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The Greatest Rap Instrumental Producers of 2010

In this article I discuss some of the greatest producers of rap beats and rap instrumentals in 2010. These are producers who are at the top of the game, but who was the greatest. This is a snippet of the hours and hours you can spend discussing this.

Classical Music Appreciation – Using Rock Music To Bridge The Gap

Many people may feel that classical music appreciation is something that is beyond them. It is only for certain people who have spent many years studying it. However, it may be easier than you think to develop an appreciation for this wonderful art form by tapping into the same parts of yourself that respond so readily to rock music.

How To Buy Your New Guitar

When it”s time to purchase a new guitar have you ever wondered that maybe there’s some simple buying guide lines you should follow? Well read on and I’ll lay them out for you.

Avril Lavigne: A Talented Singer Who Understands the Importance of the Voice and Lyrics in a Song

Avril Lavigne’s background is that she is a Canadian-born artist who came into the music scene with the release of her first album at the age of 17. In 2002 her “Let Go” album went 6x Platinum, in 2004 her “Under My Skin” album went 3x Platinum, following that was “Best Damn Thing” which was also a Platinum best seller and her “Goodbye Lullaby” album is off to a roaring good start. At the last count she has sold more than 30 million albums worldwide.

My Honest Review of Sonic Producer

Sonic Producer is an online platform for music creators. However, is it really the solution to making great music beats? Here is a short review which should help you in deciding whether to use their services or not.

Factors To Consider When Buying Music Producer Pro

Online, distance learning music courses are gaining popularity due to the tools and lessons they provide. Music Producer Pro is one such course and I will show you its benefits and pitfalls in this article.

Things to Take Note Of When Buying Sonic Producer

Sonic Producer is an online music making software. This review should give you an idea of the features available with it.

Rockabilly Music: The Musical Jam That Started A Revolution

When musicians talk about “jamming” together, it usually means that a bunch of players get together with their instruments and talents and just start playing to see what happens. These musicians may or may not have ever played together before. Bands like The Grateful Dead and Pearl Jam have taken the concept of the musical jam to new heights with long solos that go wherever the players feel like taking them at the moment. But these bands certainly can’t be credited with inventing jam music. Jam music has been around for a long time and even rockabilly music has been highly influenced by the jam phenomenon.

Home Recording Microphones Under $100

When setting up a home recording studio most people find themselves on a fairly tight budget. After all you need to buy a lot of equipment i.e. audio interface, recording software, computer, leads, instruments etc. So finding a great sounding microphone for under $100 will help keep everything on budget and below you will find information on the best quality microphones for under $100.

Guitar Adjustment (Get All The Right Advice In One Spot)

Guitar adjustment can be a challenge. If you are going to be making guitar adjustments you might want to read this article first.

Choosing a Live Band for Your Wedding Engagement or Wedding Reception

Choosing a live band for your wedding engagement party or wedding reception can be daunting. You want to make sure you make the right decision. Other than making sure you find a reputable, professional and experienced wedding band, there are other considerations.

How to Start a Band and Rock Your Audience (Even If You’re Not a Musical Genius)

Who among us hasn’t dreamed of starting a band and rocking on a stage in front of hundreds of amped up friends? Starting a band and playing a great gig isn’t only for musical geniuses – it’s for anyone who wants to have a blast, show others a great time, and best yet – you don’t have to be a flawless musician.

Why Southern Gospel Music Inspires Our Soul

Many people believe that amongst the many benefits that Southern Gospel music provides the number one benefit is the inspiration to body and soul. Inspirational lyrics combined with soothing melodies can motivate the spirit and relax the soul.

Why Praise and Worship Songs Inspire Our Hearts

Music itself can inspire, it can motivate, and it can give us hope. However, nothing compares to how praise and worship songs seem to touch the very core of your being. Their words seem to literally seep into your very soul and make you acutely aware that there are greater things out there, than what currently surrounds you.

New Alternative Music – At Least to Fans in the UK! The Bravery Make It Back to Old Brittania

The Bravery hit the headlines in 2005 with their self title debut album, featuring the enormously catchy ‘Honest Mistake’. On the back of this single with its curious mix of New Order-esque bouncing synth rhythms and classic rock soaring guitar lines, this angry young band achieved large scale success in the ‘popular indie’ market in the UK at the same time as the likes of the Kaiser Chiefs and The Killers. Fast forward to 2011, and the ‘average punter’ in London’s music scene has probably never heard of The Bravery. Why? A dispute with their UK publisher meant that The Bravery couldn’t release their music on this side of the Atlantic for the last 6 years. Selfish of those record company folks, right? Not to worry. The band is back now and, damn it, they’re just as angry as they ever were! They proved as much in four performances during their month-long residency at the Hoxton Bar and Kitchen in London’s East End.

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