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Chicago Blues Bars

Headed to Chicago? Check out these Blues joints.

Learning Every Note On The Fretboard

Although many people actually learn to play the guitar by learning patterns rather than notes, it is always better to know everything you can know about your fretboard when learning to play the guitar. However, learning every note seems difficult as there are no black and white keys…

Bands Who Squeeze Three Members Into Their Names

Rock history is filled with dynamic duos or, as lyricists might suggest, pairs with airs. Among the most famous singing partners are Hall and Oates, Simon and Garfunkel and, more recently, Sleater-Kinney. The songwriters themselves have often found success as duos, from Bacharach-David to Lennon-McCartney to Difford-Tilbrook and Morrissey-Marr.

Good Practice For Fretting Hand Finger Independence

Something that will help you to actually develop your fretting hand finger independence is to break everything down into very, very small tiny motions. You’re not going to develop finger independence by thinking in terms of licks or patterns. You need to think in small microelements of motions. For example, you may notice that when…

How To Play The Guitar Fast

3. Relax – If your left hand is tense then the fingers will not move fast. They need to be relaxed. Push the strings down only as hard as necessary to make the note sound clear. If you are playing on a guitar that has strings that…

Is It Important To Learn Guitar Scales?

This way of thinking is more likely to hinder ones progress, because learning scales, patterns, where all the notes are on the fretboard and other important aspects of playing the guitar are essential for knowing how music works. Knowing these things enables you to know where and what to play when you are improvising a lead. Style comes from…

Knowing All The Notes On A Guitar – Is It Really Necessary?

For someone who already knows all the string names and how to tune a guitar there are some YouTube videos that could be helpful with some practice, but still kind of tedious and boring in my book. Nevertheless, knowing where all the notes are on the fretboard is the biggest advantage anyone could have when…

Ten Bands Who Improved After Losing a Founding Member

Pop rock band Death Cab for Cutie has a new album coming out this month, and it will be their first without founding member Chris Walla. Rock history has a long list of bands who, after losing one of their founders, begin to decline. Hopefully, that will not be the case for Death Cab.

Easiest Way To Play Happy Birthday On The Guitar

Playing all the notes on a string requires you to press the string against a fret except when playing the open note (no finger pressing the string against a fret). Place your left thumb on the back of the neck and arch your fingers over the fretboard so that your thumb and fingers form a “C” shape. With the tip of your left index finger, press the string…

What Type Of Strings Should A Guitar Have?

Electric guitars have thinner strings so that they are easier to play and bend which makes the fast solos possible, which are commonly heard in rock, jazz, metal and other genres of the electric guitar. Since the electric guitar is amplified, there isn’t a need for the heavier ones that an acoustic guitar needs for…

Fretboard Mastery – Is It Really Important To Know All The Notes?

There are lots of videos on YouTube that teach different ways of memorizing all the notes on the fretboard, but most of them are for someone who already knows a little about the guitar such as the notes of each string when played open and how to tune a guitar. But for the beginner…

Music for a Holy Purpose

A short story for the Youth Symphony Orchestra of Greece, a non-for-profit organisation that participates only on charity events. YSOG is made up of young musicians (12 to 30 years old) who are passionate about music and promote the organisation’s ideas.

Search For Drum Classes Online

There are few children and even others who wish to learn drums. Learning drums is not an easy task. In addition, it is not very easy to find a proper guide who could teach all forms of the drums. There are only very few who could play all the forms like Latin, Carnatic, pop and jazz. While learning out of interest as to make the drums as a hobby or even profession, one should get the basic lessons in a finer tune.

Jazz Guitar Music Legend Charlie Christian Started It All!

Jazz guitarist Charlie Christian almost single-handedly started the mainstream jazz guitar movement. He was the first jazz guitarist to use an amplified electric guitar and his use of augmented and diminished chords was literally unheard of!

Fathers of Alt Hip Hop – Outkast

A brief history of the Alt Hip Hop super duo, Outkast. An exploration into their impact on the future of the genre.

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