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How to Make a Band Website

Having a professional website is essential for any serious artist. While you can and should set up profiles at Facebook and other websites, there is no substitute for having your own website. Luckily these days it couldn’t be simpler to make a band website, so in this article we’ll cover how to make a band website.

Can I Learn How to Play Acoustic Guitar on My Own?

There are plenty of people who have picked up a guitar and after a few weeks quit practicing because they expected it to be easy. I don’t want to put you off playing the guitar as it is a great instrument to learn and will reward you if you stick with it. The reason people quit is they feel they’re not making any progress and it can feel that way sometimes.

Why This Kolaveri Di Song

Why this Kolaveri Di Song is a music track in Tamil and English. The music has become a major hit amongst the movie goers and music lovers in India.

Why More And More People Are Turning To Vinyl Records Again

Collecting vinyl music is more popular today than you might think. With digital music, you have a way to locate and download music faster than ever. Vinyl albums are still popular for a number of different reasons. Things like nostalgia, sound quality, and the tangibility of a product are just a few reasons. No matter how fast music technology seems to get, vinyl albums seem to have a staying power that lasts. With Amazon and other huge retailers selling vinyl LP’s, there is no sign that this is a fad that will go away.

Jim Morrison’s Rise And Failures As An American Singer

During the 1960s, the Southern California community was taken by storm by a rock-and-roll band referring to themselves as The Doors, who combined a mixture of blues rock, hard rock and acid rock. Despite their prosperity, the band received much criticism by the media because of Jim Morrison’s often strange behavior both on and off the stage. However, despite Morrison’s behavior, the band managed to witness worldwide success, releasing nine vinyl records during their eight-year existence. Even after Morrison’s tragic death in 1971, the band managed to live on, but the success of the band was short lived because Morrison was such an important member to the band’s success.

5 Great Amos Lee Songs

This is an article of 5 great Amos Lee songs. Amos Lee Is an American singer-songwriter and guitarist whose musical style encompasses folk, rock and soul. This isn’t a top 5 list because I believe that all his songs could be a top 5 and I didn’t want to go all in and say these are the best 5.

Top 5 Ryan Adams Songs

Ryan Adams is an amazing singer songwriter and writes great lyrics that are smart and heartfelt. It got me thinking of what a great singer songwriter he is and I thought of putting together a list of the songs that I love. I realize he has many more great songs, but I wanted to pick 5 songs that I personally love the most.

Importance Of A Good Audio System

Not because I am cynical, but because I am musician, I say with a tinge of dismay and abundant joy, a basic fact about music: It is not one of the necessities of life. Dismay because lives of musicians depend on it, and joy because even though it is not a necessity, it thrives all over the world and has stood the test of time. The times keep changing and music has seen an ancient tribesman, thousand years before Christ, and a Michael Jackson a few thousand years after that.

Benefits of Online Music Lessons

This article covers the benefits of online music lessons for anyone who is interested in learning how to read music or learning how to sing. Find out how easy it is to learn how to read music in your own home.

My Favorite 5 Songs From the Jamie Cullum Twentysomething Album

Cullum released 5 albums and they’re all great, but I’m going to write about one of my favorites which is the Twentysomething album. Now for some of you reading this and you aren’t aware, Jamie writes his own songs, but many of his songs are covers from other artists such as Jeff Buckley, Rihanna, Radiohead, Jimi Hendrix and the White Stripes just to name a few.

You Will Truly Feel The Soul Behind The Music On Vinyl

There’s just one real way to enjoy good music for true music fans, and for those in the know, there are no substitutes for the pure and unparalleled sound of vinyl as you listen to your favorite groups from the comfort of your home. On the road, individuals have no choice but to hear digital music or CDs, but for those that truly want to make the most of their music at home, you should journey into the world of vinyl, where you could actually get an idea for the most authentic type of music out there.

Jennifer Lopez: Accomplishments Galore and a Star Who Never Forgot Her Roots

Some of Jennifer Lopez movies are “My Family” with Jimmy Smits and Edward James Olmos, “Out of Sight” with George Clooney, “The Wedding Planner” and more. Albums sold are estimated at 55 million worldwide. Fashion with the her Lifestyle Collection featuring apparel, sleepwear, accessories, purses and boots. Her Fragrance line has had 17 successful launches taking in over $1 billion combined.

Audio Mastering: Transforming Noise Into Soulful Music

Audio Mastering is an essential part of the recording procedure. It is attributed to the fact that the lack of an audible and well edited sound can make or break a music recording. There are those we call mastering engineers who have built their mastering studios from scratch when digital mastering was not around yet.

Five Tips That Will Help You Learn to Sing Better

Learning how to sing better entails several characteristics from the singer, determination is one of them. For an aspiring singer it is important to be determined in learning how to sing but it is also important for one to be guided accordingly. The following are tips on how one can learn how to sing better.

How To Make A Good Sub Bass

Sometimes Bass sounds can overtake the song, in most cases this is deliberate. Take Dr Oizo and Flat Beat and a whole host of bass lead music. But on the other hand some people think that more bass is better…it’s not.

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