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Do I Have Talent?

The path of learning guitar is full of ups and downs. Everyone has had these down moments, when you’re comparing yourself to all these guitar virtuosos out there, questioning your guitar skills and talent, and hesitating if you should continue playing or if you should give up, because it all seems just like a waste of time Well, let me tell you something: whatever you are learning in life, there will always be people that are better than you. People of different skills and ages, yet better.

Forming a Successful Band

Every aspiring guitarist needs a serious band to play with in order to grow as a guitar player and eventually get noticed. Unfortunately finding the right musicians to form a band with can sometimes be really hard and time consuming, so many guitar players end up making compromises and forming bands involving people that don’t really have many things in common in terms of ambition, personality and musical taste. This almost always results in the band disbanding after several months or even earlier, so you must simply accept the fact that compromises and having a successful band are mutually exclusive.

To Jam or Not to Jam?

Learning guitar is a long and complex process and there are numerous learning techniques associated with it. Jamming is one of them and it is an important one. Underestimated by many guitar players, jamming is what will teach you to communicate with other musicians using solely the language of music. It develops your creativity and music thought, improves your improvisation skills and complements your overall learning efforts. That’s why you should jam whenever you can and with whomever you can.

Know How to Select the Right Type of Corporate Entertainment Event

When you are running a corporate business, there are certain aspects that you should consider for the development and growth of your business. Apart from just focusing on the basic development factors of the business, it is also very important to build a good rapport with the employees and clients of your company. Organizing corporate entertainment events is one such great way for understanding and building a good relationship with your employees.

Wedding Disc Jockeys: How To Select The Right One

Wedding disc jockeys are responsible for providing music for wedding parties. The success of a wedding party largely depends on the type of music played.

Teaching Piano To Children – 5 Effective Teaching Tips

Teaching piano can bring you happiness, especially if your pupils decide to take it to a professional level when they grow up. When they are young, you may be faced with a big challenge, especially if some students aren’t quick learners. You will find that some children can be taught easily while others are resentful because they were probably forced by their parents to take piano lessons.

George Benson – Legendary Jazz Guitar Music Virtuoso – Part 3

Jazz guitarist George Benson stayed with the CTI Record label for six years, recording an album every year. His jazz guitar music album “White Rabbit” from 1972 was nominated for a Grammy and Benson was accorded the honor of playing on Miles Davis’s “Miles In The Sky” album!

George Benson – Legendary Jazz Guitar Music Virtuoso – Part 2

In 1961, jazz guitarist George Benson got his break through an unexpected opportunity. Hammond organist Brother Jack McDuff was passing through with his trio minus the guitarist. Benson was recommended and he ended up “subbing” for the next three years while undergoing the most challenging phase of his jazz guitar music career!

Soul Chord Progressions

Neo Soul is a Genre of modern soul which has elements of Soul from the 60’s and 70’s. It is known for being deeper and emotional then modern day R&B.

Best Alt Country Albums: Hard To Define, Easy To Enjoy

What is Alt Country? Its started as a very narrow sliver of a niche. But as its appeal and influence have grown so too have its defining parameters. It encompasses all music that has a foot in country music but differ from mainstream commercial country music. But the best way to understand it is to consider the best alt country albums of all time. So here they are.

George Benson – Legendary Jazz Guitar Music Virtuoso – Part 1

Jazz guitarist George Benson was born March 22, 1943 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. The precocious youngster discovered early on that he possessed a singing voice and actually made his public debut at age four at a Fourth of July show, leading to his nickname – “Little Georgie Benson”!

Joe Pass – Jazz Guitar Music Legend – Part 1

Joe Pass is one of the greatest guitarists in the history of jazz! A genuine master of all the idioms of jazz guitar music, he was equally at home with a burning bebop line, a down home blues groove, a sensitive “rubato” ballad, or a gentle chord melody solo!

A Biography of Chopin

Some people love Chopin whereas others question the taste. Chopin sheet music is certainly in demand. There is plenty to celebrate about the genius that is capable of making you cry and laugh at the same time.

Taming Sound Through Acoustics

In any listening environment the makeup of the physical surroundings will affect the final sound. Effects such as muffing, echoes and other phenomenon can greatly distort and ruin your listening experience. Learn how to mitigate the effects.

Karaoke – A Trend That Keeps on Trending

I have loved karaoke since I was a teenager. I am glad that it is still around and stronger than ever.

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