Marty Schwartz & Michael Lemmo with Norm at Norman’s Rare Guitars – Part 2

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Choosing Your Strings: 7 Factors to Consider When Stringing Your Instrument

Your son just started playing the cello, and you have to get strings. Or your daughter’s viola string just broke, and you are the one at the music store, staring at a bewildering array of options. What string are you supposed to buy? Here are 7 good things to know.

Home Studio Recording Tips – Recording Smooth Acoustic Guitar Inexpensivley

Home recording is usually done on a low budget scale. However you can still get a very good sound using just low priced equipment. Here we look at recording an acoustic guitar.

Ten Best Songs To Celebrate Bowie’s 69th Birthday

The title of one of his most famous albums, the one that contained the smash single “Fame,” is certainly a misnomer. David Bowie is not a Young American, especially now that the British superstar just celebrated birthday number 69 on January 8. Bowie did, though, manage to do something he has done throughout his fifty year career: surprise his fans as well as the public.

Different Musical Abilities

Many tend to automatically expect the virtuoso to be able to compose music as well. But is this really the case?

A Brief History of Dubstep

Dubstep has a long and illustrious history, evolving from meager roots from the Drum and Bass genre. Taking influence from various electronic music genres, it has now matured into it’s own with global recognition.

4 Errors Guitarists Commit When Preparing For a Live Performance

Do you experience nervousness while playing live on stage (or in front of other people)? You’re not alone..

The Romantics, Nostalgia Is a Dangerous Thing, But Still I Love Those 80’s Guitar Rock Bands

So much great music came out of the late 70s and 80s. The B-52s, Joe Jackson, The Knack, Tommy Tutone, The Romantics, The Cramps and many others. These were great bands and they are sorely missed today.

Where Are Those Great Bands of the 80s, Joe Jackson, The Knack, The Pretenders?

So much great music came out of the late 70s and 80s. The B-52s, Joe Jackson, The Knack, Tommy Tutone, The Romantics, The Cramps and many others. These were great bands and they are sorely missed today.

List of Best Front Men Must Extend Beyond Just Five

Nearly all successful bands must have a charismatic front man, one of the few constants in the music business over the last fifty years. Just who is the best front man ever, though, is up for debate. A recent article at beach party…

Nazia Hassan: Iconic Pop Singer, Lilting Voice

On my way back home while listening to the radio station the presenter of the radio program announced, “The next song to be played now is from the film “Qurbani” and the title of the song being “Aap Jaisa Koi” music by Biddu and singer Nazia Hassan. Hearing this lovely number from 1980’s was indeed a nostalgic feeling coupled with journey down the melody lane. One just can’t forget this song and the singer which ignited the disco fever amongst the masses then.

Ten Albums to Look Forward to in 2016

Music enthusiasts enjoyed some unforeseen releases in 2015, and this year will hopefully provide some more. Several big name artists have already scheduled new material for release, but there are also surprises in store again. Last year saw Adele set sales records for her November release, simply titled 25.

Best 15 Albums of ’15

The year 2015 is ending with all the hoopla about the new film in the Star Wars series, which was supposed to set all sorts of box office records. To promote the film, products ranging from oranges to hats to doggy sweaters have been issued with the title on them. For those who, like me, have never been enamored of the Star Wars films, there is one item we should purchase with the words Star Wars on it.

Learn to Become Successful at Playing the Piano: Secrets Revealed

Pianos are popular instruments that need no further introduction. Everybody knows that with every tone the piano makes marks the beginning of a beautiful melody. For expert musicians, the traditional way is just the start. They need to discover new methods on how to play the piano no other musician can. Sometimes, no matter how hard you try to keep on practicing, it just doesn’t payoff. To be an exceptional performer is more than just learning the keys. One basic secret to become more adept is

Chris Barber, Jazzman

Donald Christopher Barber born on 17th April 1930 says it was as a boy during WW2 that his interest in jazz music began. When he was at school he learned to play the violin and says that his father was a good player.After leaving school he went to work in insurance Barber formed an amateur band back in 1952 with Monty Sunshine on claranet, Tony (Lonnie) Donegan on the bango, Ron Bowden on drums, Jim Bray on bass and Barber on trombone.

Improve Your Guitar Playing By Using The Most Effective Guitar Practice Exercises

Are you 100% sure the guitar practice exercises you use are actually improving your guitar playing? Hint: Most guitarists aren’t and they constantly struggle to get better at guitar as a result.

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