Happy Birthday Brian May – 5 Fun Facts About Queen’s Legendary Guitarist!

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Enjoying Music Portably

MP3 players are very much in demand these days and are very popular among the younger generation. People who are music lovers always like to carry MP3 players with them in order to listen to their favourite music on their way to their schools, colleges, offices etc.

Play Violin for Cool Opportunities

The decision to learn to play the violin can be a rich and rewarding one. Not only does music enhance life enjoyment, it offers opportunities for social interaction, recognition, a potential career in music and potentially, the opportunity for exotic travel.

Buying Guitars Online – What You Should Know and Where You Should Go

A lot of people are interested in buying guitars these days, and it’s no surprise seeing how the popularity of this versatile instrument continues to skyrocket. If you want to buy these guitars then there are many ways by which you can acquire them, though be warned that not all guitar shops are created equal. This article is about how to buy these guitars in online settings in particular. As you already likely know, computer and internet capabilities are helping a lot of people these days in finding different things we used to buy at physical stores. The convenience of shopping online is unmatched, and a few clicks can take you to far more potential retailers than a few gallons of gas can.

Learn to Play the Piano the Easy Way

I would like to encourage everyone who has the desire to learn to play the piano, but hasn’t done so, to start his musical journey the easy and the fun way and by doing so fulfill himself through music. The advantages of playing the piano: Several researches have indicated that by playing the piano, at any age, one can improve his emotional condition and mental ability. Learning piano can be very satisfying hobby for all ages.

Violin Course Choices

With the growth of the internet and sites such as you tube, there is a wide range of information products available at affordable costs and in some cases entirely free. However, one danger of self-learning is learning sloppy technique and having no one to correct it. Once caught, bad habits with technique can often be impossible to change.

DUBTurbo Review: Make Your Own Techno Music

Have you always thought that you have the talent to make your own techno beats but couldn’t because of the expenses involved in setting up a studio? Do you want to make high quality beats that sound as good as on the radio? If you believe in yourself, then you can. All you need is something that will do the job for you using the latest technology.

Tips To Help You Buy Beats

This article was created to help rappers everywhere discover how to buy beats online. You can also find out how to promote yourself by reading this article and using the information correctly.

Classical Music Brings Easysaver Rewards

In college, I discovered the easysaver rewards of listening to classical music. The music allowed me to focus deeply while studying, as it drowned out distractions such as hallway noise without being a distraction itself. I can’t study while listening to music with lyrics.

Interview With Duane Johns

Duane Johns is a singer from Cornwall who successfully reached the top 50 in X Factor during 2006 (the year Leona Lewis was crowned the winner). Since then Duane has appeared in the limelight supporting acts like East 17, Cheeky Girls and Journey South.

Obscure Rockabilly Musicians Beat Around the Edges

Underneath the stars of rockabilly is a whole world of lights that, though they didn’t shine quite as famously, certainly didn’t shine any less brightly or with any less intense heat! This article takes a look at a few lesser-known rockabilly pioneers who turned out some great music of their own.

Secrets to a Mature Singing Voice

Many young aspiring singers desire a fuller and most robust mature singing voice. While this often comes after puberty, many musicians acquire a mature singing voice through training. Follow the exercise listed below to begin developing your mature singing voice today.

When Is A Ceilidh Not A Ceilidh?

A ceilidh or ceili (kay-lee, Gaelic, literally meaning “visit”) can generally be defined as a get-together, a gathering of the clan. Historically, such social or family assemblies might celebrate weddings, funerals, betrothals, christenings (or the pagan equivalent) and other calendar events, and, along with the obligatory feasting and drinking, would centre around music, dance, poetry, song and storytelling. For a closed nuclear society where news travelled at horse-speed along inhospitable, hazardous or non-existent roads, these social gatherings were important means of communication and information-exchange with the outside world.

Learning How to Play Guitar Fast

There are a lot of people who wish to acquire into guitar lessons mostly because of the benefits that they can be able to get as of playing the guitar. Guitar is an extremely flexible instrument and it can be carried anywhere with ease. It can as well play different kinds of music. Therefore, anyone who knows how to play the guitar knows how to play any song they desire.

How Yeats Borrowed an Old Song When Writing The Salley Gardens

The Irish love song Down by the Salley Gardens sounds like it has come straight out of the folk music tradition but in fact it was written by the classically educated poet W B Yeats. The song is a tale of unrequited love in which the young man pursues a girl he meets while out walking. He manages to establish a relationship with her temporarily but then he loses her because he ignores her pleas to “take love slowly”.

Why the Irish Love Song “Raglan Road” Was Written

The classic Irish song Raglan Road is one of the greatest love poems of the last century – yet it was a throwaway jibe about cabbages and turnips that led to it being written. The song began life as a poem by the great Irish writer Patrick Kavanagh. He was the self-styled peasant poet because he often wrote about country and farming matters, even to the point of referring to vegetables.

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