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Six Good Reasons to Use a Guitar Capo

Think guitar capos are for cheaters? Think again. There are six good reasons why even the best guitar player would want to have a capo in the gig bag. Don’t miss an opportunity to make some beautiful guitar music. Keep that capo handy.

The Lowdown On Guitar Strings

What kind of strings should I use? If you’ve ever purchased a set of strings, you know that the different styles, brands, gauges, and materials can make finding the right set a pain.

Musicians Can Entertain Socially

Musicians can be socially adept. It may not be obvious to the concert goer that the principal oboe might be able to make a mean souffle. It could also be that the principal trumpet has a fantastic collection of wine glasses.

Musicians Also Go To Concerts

There exist a lot of rumors about musicians. One of them is that they really don’t like music. If that were the case they would not go to concerts. Well, let’s have a think about that.

Musicians Are Real People

There is a common belief that musicians are not real people. There is a fairly convincing argument to support this. However here is an attempt to disprove it.

Rockabilly Ripped the Fabric of “Polite” Pop Music and Black Musicians Stepped Through

How else can you describe pop music in the early 1950s than to call it “polite”? Exhibit number one: Patti Page’s giant hit single “(How much is that) Doggie in the Window” recorded in 1952 and a number one hit in 1953. There was no edge to such music as that. It was nice and clean and… polite. The grown-ups loved it. The kids on the other hand were becoming increasingly discontent with what they were being offered. They wanted a music that was their own. As the mid 50s approached, you could say they hungered for music they could love. Enter rock and roll and rockabilly!

Rock And Roll Music Without Drums? Rockabilly Proves It Can Be Done – And It Works!

It’s difficult for fans of rock and roll to imagine how a rock song could exist without drums. Well, maybe some rock ballads or slower folk-rock tunes could get away with it. But not a driving rock song that makes you want to get up and move to the music. No way, right? Wrong. Enter rockabilly!

Fast Facts About Medieval Instruments

There are still a lot more to the list. The above mentioned are just few of them. These instruments have several roles and functions in the period that they are prevalent. Modern versions of these Medieval instruments are available and are ready to use.

Tips For Becoming A Guitar Player

The first step to becoming an accomplished guitarists is learning to master the simple basics. Being able to play the guitar will not mean a thing if you do not know how to play each of the keys. By being able to play in each of the various keys, then you will have the capacity to transpose a song from one key to another.

Advantage Of The Multi-Track Recording Software

This type of recording software programs are at the rear of the completed songs associated with artists as well as music artists. These products associated with multi-track recording software programs are what you hear about the stereo.

Casio CDP-100 Versus Yamaha NP-30 – Digital Piano Comparison

The Casio CDP-100 and the Yamaha NP-30 are both excellent digital pianos which are suitable for the beginner. In this article I set out to explain some of their pros and cons enabling you to make a better informed decision should you wish to buy one.

The Legend That Is Gibson Les Paul Guitars, A Reply to the Telecaster

For a guitar that was originally designed an instrument to serve jazz guitarists the Les Paul has certainly dominated certain genres never originally intended for this iconic instrument. The guitar’s versatility, iconic looks and the sound of those humbucker pick-ups mean that it can cross musical boundaries.

Kellie Pickler: Honesty and a Heart of Gold

This article is about two things that are quite rare for artists to have, Honesty and a Heart of Gold. Kellie Pickler’s childhood was not very pleasant but she managed to overcome that by keeping a positive attitude. Her rock of ages was her grandmother and grandfather who gave her much love and support especially through those always difficult teenage years. Kellie’s song titled “My Angel” pays tribute to her grandmother. Her songwriting is simply put but gets the message out.

Discover What You Need to Know Before Buying Your First Electric Guitar

Discover what you need to know before buying your first Electric Guitar Playing guitar is one of the most satisfying skills you will master. As with all music, if you use an inferior instrument, the sound you make is likely to be inferior also. It is then essential, that you follow some important guidelines when contemplating the purchase of your first electric guitar.

Motivating Your Child to Play the Piano Without Punishment Or Bribery

A child will often have enthusiasm for playing the piano when it’s a new and exciting endeavour. However, even the most dedicated learner sometimes reaches a point where he or she just does not want to practice.

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