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The Use of Wristbands at Festivals

With music festivals such as Glastonbury or Reading, one thing you’ll notice as you walk around is a colourful wristband on everyone’s wrist. It is used as a security measure so that members of security can instantly recognise whether you should be there or not.

How to Read Bass Guitar Scales Chart?

A scale chart shows the placement of each note on the fret. A typical bass guitar scales chart looks like this:

The Importance of Bass Guitar Scales

Just like an electric guitar, bass scales adhere to the same 12 notes. These notes are grouped on different ways – Major, Minor, Melodic Minor, Major and Minor Pentatonic and so forth. While this may sound relatively foreign for you, what you hear on bass players now a-days come from these bass scales.

3 Reasons You’re Not A Better Guitar Player

I’ve spent countless hours learning new songs, practicing and picking away and I’ve found out that so many players just keep improving their guitar playing faster than me. It gets me a little frustrated to see them play with such passion and technical expertise that I often find myself asking why. What are these musicians doing that I’m not?

What Should I Look for When Buying a Violin?

Whether you are purchasing an instrument for yourself or for your child, violin price is often an concern. How to know how much to spend on a new or used Violin, particularly for a beginner.

What Are the Differences Between Black Metal and Death Metal?

Black Metal and Death Metal are two of the main forms of extreme metal, and often get confused due to some of their aspects including distorted guitars, blast-beats and non-traditional vocal styles, as well as the fact that they appeared approximately during the same period: middle eighties for Death and late eighties/early nineties for Black. In this article, we will go through the main differences between Black Metal and Death Metal.

Famous Bass Lines of Paul McCartney

When the Beatle’s started out, no one dared to touch the bass parts. For musicians back then, playing bass was too boring at best. It all changed when Macca, a music prodigy, grabbed the position and he permanently changed the way music fans look at bassists.

Easy Ways to Make Beats for Rap and Hip Hop

I invest a good deal of time building videos for my web web-sites and one of the troubles I run into all the time is discovering background music to play through the video. On account of copyright and other legal concerns, it’s not possible to utilize “real” music which you would download from iTunes inside the videos. I know many people do this, but it’s just not the best thing to do.

Finding a Manager Who Works for You As an Artist

It’s your music. You know what you want it to sound like, where you want to go as an artist. And while you’re open to creative suggestions (or at least should be if you want to get anywhere in today’s music business), you still want the finished product to represent who you are as an artist.

Why Do You Need a Bass Guitar Case?

Bass guitar case comes in different style, shapes and sizes. While the traditional ones – which are made from plywood or high grade plastic – follow the contours of your instrument, others resemble coffins. Either way, there are a lot of reasons why you need to buy your bass guitar its own case.

Live Music in Your Neighborhood

Everyone’s first concert was like a rite of passage. Music is a completely different experience when you’re hearing it played live in front of you. It’s physical, it’s emotional, and it can be spiritual.

Five Bass Solos for Your Hearing Pleasure

When the bass first invented, it was just for the purpose of complementing the more famous piece of the band-the guitar. While there are a lot of signature guitar solos flying through our airwaves like: Guns and Roses’ “Sweet Child O’ Mine,” Eric Clapton’s “Crossroads” during his tenure on Cream, The Eagle’s “Hotel California,” Jimi Hendrix’s “Voodoo Child,” and the Zep’s “Stairway to Heaven”; bass guitar have its own all-star solos to dish out. Here are the five of them.

Why Is Ear Training Crucial for Bassists?

Many successful bassists started out without formal training, just like Paul McCartney, Adam Clayton and William Parker. But what they lack in formal teaching methods, they make up using their most common musical equipment-their ears. Ear training involves listening to different notes, chords and progression. It is scientific and is an art as well.

Nas: Hip-Hop’s Defending Champ

To seasoned fans of rap and hip-hop, it seems like lifetimes ago that Nas first unveiled a glimpse of his talents as a feature on Main Source’s 1991 track Live At The BBQ. Arranged by MC Serch, who is credited with the discovery of the Queens native, the verse packed a serious punch of clever metaphors and lyrical ability. Twenty years and nine solo albums later, we look back on the career of one of the greatest and most influential rappers to ever take hold of that one mic, and look to the future at an artist who shows no signs of slowing down.

Modern Music: Rock Rot

Whenever I’m out driving and I listen to Modern Rock Radio one band always catches my ear; The Foo Fighters. I told my son one day when they came on and after I asked him who it was, “I think I like the Foo Fighters.” “I like to listen to them in the car,” he said, “but I don’t think I’d download their album.” I agreed with him and then thought about why that is.

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