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Mastering Your Music: Points to Consider When Comparing Paying or Mastering Yourself

The topic of mastering your own music is obviously a hard topic to generalise, because certain people may be more adept at mastering their own music from their home, rather than someone with limited skills would find it hard to master their own music. For the sake of this article we will take an example of a person, computer literate and has experience of writing and producing music from their home computer.

Making New Music: Understanding Digital Music

This article acts as an introduction to those interested in Digital Music. Whether your considering making music on your computer or you want to learn about how modern music is made, this will be an informative piece of writing for you.

Composing Your First Digital Masterpiece: Getting Started Making New Music

Thinking about getting started making digital music? Well this article will act as a good introduction to making new music, especially composing your first digital masterpiece.

How to Choose Wedding Ceremony Musicians

Finding wedding ceremony musicians can be a daunting task for the musically uninitiated. Rather than settling on the cheapest ensembles, we suggest that you focus on personal value. This article will walk you through all the necessary steps to set the perfect ambiance for your special day!

Electric Guitars – Gibson or Fender Electric Guitars?

Choosing between electric guitars is like choosing between your favorite tunes. There may not be only one that you love the most. Generally, there are plenty of options to pick from, but even beginner guitarists focus their attention on the most prominent names in the business – Gibson and Fender. Which is better, or rather, which is better for you?

How to Do an Effective Vocal Warmup Routine

A solid vocal warmup routine will have many advantages. An effective vocal warmup will prepare both your body and mind for singing, and could prevent vocal strain and injury.

What to Look for While Buying an Electric Guitar

All that you need to know before you buy an electric guitar and a bit about brands like Fender electric guitars and Gibson Electric Guitars is what this article is all about. It is an almost comprehensive guide to buy an electric guitar.

Ever Heard of The Russian Guitar?

The guitar is the most pleasant instrument to play. Around the world there is all kind of guitars. The most interesting one is the Russian guitar. To be honest it took me a few weeks to master it. It is a bit hard to play on it because it is different than normal guitars. This type of guitar has seven strings instead of normal ones that have only six cords.

Guitarology 101: Ten Basic Tips for Guitar Learning

Playing the guitar is a skill many of us want to have but are either too busy, too shy, or just too lazy to undergo a course in “Guitarology”, so to speak. Here’s the catch: anyone can play the guitar, and I see a lot of people who can play really well even after just a couple of weeks of hard training. So why couldn’t you?

Electric Guitars – Making the Right Choice

When it comes to buying a good electric guitar, it’s obvious to find yourself in some hassle. That’s not because there are limited choices, but mainly because you have so many brands to choose from, and this can make things a bit confusing. However, if you’re in a fix and don’t know what to pick, you can always consider getting something from two popular brand of guitars – Fender Guitars and Gibson Guitars.

Using Clarinet Fingering Charts and Playing Scales on Your Clarinet

When you are learning how to play the clarinet, it is good to play scales on the instrument as well. Playing scales on the clarinet will help you in get used to the varied key signature as well as help you expand your knowledge pertaining to music.

How to Be a Cool Guitar Player

The ability to play a guitar is often associated with alpha-level masculinity; it’s a form of social dominance, a show of ability, a subtle way of saying, “hey, look at what I can do!” Social acceptance comes with knowing how to effectively play this instrument.

How Singing Can Help You Make Friends

A student came in after the holidays absolutely glowing. It turns out that she had gone to some year-end parties that she usually dreaded, but this year there was singing. Her voice was in a new place where she could really enjoy singing with others and having fun, and she spent hours singing and making new friends. She was still happy a week later, and was very motivated to take her voice to the next level.

The Best L.A. Guns Songs

One of the leading lights of Hollywood’s Sunset Strip in the ’80’s, guitarist Tracii Guns’ hard rock outfit, L.A. Guns, never reached the heights of fame achieved by contemporaries like Motley Crue, Van Halen or Guns N’ Roses. Still, for fans of their brand of rough and ready rock, they were one of the top contenders, and their no nonsense approach has dated less over the years than some of their contemporaries. Here’s five songs that should secure L.A. Guns place in the pantheon of hard rock legends.

The Origins of Blues and How Blues Music Is Still Relevant Today

It is hard to overstate the significance of the blues in modern and contemporary music. Almost all forms of popular music today are characterized by blues influences, whether it be from Adele or the Black Keys, or from the Beatles to Nirvana. Blues melodies have become a staple form of music and so familiar on the ear that they are able to cross genres as seamlessly as we drift from one season into the next. What is it exactly, though that has made the blues so popular?

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