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A Brief Introduction to Digital, Tape, and Analog Delay!

There are plenty of different ways to play the guitar. You can either play it in the traditional way or provide audio effects, as the effects help to manipulate audio in different ways. So how do guitarists manipulate audio and offer amazing music? Let’s find out!

Finding the Right Companies for Stage Lighting Hire

When you are putting up any event you need to make sure that you have all the equipment and lighting that can add more life to the event. Hence, many companies look out for companies that can offer lighting and stage equipments on hire. Buying all the equipments and lighting can be too expensive especially if you don’t need regularly for the events.

The Musical Journey Of Roop Kumar Rathod

Roop Kumar Rathod was born in 1973, is an Indian playback singer, ghazal singer and music director. Mr. Rathod is the son of the late Pandit Chaturbhuj Rathod, the classical luminary. He was introduced to the world of music in his very early years.

Songwriters – 3 Must-Know Tips for Submitting Your Songs to Professionals in the Music Industry

In this article, I wanted to outline a few tips for you as you send your music to people in the music industry. There are certain guidelines that are usually expected of musicians submitting their music. We’ll talk about them here.

Why New Orleans Jazz Is Special

Ever wondered what distinguishes New Orleans jazz from any other kind of music? This informative historical overview will give you an idea what makes this famous genre so unique!

Some Of The Common Pedals Used For Guitars

Are you planning to buy several pedals for your guitar and are unable to decide which one to choose? If yes, then read on to know more about the wide range of pedals so that you can select a perfect one for yourself.

Effect of Music on Us – Why Is It So Big?

Listening to music is an extremely popular activity. Whether we favour classical or rock music, jazz or popular bands and soloists, we spend good money buying CDs, attending concerts and downloading music files to listen to our favourite pieces and artists. But why is the effect of music so significant if it consists of a mere sequence of sounds. Are we hard-wired to respond? Is it because music speaks to our feelings and intuitions. Is there anything deeper involved?

Four Electric Guitars That’ll Rock Your World

Whether it’s a Mariachi band or Led Zeppelin, the one thing both of them have in common is guitars. Guitars are the most popular of all musical instruments. Every kid dreams of being able to play the guitar like Jimi Hendrix.

How You Can Hire a DJ for a House Party

The service of a professional DJ is indispensable when you are having your birthday, wedding or housewarming party. A competent DJ will keep your guests to their toes, make announcements and when everything is all over, will send your guests home without giving you any headache. Hiring a competent DJ is not taking candy from a baby, but requires proper planning in order to get the best result.

Aspiring Musician? Ride the Social Wave of Success!

The Internet has benefited us in many different ways. We can probably make an incredibly long list and it still wouldn’t be even close to complete – and it’s certainly amazing to just think about the progress we’ve made thanks to this single invention. It goes beyond “the greater good” too, and the Internet can help even individuals with their own problems and ventures, and allow everyone to reach their full potential.

Rap Beats Article – Audio Compression 101

Basic audio compression tips for new hip hop producers making rap beats online. What compression is, and how to use when recording.

Voice Training for Singing: Technique Vs. Vocal Style – Part 1

So what is vocal style and what is vocal technique? Which vocal technique is the right one and how can you be sure that stylistically you are using your voice well and not damaging your voice?

Enphinate: Hip Hop Has a New Name

Refreshment has been provided in the genre of hip hop with the addition of the extremely talented underground hip hop artist and producer Enphinate (formerly known as Jay C Moola). Due to his complex and intricate style of lyricism and production, Enphinate has quickly made a name for himself as a true heavyweight in the genre of hip hop.

Bands Like My Chemical Romance You Need To Know About!

In a world where studio trickery like auto tune, sound replacement, and electronic programming have become the norm, how do you find real rock music these days? In this article I sift the gold from the sand and give you a list of modern rock bands that you need to know about. First I will give you a brief synopsis of the band followed by a quick description of their signature tune. So here it goes…

Creating Famous Modern Music Genres for New Generation of Music Lovers

It is very easy to love music but selecting between the best music and badly composed music is the real art of understanding music. Further, learning music is an even tougher job.

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