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Music Etiquette 101: Stage Etiquette

This is the second installment of the Music Etiquette 101 series. In this article we discuss tips on an effective live stage performance.

Guide To Austin Nightclubs And Nightlife

Austin, Texas may be known as the live music capital of the world but there’s more to love about the nightlife than great music-though there’s plenty of that to go around.In addition to the many nightclubs that feature live music there are many festivals that take place throughout the city that last well into the night each year.

Royalty Free Music, How Does It Work?

An introduction to Royalty Free Music licensing for television, DVD and internet use. A simple, quick and effective alternative to expensive production libraries.

Attend Music Festivals In A Smart Way!

For the majority of people, attending a music festival is among the most enjoyable and purest forms of listening to live music. It can be a fantastic experience or an exhausting one, depending on how one prepares to attend the event and the things he or she will do there. To make the most out of a music festival, it is vital to purchase the tickets early.

Why Choose a Soul Band For Your Event

Everyone who goes to any social event will have one goal in mind—to have an amazing time. A time for them to put their stress at the backseat, enjoy the moment and have fun mingling with other guests. What a better way to really electrify the crowd’s energy than by having a popular soul band to perform groovy songs that everyone can dance to.

Alan Parsons and David Gilmour Launch Space Rock

Alan Parsons is a progressive rock producer and musician who have had a long friendship with David Gilmour of Pink Floyd. Together they have produced some of the most technically advanced styles of cosmic rock lyrics and music that I would describe as “Space Rock”. Tracks from Alan’s’ album, “A Valid Path” and David Gilmour’s “Meddle” and “The Dark Side of the Moon “are examples of both artists perfection of progressive rock.

Great Tips to Consider When Buying a New Guitar

Shopping for a guitar can be extremely overwhelming if you don’t have a good knowledge base. Find out what things you need to know before you start shopping. Once you have more knowledge, you’ll be able to pick out the right equipment that suits you and your budget.

Lyric Writing – How to Turn Cliche Phrases Into New Ideas, Part 2

In this article we’ll look at an effective approach to songwriting that will have all your ideas working on the same level. This will keep your listeners engaged in your music.

Do You Know the Meaning of Dubstep?

Dubstep is a kind of electronic dance music and the music is known to have introduced in the United Kingdom from the South London area. The entire sound offered by the music can be described as firmly coiled creations with awesome bass lines and repeated drum patterns and rare vocals. Dubstep was initially released in the year 1998 and it exist even in the current day of origin of different types of music.

Why You Should Buy Rap Beats

The question everybody wants to know is why buy rap beats? Well in this article we will explain it all.

Read This Real Users DubTurbo Review – Can DubTurbo Really Churn Out Sick Beats?

What’s all the hype about this DubTurbo beat making software? Can it really churn awesome urban beats and tracks and allow creative freedom for the end user?

Is The DubTurbo Beat Making Software Any Good? Real Users DubTurbo Review!

I recently purchased the DubTurbo beat making software to compare to other beat making softwares and even the comparison to a real studio. My results may surprise you!

Find Out If The DubTurbo Beat Making Software Lives Up To The Hype! – Real Users DubTurbo Review

DubTurbo is the latest craze to take the urban music by storm! It’s quite simply a mini studio in a box. DubTurbo’s creators have incorporated as many features as they can into an all in one solution.

Thirty Years of U2; Time to Hang It Up?

U2, more than any other super rock group, has always played on the relevance of its music. Thirty years on, have they lost it?

Best Neil Young Songs Of All Time – And Why

This is an article on the best Neil Young Songs of all time. These are my choices (5) and I have comments on why I think so.

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