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Mojo Recording I/O Device by Avid

The Avid Mojo is THE solution for video producers who need to process audio/video in real time, and/or handle uncompressed video without conversion. Check out the Mojo interface device for all of your video and audio processing requirements.

A New Level in the Broadcasting Development – Internet Radio

The trump card of the FM broadcasting is gradually losing its popularity. It has always been considered a channel of radio signal transmission which is most protected against interference. But there are already so many FM stations that it has become very hard to separate one from another.

The Major and Most Important Advantages of the Internet Radio

The present article covers the advantages of the Internet radio stations. The disadvantages of the Internet radio are also described here.

Let’s Get Listening To Music

Music, the fact that it is a subjectively appreciated phenomenon, has paved its roots long before the ages. Despite its controversies, music has been proven to help in at least reducing, if not completely eradicate, stress. Music therapy has even been considered to produce a wonderful backdrop effect in a stressful mind and body. Teenagers using music as an escape from stress should be esteemed instead of discouraging their hearts out of it.

Buy DJ Equipment: Selecting DJ Equipment

Having your own club, playing your own kind of songs and mixing your own music is what DJs dream of! What great idea to purchase DJ equipment of your own so you can start creating great music and practice for your performance.

Ovation Guitar Cases: Some Basic Facts

If you own an Ovation guitar, then you know how unique and how special they are. You also know how difficult it can be to try and lug your Ovation around in a case that is not made for it. I’ve heard all the arguments about, as they say, “the plastic guitars”, but I’m here to tell you that the Ovation has carved out its own place, its own sound, and its own brand of owners.

Starting Out: 7 Things to Consider Before Taking Up the Piano

As a teacher of all different types of students, from aspiring beginners of all ages to fire-cracking prodigies (or at least those that think they are), I find that it’s always really useful to help the new student with some pre-learning tips and advice. With over 25 years’ teaching experience, it still never amazes me the kinds of questions I get asked.

The Song Spiro Agnew Said “Threatens To Sap Our National Strength”

Brewer & Shipley’s “One Toke Over the Line” was an uncharacteristic 1970 hit for a duo that preferred to sing ballads. The song was singled out by Vice President Spiro Agnew as “blatant drug-culture propaganda” that “threatens to sap our national strength” because of its marijuana references; Agnew threatened FCC sanctions against radio stations that played songs that glorified or promoted illegal drug use. But Tom Shipley has said that the song hardly promotes drug use; it is in fact a cry for moderation.

Buying Your Favorite Steinway Pianos

In the music world, there are hundreds of instruments that come and go and it is only those with special attributes that stand the test of time. Steinway pianos are ranked among the instruments that have offered many leading musicians tremendous joy and it is for this reason that they are popular. There are used in concerts and other musical centers.

A First Class DJ Can Take Your Next Party To A Completely New Level

So, you are going to throw a party, good for you. Of course, you are going to make sure that you have some exceptional food for everybody, and it’s going to be at a great location, but what about the music? Are you seriously thinking about playing your own material, if so, we certainly do not hope that your friends and family who will be attending the party don’t get too offended.

All You Need To Know About Drum Sets

Owning a drum set for the first time ever is definitely an overwhelming experience. But then making the right choice of the accessories and price range could be tricky as you would have no clue what you want and what you don’t, especially if you are a newbie. Well, let us start with some basic factors: the sound quality, brand price, looks of the drum, and the number of pieces you desire to possess. Here are a few options when it comes to buying a drum set.

How To Buy Vinyl Records Online – A Record Buyer’s Guide

Buying vinyl records for sale online can be a very daunting task. With the increased popularity of the internet and the declining presence of brick and mortar record stores, buying vinyl records online is quickly becoming the norm for record collectors looking for a top tune to fill out their vinyl collection. Whether you’re looking for that monster northern soul 45 or that elusive rock n’ roll record, finding vinyl records for sale online can be satisfying and disappointing in the same breath.

3 Criteria To Look Out For When Purchasing a Beat Maker

A lot of people today aspire to become qualified professional music producers or beat makers, but there always seem to be just one thing that is holding them back – and that is the inability to afford their own recording studio. Luckily though, thanks to the advancement of technology, it is now very possible for one to start making their own beats even without a recording studio.

Vivaldi’s “The Four Seasons”

Another day, another vindication. I had been asked to do this post, because it’s true that these pieces are everywhere. The first of these is featured in almost every lazy film where people are meant to look snooty while sipping tea out in their formal gardens while being served by extravagantly mustachioed butlers. The second has been hardly spared, either, though I will say that it was the first one that was most recently featured in a commercial touting colon health. What “Spring” from Vivaldi’s Four Seasons has to do with the lower intestine is beyond me, but I suppose any publicity is good 250 years post mortem.

Combining The Right DAWs With Your MIDI Keyboard

DAWs or Digital Audio Workstation is the musician’s best friend, next to his or her MIDI keyboard that is. It’s an electronic system that is designed for the purpose of recording, editing and playing back digital audio. DAWs typically consist of a mixing console, control surface, audio converter, and a data storage all in one nifty package.

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