really kicked it into gear, rockabilly raged strong for a few years. Exactly what year rockabilly peaked, well, that gets us back onto a little less concrete ground.

Rockabilly Music: Listening Just Isn’t Enough!

There’s something special about rockabilly music. Something you can’t really describe fully. But I’ll try! Some music is for listening to, but not rockabilly. Oh, of course, you can listen to rockabilly. But I think it might be physically impossible to simply just listen to it. There’s something infectious in the music. No matter how you try to simply listen, it only takes a few beats of the song before listening morphs into active participation.

Hip-Hop Recording Artist Jay-Z: His Success Against All Odds

This is the story of recording artist Jay-Z and the influences on him to get out from the deplorable conditions in the housing projects where he lived. His albums such as “Reasonable Doubt, Hard Knock Life, The Blueprint 2: the Gift and the Curse” have each sold in the millions. He is also a published author with a book entitled “Decoded.” It is not only autobiographical in terms of his career but is also a musical history of Rap and Hip-Hop music.

Railroad Songs, A Rockabilly Tradition

There’s something about the railroad that inspires musicians. Maybe it’s the romance of the parallel rails disappearing off into the distance that signifies freedom and adventure. Whatever the allure is, it has certainly not been lost on rockabilly music! Several of the most famous and beloved rockabilly songs carry on with the long-standing “train-song” tradition of country and folk music.

Rockabilly Musicians’ Country Upbringing Shaped Their Outlook On Music

Not all of the famous rockabilly innovators were raised in the country, but certainly many of them were. They were born at point in US history when times were very tough and grew up knowing first hand what it meant to do without. Those simple country roots shaped these young musicians and gave them a strong base upon which to build their careers.

Gospel Music Online – Where to Get It

Over time, it has been challenging getting good Gospel music. The challenges ranging from available technology to where to find the music. The 15th-19th centuries kept us in the dark, giving us mostly paper music which performance was the exclusive right of the owner.

Bradley Delp: The Greatest Male Vocalist Ever Recorded

Bradley Delp, simply the most technically adept and soulful male vocalist ever recorded in popular music. If you don’t believe it, try on some of his amazing Boston vocals for size or even select cuts from his RTZ albums. The recorded work of this man is second to none.

How the Growing Number of Karaoke Sales Can Help You Find a Good and Affordable Machine

Looking for best karaoke machine is no longer hard to do because of the growing number of karaoke sales. You can choose from a wide variety and prices vary. From best quality to basic type of karaoke equipment, it is now widely available.

Tips on Buying Guitars Online

The internet has led to changes that would have been impossible to understand just a decade ago. Buying a musical instrument without hearing it is one such change. But keep a few things in mind when you do it and it can be a convenient way to score a good instrument at a good price.

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