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Gretsch Guitars – Their Early History

White Falcon. Chet Atkins Hollow Body 6120. These are two of the most famous electric guitars made by the celebrated Gretsch Guitar Company (occasionally spelled “Gretch”), founded in 1883. There have been many new reissues and similar models. Any Gretsch, though, is marked by a tendency to feedback and have baffling controls.

Before Guitar Playing – Developing a Buying Strategy

Before you can fully enjoy guitar playing, you should embark on something exciting: buying a new guitar. You go to the music store and immediately face a world of possibilities, a supermarket of tantalizing choices. Every guitar on the wall seems to scream, “Pick me! Pick me!” Should you resist, exercise restraint, and avoid the models you know you can’t afford?

The Evolution of Ibanez Guitars

Despite the influence of electronic synthesizers and drum machines in contemporary pop music, the electric guitar and those who consider themselves die-hard “axe wielders” and “plank spankers” have not faded away. Ibanez guitars have developed a reputation for making especially good budget guitars that in some cases are better value than the same budget model from a pricier company. In certain respects, it was a lawsuit in 1977 that spurred this Japanese company with a Spanish name to creativity and innovation.

Piano Bench As Furniture – Buying a Bench for Your Home

When you are buying a piano bench as furniture there are several basic parameters that should be followed in relation to models and styles. Find out the best bench models for your home and and overview of their basic function by reading this informative article.

A Great Sad Song – Understanding

The first time I heard ‘Understanding’, by Evanescence, I didn’t pay much attention to the lyrics but something about the song got real hold of me. There was something about the song that seemed to have this powerful magnetic force that attracted me so much that I kept listening to it over and over.

Instrumental Music Downloads – Listen to India

I know some people who love to have instrumental music downloads form India. When Hindus play music, this is only one aspect of the immense Indian cultural diversity. India is a home land for music, as well as the powerful generator of a special kind of harmony.

Death Metal Elitists, Brutality Are Resurrected Through Reissues Of Their Three Studio Albums

Remember when Florida’s death metal scene was at its prime back in the late eighties to the early nineties? Man, who can forget when such prominent bands as Death, Morbid Angel, Angel Witch, Diabolic, Atheist, Deicide, Monstrosity, Cynic, Malevolent Creation, and last but not least Brutality, which decimated the local club scene.

The Components That Make Up an Electric Guitar

This article provides a brief description of the different components of an electric guitar. We cover the neck, body, Bridge, Tremello and Hardware.

Experimental and Independent Live Music in Manchester, UK

Manchester, UK was dubbed Mad-chester in the 1990’s at the peak of the indie and rave scene that was encapsulated by a particular haircut, baggy trousers and the Hacienda club. Although Manchester is still in touch with that legacy and such haircuts can still be spotted, it actually offers a lot more variety of live music. White boy bands, sometimes with a female lead singer may still be prevalent statistically but there is so much more going on too for the more experimentally minded music listeners and gig- goers looking for creative music and independent music that may be a bit different.

Understanding Speaker Ratings

A lot of people possess elaborate home cinema systems or stereo audio systems within their homes; however they have to use an existing, portable stereo using an extension cord to achieve any kind of music outside the house. An outdoor speaker system can provide you with the kind of sound quality you desire for your pool party or backyard BBQ. These permanent audio fixtures have been developed specifically to be really resistant to water, heat, plus the other elements of mother nature.

The Zoom Recorder – A Critical Tool for All Musicians Who Want to Improve Quickly

If you are a serious musician and want to improve quickly, I recommend you seriously consider using a portable digital music recording device, such as a Zoom recorder. If you have never recorded yourself before, I can assure you that you will learn about aspects of your playing that you were never aware of before. It’s a great way to quickly identify your strengths and weaknesses.

The Great Bob Dylan Turns 70

Bob Dylan, the acclaimed musical genius of the latter half of the 20th century, turned 70 in May 2011. And his work resonates as forcefully today as it did in the ’60s.

How To Be A DJ – Become A DJ In Less Time And Learn To Mix! Get DJ Gigs!

Knowing how to be a DJ can get you lots of places. Money, loads of hot girls (or boys), new friends, travel but best of all, making people lose it on the dance floor! Who knows, if you make it big you may be making people dance at festivals and in concert halls one day. Anything’s possible in your world.

The Importance of Having a Pre-Gig Warm-Up Routine For Drummers

Having a warm-up routine right before playing for a gig or a major concert can really help a drummer loosen his/her body up. This is important because commonly, a single set can be composed of a minimum of 15-30+ songs in a single night. All those songs have their own different tempos and their own different arrangements which can really be physically demanding to a drummer.

The Legendary Gretsch Guitar Legacy

When you hear the phrase “body electric” what do you think of? Music, nutrition, exercise, guitars? Well, you’re correct in all aspects as the phrase has been referenced to multiple genres.

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