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Learning to Perform While Playing a Guitar

Do you like frenetic guitar riffs? Get off the bleachers and stand on the stage! Master the guitar with customized guitar lessons.

Piano Benches for Sale – The Principles Every Buyer Should Understand Prior to Making the Investment

Giving an overview of the various usages of piano benches and the models that are available, its a useful article for prospective bench buyers. Gaining practical knowledge of the basic principles of piano benches prior to purchase will enable a purchaser to make an educated buying experience.

Piano Lessons – Modern Methods of Teaching Piano

Whether it’s for leisure or for a real music career, there are varied ways to start taking piano lessons. Before beginning to attend one, you might want to check if the concentration of the school or teacher fits your style and your needs.

Raw Talent Made Rockabilly Famous

It’s no great revelation that the original stars of rockabilly music had talent. But very often, theirs was a very special kind of talent. It was often unformed, underdeveloped, and even undiscovered. In other words, it was raw. And the rawness of rockabilly talent may have had as big an influence on the wild success of some of the music’s stars as did anything else.

Bodily Responses to Music: Jazz and Genres Alike

Music’s link with culture is apparent throughout history. Music plays a role in every civilization known to man and appears to be one of the basic actions of persons. Evident in the lives of figures like Albert Einstein and Thomas Jefferson, it’s obvious that music has an influence on society.

Rockabilly Queen Wanda Jackson Has Approached Music From Many Different Angles

Wanda Jackson, known widely as the “Queen of Rockabilly” was just a kid when she first hit the music scene in the mid 1950s. Like so many rockabilly pioneers, she’d started her career as a country artist. When Elvis exploded upon the scene, he naturally influenced countless other musicians and Ms. Jackson was one of them.

Jazz: The Growth of Contemporary Jazz Music

This article is about the growth and development of jazz to contemporary jazz. Born in the early 20th century in African American cultures, jazz is a musical style that has developed and evolved all different genres of music.

Piano Tuition Can Be Fun – If You Have An iPad!

Taking piano lessons requires commitment. You need to practice regularly in order to progress. Otherwise, every time you return to the piano, you waste time relearning techniques you should have already mastered. If you own an iPad, you can use basic skills to record and share your music – and as you improve your mastery, evidence of your progress can quickly and easily be captured on the iPad.

Relaxing Piano Music to Relieve Stress

It is said that music does many things to alter one’s state of mind. From therapy to meditation music plays a vital role in relieving stress. In many instances when you listen to a particular song it generates feelings or thoughts either from the past or present.

Guitar Amp Review: EVH Amps

This professional all-tube guitar amp combined with a 4×12 speaker cabinet loaded with the EVH signature speakers has become the most preferred set for a powerful theatre performance. The ultimate amplifier was conceptualized and designed by one of the respected rock guitar living legends himself, Eddie Van Halen in collaboration with Fender Musical Instruments.

Bhojpuri Songs in India Today

Bhojpuri songs and music are more popular then ever before. More and more people are tuning in to listen to Bhojpuri songs.

Guitar Jam Tracks – A Site by Site Comparison

As a lead guitarist, I’m always on the lookout for guitar jam-tracks. However the online sites appear to be a piecemeal collection, ranging from hard-sell sites pushing complete packages on you, decent sites that are swamped in flashing advertising banners to hobby sites set up as blogs with a handful of oddly named tracks After getting lost and frustrated in the morass, I decided to systematically compare the sites in order to answer a simple question: Guitar jam tracks – which single site offers the most features?

EVH Guitar Review

For many years, EVH has earned a distinguishing mark that only the brand deserves for its guitar lines, amps and musical products. Guitar reviews ratings have consistently put EVH guitars on top of the list. This is because of Van Halen’s personal touch to every piece before it comes out in the market.

Rap Flow

What are the five factors that will effect your rap flow. Learn what they are here. Breath control will effect your rap flow. Learn more….

The Great Samson G Track USB Microphone

When it comes to the world of today, the technology has become more advanced at every minute of the day; people have so much imagination which really helps to create a better effect with new gadgets. That is where the Samson G Track USB microphone is going to come in use for; there have been many people that have seen this and thought it must be an old age microphone that won’t do anything that you want it to do but you are wrong! Now with this little microphone you are going to find that there is now…

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