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Music Production and The Many Different Platforms Available To Create

Music Production always provides an opportunity for continuing preparation and training for musicians, recording artist and engineers to enhance the skill set and knowledge in a their particular field of expertise. Proper training is the key to product quality music production produces. A variety of media and computer schools offer music production school training programs in conjunction with a music business school curriculum. This enables students to learn the many aspects of the Music Production and media industry.

Fender Esquire

Fender Esquire has always been one of the classic electric guitars by the Company. This article sheds some light on the great instrument.

Does Music Have Soul?

Soul is not only for humans because the one who sings the song aside from birds are humans. The nature is the instrument who first gives people an idea that there is a sound that people could enjoy and experiment that’s where the music starts, everyone loves music but is music really has a soul?

The Influence of Music and Sound on Your Life

Everything in the universe is made up of atoms, the universe is full of sound and we being part of the universe are therefore full of sound. The world of music and sound has no space and no time or limitations. Sound is one of the initial senses to awaken in the womb. It brings the intricate and awe-inspiring world to us while we live, and is the last sense to leave us as we die.

The Legendary Crime Of The Century MFSL

The Crime Of The Century MFSL from the band SuperTramp is known as a sure treat for any audiophile out there. This would be so since the original album was able to garner a large amount of following from different corners of the globe.

What Are the Most Popular Brand of Drums?

Though there’s lots of drums to choose from, they are not all built the same. Those who aren’t musicians tend to consider any acoustic set of drums comprised of a bass, snare, rides and cymbals to be all the same quality. An interesting way to think about it to listen to Bill Kreutzman, the drummer from the Grateful Dead who said there’s no one instrument as an acoustic drum kit, each piece in a kit is a separate instrument. Here are the companies that produce the most popular drums around.

Learn How to Sing Better

A great singing coach could train a person to learn how to sing better at their own pace, not the singing coach’s pace, so avoid possible strain to your voice, go slow. A professional coach knows the importance of taking care of vocal chords. Having a singing coach is a great way to be trained to learn how to sing better, yet it is also important to realize this could be an expensive venture. There is downloadable software that’s available that works quite well to learn how to sing better. Using downloadable software for people who love the Internet and computers make sense and the best thing is that you can practice at your leisure to learn how to sing better and in the privacy of your own home.

Music Making Programs

With the accessible low cost music making programs offered in the marketplace, producing music on your desktop hasn’t ever been easier. In the past computer-based music-making software program really high priced as well as out of the realm of beginners. Without sophisticated music making program software one had been relegated to produce annoying scratchy synthetic digital music.

Hip Hop Beat Creator – Find the Best Beat Creator Considering These Three Things

Music production today has become one of the top marketing industries in the world. The industry has become so broad that its easy now for new producers to get into the industry and start to rise. All you have to do is have the motive and a keen ear for the music. Then you have to find a beat creator that has all the right qualities to make the best beats. Now you’re probably asking what these qualities are. Well there are only really three good qualities needed for the perfect beat creator.

New Hip Hop Songs – What You Look For In The Latest Rap Songs

The Hip Hop music world is most changing especially the new rap music generation is all determined and having a distinct flair of becoming mature genre. Interestingly the changes and distinctions that are being seen today are not an overnight change; some of rappers have really hit the market after quite a struggle. The most interesting factor here is that now the personally of artist, the performance is as vital to the whole package, as there are thousands of wannabes but only few stars.

Buy Beats Online And Promote Your Raps Online

This article will teach you about today’s music industry and how you can use it to your advantage. Don’t worry, the industry is not crashing. It’s simply rebirthing.

How to Buy a Guitar for a Young Beginner In 3 Simple Steps

Almost everyone has dreams, goals and objectives about things they would like to accomplish. Most of us have a checklist of things we want to accomplish or have. Plenty of people wish to know how to buy a guitar for a young beginner.

Hip Hop Sampling 101: 6 Top Hip Hop Samples

Background on what hip hop sampling is all about and its history in hip hop. Also a listing of 6 Top Hip Hop Samples.

A Wireless Microphone for Both Professional and Aspiring Musicians

Both professional musicians and those just starting out can make use of a wireless microphone. These kinds of microphones had previously been too expensive. Yet wireless technology had expanded and been improved enough to make them more cost-effective to produce. If you are an aspiring vocalist, manage a recording studio facility, or are otherwise involved in the music industry, you will definitely want to move toward wireless.

Squier Vintage Modified Jazz Bass Guitar by Fender

The Squier vintage modified bass is well known as a fantastic starter guitar. Produced by Fender, it is well priced and with today’s build quality, it can play a range of sounds from P-bass to the smoother warmer jazz sound.

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