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Fender Stratocaster – The Best Things Are Always Beautiful

The Fender Stratocaster is frequently referred to with the term “Strat”, which is a model of an electric guitar proposed by Freddie Tavares, George Fullerton and Leo Fender in the year 1954, and was continuously manufactured by Fender Musical Instruments Corporation till date. It is a double cutaway guitar, containing a total top horn basically for the balance while standing up.

Choosing the Best Beat Software

There are many people who are interested in beat software and making beats. However, there are very few people who actually know much about beat software, which can make selecting the right one difficult. Let this article be a guide for you as you search for the perfect software.

Wedding Reception Music – Top 10 Tips

Want to have guests raving about your wedding music for years to come? Then read on for our Top 10 Tips on how to an create unforgettable evening of entertainment. Whether you’re interested in a jazz band, DJ or deciding to DIY with an iPod playlist, we’ve given you some useful tips and tricks on how to make the most out of your wedding entertainment. We’ve also listed some of the pitfalls bride-to-be’s often overlook when booking their wedding vendors.

Enhance Your Play With PS3 Gaming Headphones

Playing your PS3 can be a very rewarding way to spend your time, but it can be even better when you don’t have to worry about keeping the volume down. Enter PS3 gaming headphones!

How To Setup Your Own Recording Studio

If you are good at guitar, vocals, or any other music related talent, you should certainly consider setting up your own recording studio. From there the possibilities are endless. Who knows, maybe one day you will be that one singing in front of 20,000 people on a stage.

Get The Best From Your Function Band – Top 5 Must Do’s

By now you’ve probably whittled down your long list of wedding entertainers to a select few. Most likely you’re also going through several quotations, and have had conversations with tons of band leaders and wedding entertainers in search of that elusive “wedding entertainer fit”. Congratulations, you’re nearing the finish line!

The Origin of the Modern Music Staff

The written notation of music is a foundational part of today’s musical entertainment providing a method for musicians to play instruments or use their voices to produce music envisioned by the composer. This begins with the composer recording on a “staff” consisting of five lines each musical note pitch and duration in an organized manner which a musicians’ eyes interpret and instruct their brain to transmit to parts of the body the functions to play an instrument or sing to produce the composer’s musical tune. Sounds simple doesn’t it? But, as with many great achievements it has been an evolution taking hundreds of years and contributions by scores of people to accomplish what we refer to today as modern sheet music.

How to Find Cheap Musical Instruments of Good Quality?

There are many people that have an interest in doing music at one point of their lives or another. This can be either as a hobby or as a career and it all depends with the person doing it. With this in mind, one needs to have a musical instruments so that they can be able to play the music that they so much desire because of the fact that music without instruments is as good as none.

Buy Electric Guitars – How Good Is Secondhand?

Electric guitars are a step up to acoustic versions in terms of playing styles. When thinking about acoustic guitars, two of the first things that come to mind are a campfire and a person trying to sing “Kumbaya”. You only really strum and pluck with the acoustic guitar. If you’re going to buy electric guitars, on the other hand, you have to think about effects boxes and learning other playing techniques such as finger tapping and palm muting.

Function Bands – 5 Need to Know Technical Terms

Unless you’re a professional event planner you’ll likely only hire a band once or twice in a lifetime. As a result it’s easy to get bamboozled by jargon you just don’t understand. To stop the confusion here are the top 5 need to know technical terms you should understand.

Why Reason Refills Are So Great to Use

Let’s compare why Reason refills are the choice to use in your productions. As one of the greatest audio applications, Reason is being used more and more by producers around the globe. Exceptional uses of the application are; to get through writers block, start a song and to save time.

Squier Vintage Modified Tele SH and Strat HSS Review

Many guitarists use budget Squier models as a base for their own custom instruments, swapping out the hardware, pickups and other parts. With Squier’s Vintage Modified Series guitars, the modifications have already been made, so you won’t need to shell out extra bucks after your initial purchase.

Beginner Acoustic Guitars and Learning to Play – A Quick Primer – Part 1 of 3

Here are the dos and don’ts of getting into playing acoustic guitar, all made much easier. Learn the mistakes to avoid, so you don’t waste your time and money.

Beginner Acoustic Guitars and Learning to Play – A Quick Primer – Part 3 of 3

Here are the power plays that can quickly turn you from a beginner acoustic guitar player into an accomplished veteran. Use these techniques and get that “instant gratification” everyone talks about.

Music Stand – Finding The Right One For Each Musician

No matter what stage your music is at, you need a quality music stand for your practice sessions. You may be using your stand during performance too depending on the type of music you perform.

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