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Songwriting Tips

Want songwriting tips that will make your song lyrics sparkle and your melodies soar? Here they are and they’re absolutely free. Learn the tricks professional songwriters use to make average songs into hits!

Stress Free Tuning or Your Cello, Viola or Violin

This article will take you through tuning your Cello, Viola, or Violin. You will learn how to use Fine Tuners and Pegs to tune your instrument and avoid “popping” your string.

Reasons Why Vinyl Records Have Become So Popular Again

Why are vinyl records getting so popular? There are a variety of reasons that you may want to consider when answering the question. While there are a lot of different arguments that lead to discussion, some standouts deserve discussion. Why are they popular again? Consider a few points in the world of vinyl records today.

Hip Hop, Homosexuality And Homophobia

Homosexuality and Hip Hop were usually two words that you didn’t mix together. But with songs like “Same Love” being played on the radio and rappers speaking their mind about homosexuality, is the culture changing?

Where to Download Music Online? Tips and Tricks

People are taking advantage of the availability of music online, especially because downloading takes away the toil of having to scour music stores to find a copy. When people know where to download music online, they do not have to worry if they would be getting a copy compared to having to battle it out in a CD store. Music download sites are becoming popular nowadays, and there are just too many to choose from. However, you should know that these download sites are not made equal.

How To Write A Song

If you want to know how to write a song here’s the answer! It’s not that difficult to write a lyric or even a complete song with words and melody. This article will make it easy.

How To Win A Songwriting Contest

To win a songwriting contest you need more than just a good song. Gain unique insight from this author who has been a songwriting contest judge and has also produced music that has won contests for big money.

The Composer Competition!

Every young composer studying music at the collegiate level will eventually come across that peculiar ritual known as the composer competition. Here are five things to keep in mind when playing this game that we all play.

But Jim I’m a Doctor Not a Guitar Player

If you do play the guitar, do you really play the guitar when you play? Are you really making music? There is a difference between playing a major sixth chord and a MAJOR SIXTH chord. The letter kills, but the SPIRIT gives life.

How to Improve Singing With Two Fundamental Vocal Exercises

Vocal training, exercises, and warm-ups are essential to becoming a better singer and improving your singing voice. If you are looking to learn how to improve singing, then it is no doubt that you have heard of the importance of establishing a vocal exercise routine. When you are first learning to sing, however, establishing a vocal exercise routine is made easier after you can assess your current singing voice and the reaches of your current vocal ability. The expanse of your vocal range and capabilities of your vocal tone is essential knowledge to ascertain where you need to improve and expand your voice. There are many vocal exercises that can help you to make this assessment of your voice but there are two in particular that we will focus on as they are fundamental exercises that even the most beginner vocalist can perform and are important tools in learning how to improve singing.

14 Tips for Marketing Your Music With a Podcast

This article delves into the world of podcasting as a musician. For those who want to promote their music using a podcast, this article provides some useful tips.

10 Tips for Marketing Your Music on Twitter

This article is for those who want to promote their music using the popular social media platform known as Twitter. It contains several tips musicians can use to grow their fan base.

Path of Success for an Unsigned Artist

Many consumers who love to sing or play a musical instrument may believe that they may be the next ‘Michael Jackson’ or ‘Taylor Swift’ but do not know how to go about being successful in the entertainment world. There is a plethora of resources in the market to help these aspiring unsigned artists to be famous over time.

A Boost to Music Lovers With a Bose SoundDock Music System

Music lovers today would be pleased to note that an enhanced music experience is possible with the popular Bose SoundDock music system in the market. With this device, there is no need to attend musical concerts while still enjoying the best of music and songs at their preferred environment.

New Bands/Artists: 14 For 2014

Baby Pink are a new band worth taking note of. Forming a little over six months ago; the Brummies’ might be one of the first ‘new wave’ bands to form on the back of the B-town movement (think Swim Deep/Peace). Success does breed success, but the youngsters have crafted their own niche, which hopefully won’t see them constantly being pigeon holed with the above.

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