Jack Ryan Sullivan playing a 1941 Martin 000-18 at Norman’s Rare Guitars

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You, Too, Can Sing Karaoke!

Have you ever sung karaoke? Karaoke is a wonderful family-oriented pastime that is entertaining and fun for everyone. Join the karaoke revolution today!

Learn How To Make Custom Beats and Hot Rap Instrumentals!

Tired of that generic online beat generator that you’ve been using? Want to create some cool custom beats and rap instrumentals like the pros? If you answered yes to these questions, then you have GOT to check out this great software!

What to Pack for Coachella – The Coachella Packing List

The Coachella Valley Music Festival is one of the biggest music festivals in the world, and the largest in North America. If you are attending this event (or any other major music festival, for that matter), what should you pack? Take a look at this list to find out.

British Female Pianists and Teachers – Lucy Anderson

In this series of essays, I examine female pianists and teachers of the 19th and 20th centuries in Britain. I take a look at their influences and what they achieved.

How To Be A Better Musician

Musicians tend to have a bad reputation within the music industry and without. I’m sure I don’t need to list the stereotypes since we’ve all heard them. What if you want to be someone that isn’t like that? Here are a few tips and pointers on progressing yourself to be a better musician.

Origins of Legendary Band Names

You’ve swooned to their hits and memorized their guitar riffs – but have you ever wondered how your favourite band got its name? 1. The Beatles: More than just a reference to creepy crawlies, the name of The Beatles was derived from a play on the word beetles, which was chosen to give a tribute of sorts, not to the six-legged creatures of the animal kingdom, but to Buddy Holly’s band, The Crickets.

Nightmares On Wax – In A Space Outta Sound – Album Review

“In A Space Outta Sound” is the seventh album of British electronic music artist Nightmares On Wax aka George Evelyn. Released in 2006, this album has been considered as a compliment to the widely recognized albums “Smoker’s Delight” and “Carboot Soul”.

Steinberg Introduces the CMC USB Controller Series

Steinberg unveils some new USB controllers that can be individually combined to form a Cubase Control System. Comprising six slim units, the Steinberg CMC Controller Series has all the control options that you need – whether you are recording, editing and mixing music, creating beats or performing live. Each of the six slim-sized controllers is unique in its own way and features a dedicated set of rotary encoders, touch faders or pads designed to take hands-on control of a section in Cubase.

The Best Dubstep Software – Create Pro Dubstep At Home

We always try to get the most out of our software when producing music, but when it comes to Dubstep there is one program that is specifically created for the genre. Most music editing software is directed to music production in general, but thanks to the creators of DubTurbo you can now find all the tools you need to make superb Dubstep in no time.

Buying Tickets to Sold Out Events

It can be a real upset to find that tickets to an event you want to see have sold out. Many of us have a lot of different musicians, actors, directors, stories and comedians we follow.

Drum Playing for Beginners, Choosing Drums

Do you love music? Are you an amateur looking to hone your musical and drum playing skills? Have you always dreamt of becoming skilled in playing drums?

4 Key Elements to Consider in Selecting Snare Drums

Drummers are no exceptions when it comes to having their respective musical instrument playing styles. In addition, drummers need to versatility to recreate their drum playing styles. And choosing correct drum sets is an important factor for such. Selecting the kit best fitted for your style is like choosing a brand new car very carefully, and this requires a personal approach.

Master Drum Playing in 7 Easy Steps

If you are really very eager to learn playing drums, then it is without doubt that you have good reason for such passion. What is it that drives you? Do you think it is cool to enroll in online drum playing lessons?

How to Fix a Scratched Game or DVD Disc

If you listen to CD’s, watch DVD’s, or play PS3, Xbox 360 games, you’ve no doubt come across the problem of scratched discs. We all hate when we spend lots of money on games and movies only to find them scratched up days later. There are many at home tricks you can use to fix your scratched discs but the easiest way to fix or repair your discs is to send them to a professional disc repair service.

Unusual Things To Bring To Your First Gig: Guitarist’s Survival Guide

Performing guitar in public can be a wonderful fun experience. Prepare yourself for success with this collection of “must-have” equipment.

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