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How To Massively Improve Your 7 String Guitar Playing

Do you want to enhance your 7 string guitar playing skills? If you do not have a lot of experience yet playing with 7 strings, you are probably struggling to come up with interesting musical ideas. In order to become a great 7 string guitar player, you must learn how to get the most out of all the nuances that make 7 string guitar unique…

How To Care For Your Vinyl Records

If you’re in your 40s (or older) and you were into music in any way, shape or form, you probably had a stack of vinyl records. If so, you probably remember the best way to handle and care for them. For those people of a younger vintage and who are new to vinyl records, here are a few tips on how to care for your albums and/or singles.

Favorite Albums: The Hard Ponys S/T

The best “new” band of 2011 is really four guys that reunited in 2010 and decided to keep going. How an underground San Francisco rock band reinvented themselves to put out the best album of the year.

Tips on Tuning Your Acoustic Guitar and How to Switch Hand Positions and Change Chords

One of the most popular guitars is the acoustic guitar, especially among people who love non-electric guitars. Many people find these non electric models to be great instruments that are fun to play. However, it can be tough learning to play the acoustic guitar and a lot of people give up during the process of trying to learn.

The Classic Gibson Guitar

There are many classic and well known guitars out there, but perhaps the most recognizable is the classic Gibson guitar. This is a guitar make that has reached a cult status among guitar players and it is one that will earn you instant respect if you should pull it out in the right company. If you were to list all of the rock stars and musicians ever to have used Gibson guitars then you would have a very long list.

Methods on Country Song Singing

In order to sing country songs well, try singing with your head voice. Usually, you need to sing with your head voice when you require hitting high notes as singing with your throat can cause it to get strained and you may even go into falsetto. Country singers usually have very good high pitches and head voices can sound more seamless with a lot more flow and power. Also, with country singing you have to learn to pronounce your words correctly and your diction should be right. Enunciation varies from pitch to pitch, you might say a word differently than when you are singing it, and hence it is important to have a clear pronunciation.

Choosing a Budget Steel Acoustic Guitar

Learning to play the guitar is a rewarding pastime; the guitar is fantastically versatile and is reasonably accessible to newbies, but will take a lifetime to master. Much like anything that is good in life, the best things come to those who work at them.

Guitar Amps for Beginners

Walk into any guitar shop and you’ll usually see a smattering of teenagers and young men trying out every electric guitar under the sun before they ultimately one day purchase one or part-exchange their guitar. You rarely see them trying guitar amp after guitar amp, which is a shame, because the guitar amp is the heart of your electric guitar sound.

How to Pretend You’re a Good Guitarist

Rolling up for my first day at a university at the tender age of 17, I was full of pith and vinegar, eager for my first taste of real freedom from parental bonds.  A couple of bags of band t-shirts to show my allegiance and my trusty acoustic guitar were all I thought I needed to make an impression on campus.

A Singing Career in Your Future? Learn to Play an Instrument

As you pursue a career in singing, plan to learn to play several instruments. You will need the skills to be able to describe what you want when you communicate with your band, your producer, your audience. Everything you learn about the mysterious inner workings of the music you make will make you a better singer and a stronger leader.

Guitarist Profile The Mad Professor: Devin Townsend

Devin Townsend is a Canadian musician who was the leading force behind Strapping Young Lad, the extreme metal band that pushed the definition of metal to its very limits.  He started playing the banjo when he was five, and by the time he was nineteen he was playing guitar and providing vocals on tour with greats such as guitarist Steve Vai, and The Wildhearts.

Building a Great Band – Mission: Possible

When Mission: Impossible hit the big screen in 1996, it was a huge success, but I was left thinking that the script writers had missed some of the heart of the original television series. Tom Cruise bounds from each life-threatening situation with consummate skill and panache, with his colleagues typically unaware of proceedings or relegated to watch from the safety of a parked van.

Download Songs From the Internet

Download Music and Songs from the internet. It is becoming increasingly more popular with music lover to download music and songs as mp3 files from the internet. Here we discuss some of the reasons for that popularity and benefits associated with downloading your music

Top Five: Hip-Hop Homages

With such a rich and vibrant history that began in 1970’s New York, the Hip-Hop movement has since spread far and wide, evolving, morphing and changing to suit its surroundings. Although its constant transformation has established new and unique narratives, perspectives and subcultures, themes of solidarity and camaraderie have remained. Even more so, the art of sampling has allowed Hip-Hop producers and MCs to recreate and reshape the old, constantly bringing together different artists and stimulating more creativity as a result. In this vain, I have collated my top five Hip-Hop homages and re-interpretations, whose creativity is reflected through a respect for the art and its artist.

Downtempo Jazz – 3 Example Artists

Downtempo jazz is an eclectic style which blends aspects of electronic and jazz music. The following 3 artists are just examples, whose music can be used as a starting point on the path of discovering the sound of downtempo jazz.

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