Norman’s Rare Guitars Band at Westfield Topanga Village’s 818 DAY!

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Wedding Reception – Choose the Right Song for Your First Dance

So everything is in place, the hall is decorated just the way you had envisioned all the guests have arrived and you and your new partner for life are just about ready to step out onto the dance floor. What will you be dancing too? Will it be a classic standard?

Fun With Music Mixing Software

Making your own music with software on your PC has become very popular these days. There are a number of simple and affordable options for anyone wanting to make their own music.

DUBturbo Review

If you have the musical talent but no money for time in a studio, create your own virtual studio using your computer and DUBturbo. You can be your own music producer with the DUBturbo software and your ear for music. In fact, you can be up and running with DUBturbo in a matter of minutes.

Arranging Music and Sheet Music

Expert advice on how to arrange music. Learn about music arrangement and acquire the skills necessary for arranging music. Professional advice and tips from well-known music arranger.

Singing Lessons for Beginners – What to Do If You Want to Become a GREAT Singer

If you’re new to singing, you may find that it’s more difficult than you previously thought. Just by opening your mouth and trying to hit those high notes has made your voice squeaky and strained. You wonder why you see some people sing so effortlessly without so much as missing a single beat.

Christian Karaoke Songs – Find The Lord With Music

I value my karaoke machine more each and every day that I own it, and it’s all thanks to the beautiful Christian karaoke discs out there. I purchased my karaoke machine about 2 years ago, and it’s pretty much been collecting dust in my main hall closet for the majority of that time. Thank the lord, my friend brought to my attention one afternoon that there is Christian karaoke songs out there that are a lot of fun (not to mention uplifting).

Classical Music – Let It Blow Your Mind

Classical music is known as a kind of music with a high taste and complex techniques but also sweet and beautiful at the same time. From the Invention that Bach brought in the age of Baroque to the famous romantic Clair de Lune by Debussy in the age of Impressionism, classical music has brought so many inspirations to the musicians all around the world of all times. Though we know that this is the music which began the history that forms many kinds and genres of music in this present time, it is a shame that not everyone could simply…

How to Transfer Music From iPod to Computer?

It is a general practice seen among people to transfer music from a PC to an iPod. Is the reverse possible? My answer would be yes.

How to Remove the Duplicate iTunes?

Music is unique to human beings. As such, listening to music is the benefit reserved only to human beings. It makes us feel comfortable and it is very effective for relaxation.

Finding The Best Acoustic Beginner’s Guitar That Includes Everything You Need

Want to learn how to play the guitar or know someone else that does? Read on to see what I feel that you need the best beginner’s guitar, and where it can be found at a reasonable price.

A 12 String Electric Guitar That Could Make You Happy

The Luna Athena 12, as the name implies, is a 12 string electric guitar. With the goal of attracting lovers of vintage guitars or vintage styling in general, the Athena 12 exhibits that Art Deco inspired design from headstock to tailpiece in a black gloss package. It has a semi-hollow body crafted from maple that is designed in a similar manner as a Gibson ES-175 but is shaped more elegantly to reflect Art Deco inspiration. It is also equipped with a set V neck gilded with a rosewood fretboard, and brushed satin hardware that includes a smart-looking matte nickel tailpiece and 12 Grover tuners fitted in two rows at the headstock. Guitarists looking for a stylish 12 string electric guitar that can hold its own in a fashion magazine need to look no further than the Luna Athena 12.

Radio Maximum: Hit-Parade of the Two Capitals

Radio MAXIMUM – the first Russian-American radio station, founded Westwood One, Harris Corporation, StoryFirst Communications and the newspaper Moscow News. ” In Moscow began broadcasting Radio MAXIMUM 25 December 1991 on the frequency 103,7 FM. In 1992, the radio station had a unique news service, “Studio 15”, director and presenter of which was Alexander Abrahimov.

How To Sing High Notes! 3 Tips For Higher Singing

So many singers out there want to know how to sing high notes. Unfortunately a lot of people get lost in the confusing and sometimes misleading information out there. They never really get the chance to test out there true vocal range. In this article, I highlight 3 tips on how to immediately improve your ability to sing those high notes and free your voice for a more powerful high performance.

How To Get Album Artwork for iTunes

Are you missing album artwork in iTunes? Tired of looking through your cover flow view and seeing nothing but blank album artwork? Learn how you can get iTunes album art automatically with a simple plug-in…

How To Buy The Best Musical Instruments for Kids

As a parent looking to spur your kids’ interest in music, you have the option of either buying them (real) musical instruments or musical toys. Either option has an upside and a downside to it. Starting with the option of buying (real) musical instruments for the kids, the main advantage here is that early exposure to such instruments would tend to have the effect of making the kids very highly refined players of the said instruments.

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