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Remembering Mohammad Rafi

It’s been three decades since Md. Rafi’s sublime voice was silenced forever and yet for a nation whose average age is under 30 there isn’t any dearth of young Rafi fans. It was in 1980 that a career spanning over 40 years and 26,000 songs ended but tune into any radio station playing classics and Rafi’s voice still greets the ears.

Soothing Qualities of Relaxing Piano Music

It’s incredible how a piece of music can elevate one’s soul. Whether it’s playing in the background or in the fore-front, it is always there for us to grasp. Many have correlated their feelings and expressions and coined them to paper or straight to an instrument for all to hear.

Vinyl Records Have Stood the Test of Time

Vinyl records have stood the test of time throughout the years for several reasons and they will most likely continue to be the favorite of many music fanatics for a long time to come. CDs, MP3s and MP4s may be the cutting-edge technology but nothing can compare to classic songs recorded on an original vinyl record. Vinyl records have several benefits over other types of music formats, with the most important being the sound.

Back to School Tips for Student Musicians

As Summer draws to a close, student musicians need to start getting ready for the new band, orchestra, or choral year. A few simple steps can make sure you start of Allegro rather than Lento!

The History of It All

It’s all about the history of it. Discover a past just “spewing” of talent. Music has developed in new, innovative ways. But don’t sell yourselves short by denying the opportunity to a) discover what preceded your initial interest in music and b) expose these musicians and enjoy the talent they possess.

Guitar Accessories: Some Helpful Goodies

You can treat yourself to a number of other little guitar accessories, doodads, and contraptions that make guitar playing a lot more painless and convenient. In no particular order, consider some of these guitar accessories, which are often worth their weight in thumbpicks. Read on for helpful tips in choosing the right accessories for your guitar.

Benefits of Learning the Circle of Fifths

The circle of fifths is one of the most fundamental and useful concepts in music theory. It can be used for many purposes; learning major and minor scales, the order of sharps and flats, building major and minor chords, chord progression, understanding keys and the accidentals that occur in keys.

Amy Winehouse: We Will Miss You

Heart, Soul and Anger are just a few of the emotions that can take a regular song, and make it into a great one. It takes an awesome singer to make that great song into an unforgettable one. Amy Winehouse was that singer and the music world will forever miss her.

3 Easy Steps To Promote, Advertise Your Mixtape Online

It seems like everyone has a new mixtape out nowadays. Everywhere you look the internet is flooded with people trying to promote and advertise their latest and greatest mixtape.

Old Vinyl Records Are a New Beginning for Many

To the older generation, old vinyl records are a reminder of a simpler time when people appreciated the music they listened to but for the new generation, they’re a new beginning. The young people of today are growing up on digitized music that comes from CDs and MP3 players. Many of them have never even heard of a record unless it was something they saw in a movie.

How to Buy Used Records Online

Learning how to buy used records online is easy. If you’ve not kept up with records through the years, your first thought may be that this is going to take some time and research since you can no longer buy them in local retail stores and record stores seem to be obsolete. In fact, it may seem like modern music players have taken the place of vinyl records at first glance.

Tips for Selling Vinyl Records on eBay

Many people use eBay to sell and buy items new and used. It’s an excellent way to make money off something that’s been sitting around collecting dust or to find something that you’ve been searching for that is no longer sold in retail stores. Selling vinyl records on eBay is a big business and you can get in on some of the action, too.

Best Songs on Acoustic Guitar – Part 6

Thus far we have covered a bunch of awesome songs that feature the acoustic guitar. Unfortunately we have only just covered the tip of the ice burg.

Elements Which Make a Great Acoustic Song

A lot of times there is more than just one element which makes a great acoustic songs. The best acoustic songs have have multiple things working for them which makes them great.

Lauryn Hill: A Legend of Hip-Hop

The 90’s gave us some great artists: R. Kelly, Mint Condition and some other names that will forever be part of R & B history. They performed with a passion and zest, that captivated the whole world.

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