Henry James & Warren Murrel | 1970 Gibson ES-335 & 1978 Fender P-Bass at Norman’s Rare Guitar

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Vintage Rock Will Never Sound The Same After Listening To It On Vinyl

In this current place and time, everyone has their own MP3 player, and digital music reigns supreme, but that’s no substitute for taste, and when it comes to finding a more authentic sound from your favorite artists, there is nothing like hearing them on vinyl records. Vinyl delivers a pure, unadulterated sound that is unmatched on any other medium, and will probably never be outdone, giving fans a glimpse of another period of music, before technology progressed enough to change the industry for all time.

Playing in a Band With Other Musicians

You’re ready, you have practiced long and hard. All those scales, chord progressions you have learned by heart. During your free time you studied the legends of music. You watched videos of the masters of guitar, drums, keyboards, bass or whatever musical instrument that has influenced you to start playing in a band.

Discover the Great Features of the Yamaha C-40 Guitar

Both young learners as well as beginners will be happy with the quality of the Yamaha C-40 series of classical guitars. The Yamaha C-40 instruments are quite affordable but provide a superb tone, excellent performance and wonderful playability. The C Series are instruments that are full-sized that provide the high level of quality for which Yamaha is world renowned.

Discover The Features and Benefits of the Yamaha DD-65 Digital Drums

There are several options to choose from when you have decided to pick a digital drum. Despite the fact that you may have a lot of money, it is best that you get your money’s worth when you are buying an item. This is a complex task when you look at the numerous options that are before you. Therefore, it is best that you take a few things into consideration before you purchase your electronic drum kit.

Blast From the Past

Explanation of the use of the Shofar as a religious ancient instrument. Citations from Scripture as well as more contemporary uses.

Know More About Modern Capos

A capo is a musical device for stringed instruments. Its name came from an Italian word “capodastro” which means head of fret-board. Capo is very important because it can change the sound of your guitar without re-tuning it.

Roots Rock Music

What is Roots Rock Music? Read on to find out how it all started and who currently sings it these days.

Importance Of a Guitar Capo

Capo is a handy guitar tool not only to simplify your playing technique but also to create different chords with less effort. Of course, it is not cheating! Playing guitar using a capo is just one of your means of converting difficult chords to hand-friendly ones.

What Are The Different Types Of Capo?

Capo is a very good device that you can use to simplify your playing style. Also, it adds a different tune on the chords that you are playing. Any guitar player knows this and that includes you!

The 3 Best Rush Songs of All Time

This opinion is very much shared by all fans of progressive rock music. Rush is one of the most influential progressive rock band of all time. And being this influential, it gives way to songs that this Canadian band would etch into the history of rock music. These three songs are not only the 3 best Rush songs, in my opinion, they mark important stages in their recording career.

Remember Indie Artists: Tell A Compelling Story With Your Biography

A press release is the blueprint for every music distribution activity. Once you know what to put in a press release, music distribution starts working which gives way to music promotion, and ultimately, selling your music online.

Reality Rap And Parental Advisory Label

Reality rap music, as with other forms of media or expression has their places in this world, while some may argue whether these are beneficial or even safe for the world to witness. The real struggle for free speech lies not in fighting for the right to listen to what you agree with, but in fighting for the freedom of those with whom you don’t agree.

Americana Music

Not sure what Americana Music is? Read on and find out about what it is and how it all got started.

The Best Things To Write Songs About

We have all heard the expression “You are what you eat”. This is so true. This applies to anything and everything in life. So, that brings me to these questions. What types of music do you listen to? What kind of movies do you watch?

Famous Asian Guitar Players

Well, we all know that guitar playing has no boundary. All over the world and from all walks of life, special people developed a certain craft on guitar playing. In Asia, there are so many talented guitar players who are yet to crack the Western music industry.

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