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Mahalo Ukulele – Reviews and Buying Guide

Mahalo ukuleles are cheap yet playable and beautiful ukes that are mostly made in China. They may not be the greatest ukulele in the world but they are constructed from decent materials and can produce acceptable tune. For someone who wants to get started to play and strum some music with a uke but does not want to spend hundreds of dollars, this is definitely a great choice.

How To Create Exclusive Beats and Enhance Your Musical Creativity Level

When you read the term “exclusive beats” you may refer to it as either a connection with certain pieces of music or something associated with the music business. With the rising popularity of rap, hip hop and R&B music these days, this specific term is utilized more than ever.

How to Optimize iTunes

This article guides you through the criteria you need to take into consideration when choosing a music organizer. Though it depends on how you use iTunes, it often comes down to a few features you need, so as to optimize iTunes.

The Most Common Instruments Of A Real Rock ‘N Roll Band

This article goes over musical instruments often used in a good rock band. Check this out if you’re a fanatic of rock n’ roll music and songs as well as if you’re starting a r n’ r group.

Rent Karaoke CDs for Your One Time Event

Why not rent karaoke CDs from your local music store instead of buying every now and then? Some people sometimes spend their hard earned money on buying karaoke discs to sing their favorite songs. If you think about it, with so many songs released every month, unless you are a huge collector, spending money a bunch of karaoke CDs is no longer practical nowadays.

A Guide to Help Buy a Guitar Online

Up until a few years ago the only option for buying a guitar was to find a music shop in a high street, or more often than not a back street. With the coming of the information age the internet has changed the way we do many things in our lives, including the way many of us buy guitars. For many of us guitar players the thought of buying and paying for a guitar sight unseen would be unheard of, but a quick look at the auction sites show just how many instruments are being bought and sold.

A Very Basic Introduction to Using Samples to Produce Your Own Music

Computers just keep getting better and better. With most computers capable of running music applications, more and more people are letting their inner artist out and are dabbling at music creation. There are no real rules in art, but here are a few helpful tips that will make home music attempts sound their very best from the start.

Yamaha FG700S Acoustic Guitar Review

This Yamaha FG700S is a superb beginner guitar and is available online for less than $200 which includes delivery – this is a remarkable value to get a top quality guitar. It’s got a great spruce top, sides as well as eastern mahogany backs, fingerboard as well as die-cast tuners a rosewood bridge, plus the best part is that it has got the Yamaha quality.

Rockabilly Pioneers Took Familiar Musical Forms and Developed a Genre All Their Own

The post World War II years in America saw an explosion of musical art. The war was over, the boys had come home, and the production prowess of the nation shifted away from the war machine back to the consumer goods that it had originally been set up to pump out. Many of our musician soldiers too returned to their vocation of creating music. Country music, jazz, swing, and other forms of popular music didn’t just pick up where they left off, they began thriving and moving in new directions as musicians experimented with musical influences they might have picked up overseas and a new musical freedom that availed itself along with the freedom from war that the country had been longing for. From this new expression, rockabilly sprouted and grew at a phenomenal pace until it was the hottest form of music around.

Before “Oh Pretty Woman” Roy Orbison Contributed to The Rockabilly Scene

Almost every fan of rock and roll knows the name Roy Orbison. His song “Pretty Woman” has become a classic and has been covered by many artists over the years. He’s also known for his beautiful, smooth, and soaring voice which he used to such great effect on countless rock ballads like “Only the Lonely” which reached #2 on the charts and “Running Scared” which made it all the way to the top spot in 1960. But before he was recording these wonderful rock ballads, laced with string arrangements to compliment Orbison’s amazing voice, he was recording rockabilly.

Remember The Greatest Era Of Fad and Novelty Dances?

Before Rock and Roll exploded on the scene in the mid-50s, there had been periods when novelty and fad dances were the rage. But Rock was accompanied by a plethora of songs that had a dance connected with them. If you can remember dancing to these musical numbers, you’re probably a New Senior.

Improve the Tone and Appearance of Your Guitar: How to Clean Your Guitar

What’s the easiest and cheapest way to improve your guitar’s tone and appearance? Clean your guitar. Accumulated dirt, persperation finger oils can mar the quality and resonance of your acoustic or electric guitar. Learn how to properly clean your guitar.

Few Rockabilly Stars Became Household Names, But That Doesn’t Mean They Didn’t Rock!

There are several rockabilly artists from the 1950s when rockabilly originally hit the scene that have since become household names. These are artists that pretty much everyone has heard of. Among these names are Elvis Presley, Johnny Cash, Roy Orbison, Jerry Lee Lewis, and Conway Twitty (who was recording back then as Harold Jenkins). But there are other rockabilly cats who had a huge impact on the world of rock and roll but whose names most people wouldn’t recognize, even though they’re probably familiar with some of their music from listening to “oldies.” Then of course, there are the completely obscure rockabilly artists whose songs never survived to make it onto oldies radio shows and whose names are all but lost to rock and roll history. Yet the music that these musicians made proves the value of their contributions to rock and roll.

Music To The Ears

Enjoy the variances of music and what it can do to relieve stress. There are many ways to enjoy music. What is your flavor?

Top Tips For Singing Your Best

There are few more simple pleasures than that of singing. Whether you are out in front of a crowd pouring your heart out in a song or you are in the car belting out one of your favorites from the radio, singing can make you feel good. Here are some tips for singing that will help you hit those high notes and keep your voice healthy too!

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