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The Washburn Travel Guitar – What the Pros Choose

Lugging around a full-body guitar can be awkward and difficult. It takes up a lot of space in a car, and is too big to travel in an airplane overhead compartment. Checking a guitar at the counter so it can take its chances in the luggage compartment is not only risky, but can be a stressful experience. The Washburn travel guitar can cure you of all of these inconveniences.

What Is the Difference Between a Spinet and Upright Piano?

Perhaps the question I get asked the most about is what is the difference between a spinet and upright piano? The piano comes in several different styles, designs, shapes and sizes. Pianos have two simple classes: the vertical and horizontal pianos.

3D Music Videos Should Be On Every Band’s Agenda

D is the ‘now’ technology – again! Yes it’s a little hard to work out why it’s suddenly back after disappearing the first time around in 1987. Or perhaps the mystery is why it ever went away to begin with, since people actually seem to dig it quite majorly. Whatever. My question is: could it work in a music video clip?

What To Look For When Buying Electric Guitars For Sale

There are many electric guitars for sale and you should be prepared to do your homework before parting with your hard-earned cash. If you are looking for advice and tips on buying electric guitars for sale then read on.

The Collins Kids (Lorrie and Larry) Combined Charm With Energy To Turn Out Great Rockabilly

Lorrie and Larry Collins were a phenomenon in the 1950s. This brother and sister duo, who called themselves The Collins Kids, were mere children when they started performing country music. Lorrie had an amazing voice as well as beauty and charm, while Larry who was two years younger was already a guitar wizard by the age of 10. When they switched from strictly country to rockabilly in 1954, Larry was just 12 and Lorrie 14. But their tender young ages didn’t stop them from making rockabilly history.

The Best Acoustic Guitar Possible – Could The Choice To Purchase One Be A Good Move?

It could be down to cost, it could be down to volume or it could just be down to lack of understanding, but a question on scores of guitar buying folks’ mind might be if the idea to get cheap acoustic guitars for starters to learn with serves as a suitable move. On the face of it, it might seem just like the most obvious axe to study on as it is often the guitar most often seen made use of by kids in schools, enjoying a common standard in unison to happy mothers and fathers. Consequently is there…

How to Keep Your Passion for Music

In my experience, when people stop learning their instrument, the majority retain, no matter how small, a fondness/casual liking of what they learned. They may on the odd occasion return to their instrument, if only to play for pleasure or ‘mess around’. However the reasons they stopped learning (which are vast) generally mean they don’t tend to return to their instrument soon after quitting.

Music Journalism in the UK

Music journalism in the UK – as we know it – began to flourish in the early 1960s just as The Beatles and The Rolling Stones came to prominence. However, this article looks at the current leaders in music news and reviews journalism/media in the UK. NME The New Musical Express (or the NME) is a weekly music news magazine in the United Kingdom and is the best known (and oldest) music publication in the UK, which was started March 1952.

Try a MIDI to USB Cable to Record Music on Your Computer

Most MIDI to USB cables are self-powered and can be expediently attached to your computer via the USB port. This MIDI interface can be configured without using any tools or computer installation. The MIDI converter cable is one of the most effective and easiest ways to connect your keyboard, guitar, or any other music accessories to any computer using the USB port.

Voice Over Recording Equipment – How to Choose the Right Ones

One of the best microphones that you have for a voice over recording is the Shure SM57 which has a large A81WS windshield. The best thing about this microphone is that is hugely directional and can block out sounds from everywhere except from that coming in from the front of the microphone. This one is best for voice over recording of non-broadcast narrations like phone messages, greetings and store announcements. A cheaper alternative to the SM57 is the Electrovoice CO4 which is very similar in appearance to the former but has an extended response that can go as high as 18kHz. This model will cost you only half of what an SM57 will cost but can give you good sound definition and clarity.

Tips for a Perfect Voice Over Recording Experience

Voice over recording is an integral part of any digital story be it a movie, animation film or cartoon. If not done in the right manner by the narrator or if recorded using improper techniques, it can make the movie a complete disaster. There are certain tips that you can follow while recording voice overs in a studio.

Anyone Can Produce Instrumentals With These Simple Tactics

Computers have changed the way many things are done today and the music industry is no exception. We are now able to simply download songs right from our computers and burn our own CDs instead of having to go to a music store to purchase it. Well, you can now produce instrumentals from your computer too without having to go to a recording studio. This eliminates the high cost of using many different musicians playing different instruments to achieve the sound you are looking for.

Face To Face – Heralding The “Golden Age” Of The Kinks

In 1966, The Kinks were riding high, and were arguably 3rd in the pecking order of pop, behind The Beatles and The Stones. But with 4th album, Face To Face, they took a marked change of direction, and for many, this was the beginning of the “Golden Age” of The Kinks. Find out what is was that made this classic album so special.

Learn How To Produce Beats

With the popularity of rap and hip-hop greater than ever so is the need for beat makers. Artists are continuously searching for good beat makers to work with. The beat sets the tone for the entire song and is what makes people get up and dance and remember the song. So, whether you are going to produce beats as a career or just for fun, it is important to have the proper tools.

Make Beats With Online Tools

Music plays a big part in everyone’s life. If you have a great passion for music and are considering learning how to make beats as a career or just for fun, it is easier and less costly than ever to do so. Gone are the days of needing a large chunk of money to pay for studio time and the use of many musicians and instruments. There are many good beat maker programs available online that literally turn your personal computer into a studio. It is important to find a good program that will allow you to produce beats that are record industry quality and will allow you to make your own creative beats that you can market.

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