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Top 3 Best Funk Jazz Songs (With Lyrics) Of The Seventies

If you’re like me, you love those old blues-inspired grooves of the 70’s, the songs that made everyone in the room stand up and move. So what are my top 3 best funk jazz songs of the seventies?

Where To Start – The Three Best Frank Zappa Albums To Hear First

Over the course of his lifetime, Frank Zappa released over 60 albums. As a newcomer to the music of Frank Zappa, a common question to ask is “Which are the best Frank Zappa albums to listen to first?” This article recommends three albums and gives examples of key songs to listen to in order to become acquainted with the music of Frank Zappa. Enjoy!

Kite Flying – A Musical Art Form

One of the most exciting kite flying activities today is that of stunt or trick kite flying. This is truly an art form that combines the wonders of flying, with the aesthetics of music. We all know that music is the universal language, which enhances both the mind and the body. By combining the visual art of kite flying with a musical experience, the soul is enlightened to a higher form.

Making It Big In The Music Industry

It’s recognised that when musicians perform live, they strive to produce the best quality sounds they can and it’s natural for them to be self-critical. When performing, it’s imperative to try to make sure you’re giving your audience the greatest experience you can and that you’re showing them a good representation of your musical abilities.

What’s the Best Soundbar for Me?

The best soundbar will be the one that matches YOUR requirements and may not be the same as someone elses! Read on to check out what you need to consider!

Why Queen Is the Greatest Band Ever

The Beatles are considered to be the wildest experimenters in the history of rock n roll. People ignore the foursome from London who were just as experimental, if not more than the Beatles.

Adele’s Someone Like You

Adele has saved the recording industry from bankruptcy. Her song Someone Like You is spreading like virus and has been irritating some because everywhere they go, the song is being played (again and again).

Gibson Flying V – The Amazing Story of This Unique Electric Guitar

Read how the amazing Gibson Flying V guitar was born into existence in 1958. The Gibson Flying V is one of the most intriguing and interesting guitars in the world! Learn about how this great guitar has changed and transformed in over 50 years of its existence.

Using Professional Grand Rapids Michigan Wedding Disc Jockeys Are The Best Way To Spice Up A Wedding

So, the big day is not too far away, and it is never too early to start planning. Of course, every great wedding has some of the same characteristics. A few of them are the following, having all of your family and friends in attendance, great food, fantastic music, and an out of this Grand Rapids Michigan wedding venue.

How to Test and Inspect a Used Piano

To determine the overall condition of a used piano you can do a simple visual inspection and some short physical tests. While these tests won’t tell you everything you need to know, they will tell you whether a piano is even worth considering. Look at the overall condition of the case, finish.

How to Do a Punk DIY Job on Your Guitar

Music is all about personal expression. Therefore, a musician’s instrument should be a reflection of his or her personal style. You create great-sounding music, you should do it on a great-looking instrument. Don’t let your hum-drum, monochrome guitar bring you down, get some flair and get creative! A great way to spruce up your guitar yourself is to get your hands on some stylish stickers to personalize your guitar yourself.

Simple Steps to Help You Learn How to Be a DJ

Becoming a DJ is a dream career for many. If you’re charismatic, passionate about music and you possess a strong desire to share that passion with the world, you are already on the right path to learning how to be a DJ. But there are steps you can take to make the learning process a little bit easier.

10 Great Rock Piano Riffs

When you think of Rock n Roll you generally think of guitar but the piano has been there pounding out great riffs since the very beginning. The classic guitar opening to Chuck Berry’s Johnny B Goode was said to have been stolen from Berry’s piano player Johnnie Johnson. Here are 10 rock piano riffs that fight for attention with the guitars and come out on top.

The Rise Of Elvis Presley – The Original Master Of Rock And Roll

Growing up a shy boy without any siblings who was attached to his parents and teased in class for being a “momma’s boy” before starting his calling in the music industry, Elvis Presley is generally regarded as the King of Rock and Roll, and his journey to the top was much more modest than you might imagine. He was an only child after his twin brother was delivered stillborn only 35 minutes before he was in January of 1935 in a little two-room shotgun house that his father built in Tupelo Mississippi.

The Digital Effect: The Shift In How Users Play Music

Despite vinyl being over 50 years old, the fight goes on: vinyl or digital, which is better? For the generation of fans who grew up listening to Beatles vinyl records, vinyl continues on as king, but for the newer generation, CDs and MP3 songs continue to keep a special place in their mind. Of course both music mediums have their followers, and no matter which you choose, it is mainly due to your personal choice; however, one thing is certain: the digital music age has and continues to change the industry for everyone.

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