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Do You Give Music Lessons?

If you give private music lessons then you know just how valuable having a variety of sheet music can be. You want to make sure that not only does the music fit the level that your student is at but you want them to be interested in learning how to play it as well. Unfortunately depending on how many students you have and their taste in music this can mean that you have to own a very large library of sheet music.

Hot Hip Hop Beats For Sale – Will Yours Be The Next Huge Thing?

Producing rhythm can inspire an audience and even more entertain them. Choose a music maker software program that is uncomplicated, fast and streamlined. The producer must have a great set of beats to work with. This could not be implemented without technology and your self-assurance to produce and create awesome music.

Sad Love Songs

While sailing the seas of love, a sudden stormy wind can make us shocked, upset and distressed. Maybe a billions of words would not bring us back, neither would an ocean of tears, but, perhaps, listening to a sad love song could take us back, makes us feel, makes us cry again.

Rockabilly Queen Wanda Jackson Releases Her Latest Record

If you haven’t heard Wanda Jackson’s new album (The Party Ain’t Over) yet, change your expectations a little bit. It’s not a pure rockabilly classic. There’s a lot of rockabilly infused into it of course, but it’s something beyond rockabilly as far as song development and production go. But this is a great record and it belongs in your collection!

Who Invented The Acoustic Guitar With Strings Attached?

Musical instruments have descended through the ages. Although each nation, culture and period boasts its own version, they present undeniable similarities. The guitar is one such example as a humble stringed instrument in its many variants is still apparent and accessible by the masses.

The Benefits Of Rap Beats

This essay was written to help rappers and musicians around the world discover how to find the right rap beats online. It describes what goes into a great beat.

Bon Jovi’s Sidekick

Among many great guitar players that have paved their way in the music industry, by far and large Richie Sanbora of rock group Bon Jovi, has been one of my all time favorites. His style of playing has influenced me through the years and till this day.

3 Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame Pianists From The 1950’s

In the realm of popular music it is a sad fact since the 1960s the great pianist has faded away. Still, rock and roll was founded on the old acoustical sound. Presented are three great pianists who founded rock and roll.

Top 20 Paul Anka Hits

He was one of the first teen idols of the 1950’s and had a resurgence in his career in the 1970’s with a song that was voted The Worst Song Ever. Check out the career of Paul Anka and his 20 biggest hits.

How to Become a Confident Karaoke Singer

Singing in front of a crowd can sometimes give us a withdrawn feeling of anxiety. It’s an avoidable situation, especially to karaoke virgins. Stage fright is experienced by everybody, and we have to overcome it once in our lifetime.

Laura Marling – “The First Lady of Folk”

Coined “The First Lady of Folk” by British Magazine, The Fly, Laura Marling actually first started on the scene as a backup singer/muse/part of original lineup for the British indie-pop band Noah and the Whale. So far Laura has released two albums (“Alas I cannot Swim” and “I Speak Because I can”). Both albums show a wide range of lyrical poetry, guitar techniques, and overall styles. She isn’t the typical “singer-songwriter” that sickens most listeners of heavier rock, but she also has the soul-exposing lyrical style and folk-style guitar playing that appeals to many listeners of the indie/acoustic genre.

Cage Breaks Free

Up and Coming Kentucky rockers Cage the Elephant just released their second studio album under Relentless Records. The boys from Bowling Green have been hard at work touring the United States and Europe to climb the ranks of music, opening for bands as successful as The Stone Temple Pilots. The band’s new album, Thank You Happy Birthday, is proof their hard work is paying off.

Ukulele: Best Musical Instrument

Have you seen all of the videos lately with ukulele players? The videos originate from uke players all around the world who are contributing to the popularity surge that’s happening in the ukulele world.

Teenage Dream Not So Dreamy

After coming off a smash record with several hit singles, Katy Perry returns with her sophomore effort “Teenage Dream”. When Perry released her debut album “One of the Boys” success hit pretty quickly and why not? With songs like “Hot N’ Cold”, “Ur so Gay” (which got Madonna’s attention), and of course the promiscuous “I Kissed a Girl” Katy earned it.

The New Alternative Hip Hop (Why We Need the New School)

The New Alternative Hip Hop is the Primary Source for the Life or Death in Hip Hop. Alternative Hip Hop has to become its own Genre of Music for Hip Hop to remain. Artist like Stann Smith, XV, Asher Roth, P3-Heartagram, Genisys, The Cool Kids, Mickey Factz, Chiddy Bang, and Wale are the tell-tale to the Genre’s success or demise in the upcoming years.

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