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The History Of Indie Rock Music In The UK

Indie music started in the late 1970s and early 1980s in the United Kingdom. This article looks at how the movement started.

Is Piano Tuning Necessary?

Since all pianos eventually go out of tune, it is necessary that they be tuned regularly in order to sound the best. According to the best piano manufacturers, a new piano or one that has been restrung should be tuned four times during the first year. After that, generally pianos should be tuned twice per year.

Piano Tuning: Do You Need A Professional Piano Tuner?

Piano tuning is not something that you pick up over night. It is a skill that takes considerable time and practice to do well, and above all it takes patience. It is impossible to perform so delicate a task if you are the sort of person who insists on rushing and doing everything as quickly as possible.

Electronic Music Making Programs

If you’ve ever asked yourself if it were even possible that you could ever make music on your pc the answer to that question is a resounding “without a doubt”. Low-cost electronic music making programs can be found from numerous businesses, with some having top quality plug ins built in their own easy to use software programs. Before this needed a huge amount of time to know the program, nevertheless the current applications have simplified the learning curve which usually permits you to start creating beautiful songs within almost no time.

Music Maker Programs

At one time not too long ago whenever music maker programs were very expensive and also demanded huge computing systems to operate. Nowadays, nevertheless the opposite holds true. Several software designers have created good quality low expense music-making programs for the sophisticated consumer and also the newbie.

4 Ways To Integrate Pop Music Into Your Entire Life

Whether you love or hate pop music you need to read this whole article find out how to find/avoid the latest catchy tune. Your sanity/street cred depends on it…

Pipe And Drums

Bag pipes date back from the period of the Celts who marched into conflict to the sound of horns being blown. At the battle of Flodden it is said, is one of the earliest mentions of the bagpipes, that the town piper played his pipes. From the 1700’s onwards bagpipes were mentioned more frequently.

How Much Time Does It Take To Learn Guitar and How Hard Is It?

Want to play guitar like your friend does, but unsure about the difficulty? Maybe you even tried your hand on playing the guitar, but it all looks like too much work. Let me get things straight for you.

MP3 Tagger: How to Clean Up Your iTunes Library Using Id3tag Editor Software

Need help cleaning up your iTunes library? Then you are in luck. There is a very easy method to delete all those duplicate files and add in any missing information from your iTunes library.

Musical Instruments That Can Be Learnt At Any Age

It is a dream of every individual to learn at least one musical instrument. Learning a musical instrument could be a difficult task. This article gives the names of some of the instruments that can be learnt at any age with ease.

Mad At Music

I grew up at my mother’s knee listening to music. There she’d be, Schlitz Malt liquor in hand singing (yelling to the top of her lungs actually) to whatever happened to be playing on the stereo. Usually, anything from The Gap band, to Rene’ and Angela, or most likely Confunkshun or Earth, Wind, and Fire would more than likely be bumping on the component system.

An Electric Guitar Called Peerless

Some music-lovers consider an electric guitar as their best friend. They carry it around wherever they go, and would sit on a bench at the park and let the whole afternoon pass them by as they play beautiful songs from their electric guitar. Of course, they would also be bringing their portable amplifier-speakers with them.

Moving Blankets Are Good For Soundproofing

This Christmas, my kids (ages 12 and 9) have asked for some musical equipment. It seems the boys would like to try their hand at setting up their own garage band. I wondered how I could help them pursue their interests without irritating the entire neighborhood with the sound of musicians in training.

Would You Know A Blues Legend If You Saw One? I Didn’t

Anyone passionate about the original blues, either guitar or piano, know the names of the original bluesmen by heart. They were the guys that started it all. None of them had to try to understand the blues, they were the blues!

The Keyboard Sonatas of Mozart

Mozart’s music is a depiction of the man himself, ranging in moods of comical, noble tragedy, simplistic elegance, courtly majesty and heroic works full of the spirit of freedom. In December of 1774, Mozart traveled to Munich where he composed a set of six sonatas, K. 282 in E-flat Major included. These six sonatas represent Mozart’s earliest surviving works in this genre.

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