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Eras of Opera

The birth of opera and its growth into perhaps the most enduring musical genre of all times, stems from the baroque era. We then move into the next era of opera, Mozart and French opera.

Harmonicas – The Different Types of Harmonicas

Whether you’re an old hand who has enjoyed the harmonica for years or are just now considering picking one up for the first time it’s helpful to know a bit about this instrument you play. The harmonica has been given many pet names such as the mouth organ, mouth harp, french harp, or blues harp. It has been embraced by cultures and music styles around the world.

New Amy Winehouse Album Set for Pre-Christmas Release

Amy Winehouse’s untimely death earlier this year is sure to mean her new album Lioness will be an instant bestseller when it’s released on December 5th. Lioness is a collection of 12 new songs and classic cover versions including her highly rated duet with veteran crooner Tony Bennett – ‘Body and Soul’.

How To Make Beats – Want To Make Hip Hop Music Like Kanye, Swizz or Dre? Read This!

Remember that song you heard the other day? Or the night you were out, that sick beat the DJ played that’s been stuck in your head ever since? Do you ever wish YOU had the ability to make REAL hit music like that? Now you can! And the best thing is it doesn’t matter if you’ve never made beats before.

How to Choose a DJ for Your Wedding

So your boyfriend or girlfriend (it’s an equal opportunity world) got down on that knee and popped the question. Now the work starts. You have to find a venue, get a caterer, photographer, flowers, dress, tux, DJ, etc. How do you find the right companies that will fit your budget and still do an incredible job? Well I intend to answer that question when looking for a DJ.

The Five Bad Points of Mainstream Pop Music

Ever thought you’d like to write or record your own music? Here are five things which really annoy me in modern pop music. Avoid them, and you’ll have at least one more fan, me!

Hip Hop Artist – Learn About Hip Hop In The Gym

Some people watch the music video of their preferred hip hop artist on TV more than three times per week. Some folks watch it more since they want to learn the hip hop artist’s dance moves. They play the music video continuously just to get the very first five minutes of dance movements. Without having to endure the pause and play technique, it is possible to go to your local gym and join the hip hop dance courses. Hip hop dance classes are typically the most popular dance and exercise class with young adults plus some oldies as well.

Hip Hop Artist – Guidance On Men’s Hip Hop Fashion

Lots of women believe it is easy to dress like a popular hip hop artist. They think you just need a good pair of jeans, t-shirt and sneakers but it’s clearly more than that. Finding your personal hip hop fashion sense or style can be difficult for guys. Guys do not go to a mall and tell the sales person they want to dress just like their favorite hip hop artist Sean Combs or Kayne West. This may work for ladies and female hip hop performers but not to men. As an alternative, guys should rely on their own fashion sense and also work with what they’ve got or do their very best to dress well.

Hip Hop Artist – Information About Underground Hip Hop

Currently if you need to listen to a different hip hop artist you go online or listen to a radio station. Seeking out a rap musician using online means is the modern approach to discovering a good musician. During the late nineteen seventies and early eighties discovering a new rap artisan means you would need to head over to underground events or concerts. Hip hop started during the seventies in Bronx, in New York City. The prevalent listeners to rap music were minorities including African and Latin Americans. As hip hop changed throughout time, it became more and more popular. In fact, gangsters influenced its supporters and soon started to be a culture in dialect, style and community.

Hip Hop Artist – Discover Ways To Dress In Preppy Hip Hop Style

A notable, renowned hip hop artist is not a fan of wearing baggy trousers, flashy tops and big bling accessories. Whilst a few designers still appreciate wearing the classic clothing, this fashion, unlike some other trends and fashions, is broader and less defined. This is because it does not have a standard or uniform “look.” It is much more a form of self-expression which comes under wide categories such as urban wear or street apparel. The attire associated with hip hop is also not just apparel. It includes adornments such as jewelry made from gold, or even “bling.”

Benefits of Learning Music in a Music Ensemble (AKA a Band)

Ever wonder what the benefits would be if your child played in a music ensemble? Aside from team experience, the benefits could be more than you might expect. Here are the top ten reasons why you should get your child to join or start a band.

Buy Beats for Rappers and Singers

This is an article for singers, rappers & managers. It shows a few factors when it comes to buying beats for music projects.

How To Build Your Own Soundbooth At Home For Under $100

Home recording is much more affordable than ever, because of an rise of cheaper, more-effective computing systems and a plethora of software applications. However, simply no software program can imitate one particular essential aspect of a recording: a clear vocal take. With a little ingenuity, a trip to the local home improvement center plus some hard work you can build a media sound booth that will assist you in nailing that solid vocal take, with negligible background noise.

The Unseen Benefits of Music Education

What exactly is the benefit of having an early music education? This article discusses the possible benefits of “cross-training” using music.

Getting Personal With The Monitor Mix

Modern stage monitor systems are made up of different components: you’ve got the monitor speakers, the monitor mix, the equalization, and the amplifiers. The Front of House (FOH) mix is generally used by small venues such as bars, clubs, chapels, and school function rooms, employing just one mix run through the FOH sound mixing console. Bigger venues call for separate FOH mixes for the audience and monitor mixes for the performers.

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