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Gotta Have That Rockabilly Look – Really?

If you’re a group of kids and you don’t have tons of dough, but you want to start a rockabilly band, you’ll probably run into the self-appointed “authentic-look” police sooner or later. Don’t let them stop you. Pick up the instruments you have and crash into those first strains of a great rockabilly tune. If they can’t see past your look to listen to and enjoy the music, it’s their loss… not yours!

Music And What It Means To Us

Music is used for many different things. It is used for exercising, dancing, relaxing, and even praising God.

The Beatles Timeline 1965-1970

In the February of 1965 Ringo Star marries Maureen Cox and the band record their new album Help and second movie of the same title. The movie was filmed in the Bahamas.

The Top 5 Cover Songs of All Time

Some cover songs can be dreadful but every now and then a new version comes along which out does the original in a new and creative way which we never thought possible. There are so many to choose from it can make your head spin. Here are few of the best.

The Beatles Timeline 1957-1964

At 17 John Lennon formed his first band with class mates from the Quarry Bank Grammar school. They were known as Black Jacks for a short time before they changed their name to Quarry Men.

Tips for Finding a Good Sale on a Karaoke Machine

Why would you look for the sale of a karaoke machine when there are karaoke places everywhere offering the total experience of singing in public? This is where you can feel like a celebrity for a few minutes and deal with your stage fright when you sing in front of a lot of people. You might find this a very cool experience.

Ultimate Vocal Release Review

Once you read this Vocal Release review you may develop an appreciation that this course offers you access to knowledgeable advice that is sometimes only available to elite professionals. Browse on to determine why this is so.

Another Slice of Cake – The Band, That Is!

Cake, the band, is back! Rivaling only Boston in terms of length between album releases, this band certainly makes the wait worth the while with the brand new ‘Showroom of Compassion’!

Get Your Career Underway Today With Beat Software

Beat software hasn’t been around very long, it is still a fresh development in the music production industry. This kind of software may change the way music is recorded altogether. A great thing about being able to utilize music writing software is the ability to offer studio level recordings from the comfort of your own home and your own computer. This means you are able to record your own tracks whenever time allows. This completely eliminates the need for you to book expensive studio time, instead of renting out a recording studio you can just start up your computer and start recording.

All You Need To Know Before Buying Johnny Mathis Tickets

A lot of people usually think that buying tickets is something that is extremely easy. Those people who have bought tickets before know very well that this is not true. The process of buying the tickets can be extremely hard, especially if the tickets that you want to buy are those of a performer who is new you to you whom you do not know very well.

WAV File Format Explained

Being a budding beat maker has introduced me to the differences between digital audio file formats, and which ones to use for the Internet and to burn on CDs. The two most widely used audio files are MP3s and the .wav file format. As you may already know, MP3 audio files is the file of choice for online listening, selling and downloading to your computer or portable music device. However, Waveform Audio File Format, or WAV for short, has been around since the introduction of Windows 95, and has remained the standard.

Pin Block Replacement Overview – How a Piano Pin Block Is Restored

If your piano will not hold tune and is unstable it may be necessary to replace the pin block. This summary outline the basic procedure of replacing a block and why it is necessary.

Restringing a Piano – How a Piano Is Restrung and Why It Is Essential

When piano strings become old and rusty or decayed replacement is necessary in order to properly tune a piano to A440 pitch and to maintain the piano’s optimum sound qualities. Restringing a piano is a three step process involving removal of dampers and strings, scaling, duplication of strings and installation of the new pins and strings. The dampers must be removed in order to facilitate the removal of the strings and to prevent damage.

Rockabilly Revivalists Turn Back The Clock

Step into a club with a hot rockabilly band on stage and it’s easy to imagine that someone has turned back the clock. The music can transport you right back to those magical nights of 1956 or 1957. The band’s clothes, their haircuts, and the instruments they play look like something that was pulled out of a storage locker that’s been sealed for 55 years.

How to Develop My Music Career: Reality Shows

This article is a look at the phenomenon of the reality show in the Music Business. Does taking part in a reality show help an artist to launch a music career or does it harm a career in music?

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