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The Four Types Of Drum Rudiments

To have a wide repertoire of solos and fills, you need to learn different drum rudiments. In this article, you will know about the different types of drum rudiments such as drag rudiments, flam rudiments, diddle or para-diddle rudiments and roll rudiments. You will also know their basic characteristic and how to play them.

What’s the Next Big Thing in Music?

What is the next big thing in music? This is a question that every musician and music lover has asked themselves. In this article we will take a look at popular music history, and let patterns guide our prediction on where we believe the scene is heading.

A Great DJ Is the Best Way to Make All of Your Parties Smash Hits

A party is only a party, when there is out of this world music being played at it. You need music that will get your guest up and dancing, as well as sticking around long enough to enjoy everything that your party has to offer. Nothing takes any type of social gathering to the next level, better than a fantastic DJ does.

Great Tips About Poly-Ryhthmic Drumming

Are you ready for the next level? What if you can play different rhythms on different parts of your set at the same time? Is it really possible?

The Advantages of Electronic Drum Kits

Electronic drum kits have come a long way from its invention 40 years ago. Back then, it was just a rubber pad attached to simple electronic modules. Now, drum kits feature mesh pads that are perfect for simulating the texture and “rebound” of a real drum skin.

Health Benefits of Playing Drums

Playing an instrument and staying healthy at the same time; sounds good, isn’t it? While many health experts agree that exercise is still the best tool in preventing certain types of sickness, there are researchers around the world who were conducting a thorough study on the health benefits of playing drums. But what does an hour of vigorous drum session or an eight-hour gig marathon can do to your health?

Learn the Features and Benefits of the Yamaha C-40 Guitar

Earning the title of guitarist is a major accomplishment for any individual learning to play the guitar, who can understand the commitment, energy and time required to attain that title. Once the decision has been made to become a guitarist, the next important mile stone is the job of choosing the actual instrument for the task. One of the more established and ground breaking companies for producing guitars of excellence is Yamaha.

Learn About the Features and Benefits of the Yamaha DD-65 Digital Drums

I was very excited when I first started to use the Yamaha DD-65, mainly because I’m not a drummer. Before I hooked it to the hi-hat, I had to put it on a desk, and kick the pedals and it begun right away. You can choose to use sticks or your hand to hit the large pads and the natural response that will be gained will compulsively make you want to continue playing.

Sound From the Ark

In the early 1930’s, whilst the world was having a lot of trouble in the Great Depression and Industries were closing shop, literally after losing everything overnight, there was one survivor. This survivor grew even richer through these terrible times. His name was FM Radio.

Improve Your Les Paul Guitar With These 2 Simple Tricks

I am the very proud owner of a Gibson Les Paul guitar and as happy as I am with this fabulous instrument, there were a few adjustments needed to make it play and perform perfectly. Here are the 2 simple tricks I used.

The Survival Of The Record Store

It is a hard time to own an independent record store. Although real music lovers romanticize about the record store, finding and downloading music on the internet makes everything so easy. Small record stores stay alive due to a small group of music fans who want to experience something more. For any vinyl store to survive today, they cannot just sell records. Many stores will hold free concerts and events as well as sell additional items. For brick and mortar shops to compete against the digital field, they have to become more focused.

There’s A Roomful Of Jimi Recordings You’ve Probably Never Heard Just Waiting To Be Served Up

If you think you know Hendrix, you may be shocked to learn that there’s an impressive amount of Hendrix material yet to appear on the market. That’s because the singer-songwriter, guitarist and vocalist who virtually single-handedly developed psychedelic rock in the 1960s was obsessed with jamming in the studio.

The Korg Kaossilator Pro Makes Music Creation Easy

The Korg Kaossilator Pro is a very solid but portable synthesizer with amazing track making powers. Being a dynamic phrase synthesizer, it is very intuitive and allows the user to easily create awesome new sounds and melodies, on the fly.

Kathy Troccoli Songs – Love That Range!

I don’t know about you, but I find that I enjoy songs just a little bit more when I can sing along with them. Kathy Troccoli songs are great that way.

Childish Gambino CAMP Review

If you don’t know Donald Glover aka Childish Gambino, now is the time to get familiar. CAMP, his debut album released on Glassnote Records is well worth buying. Easily one of the best, if not the best debut released this year, CG will grab your attention and never let go. Read the track by track review after the jump.

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