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CDJs V Turntables – Skills Needed or Is It Cheating?

I was having a chat with a friend and it made me think about this issue and I got quite passionate about it in my opinion. Now, I’ve been djing for 18 years and I have taught a few people, who have gone on to be quite successful with it, so what I taught worked for them, but the fact is, I really don’t have the first idea about teaching and how to structure a good lesson, where to start?

Electric Guitar Pickups – Why Should You Replace Them?

Why should you replace your existing guitar pickups? It’s a good question! In this article I will outline reasons for and against replacing your existing electric guitar pickups.

Things To Take Note Of If You Want To Teach Yourself Guitar

Do you want to know how to teach yourself guitar? Not sure where to start? Do read on because I will be sharing some things to take note of. By the end of the article you should have a better idea of how you can do so.

Finding the Right Guitar Pedal on the Internet

Discussing how to find the best guitar pedals for you online without being disappointed when playing them for the first time. This article will discuss why listening to them first is so crucial to being happy with your decision and the solution to do this online.

Using Empire Avenue For Mixtape Promotion Online

Empire Avenue has been described as social media rocket fuel. Here I will discuss how you can use this great website to help with you mixtape promotion online. Empire Avenue has lots of bloggers online that will help share your music or blog with their followers online. It is a great resource to have in your arsenal to help with your mixtape promotion.

Advantages Of Signing Up For Guitar Classes Online

Are you thinking of signing up for guitar classes online? Or maybe you are quite skeptical about them. Well, whatever the case, you may want to stick around till the end of this article, because I will be sharing with you the advantages of signing up for them.

Importance of Vocal Exercises

There are several things that are included in vocal exercises. Singers as well as theater performers need to learn proper breathing techniques as well ear training, pitch training and vocal training too.

The Blues Legends That Never Were

This article highlights those pioneers of blues music who were never recognized. A large number of female singers and musicians were largely ignored during the early part of last century..

Iron Maiden Music Career and Extraordinary Line Up Changes

The heavy metal scene in 1970s was considered as stagnant; there were only a few bands, which proved the ability to survive, and to produce good quality music. It was a time that a new British band, was formed known as Iron Maiden. The band was established 1976, in England by Steve Harris, after quitting from another popular band, known as Smiler. The band line up was comprised of Dough Sampson, Harris, Paul Di’Anno and Dave Murry. This group released their first debut EP.

The 4 Key Benefits of Buying an Electronic Drum Set

Ever wondered why some people prefer to use an electronic drum set instead of the traditional acoustic drum set? They can be a little bit more expensive than the usual drum kit and they do use a good amount of electricity but there are so many advantages to using them. Here’s a quick but in-depth look at the benefits of using an electric kit:

K-Pop: The Global Phenomenon

What has come to be known as the greatest YouTube sensation since Justin Beiber, Korean pop star, Psy, and his newly famous song Gangnam style has taken the world by storm. What is it about this K-Pop that makes it so appealing, that it has its listeners craving more? We turn to entrepreneur, Flowsion Shekar, and bloggers, Wendi Wheeler and Kris E, for this exclusive interview as they discuss their insights on the Gangnam Style phenomenon,and the latest K-pop craze.

Could That Rock Performer Be Classically Trained?

This article takes a look at musicians who have had formal training in theory and practice. Rock music is scattered with musicians with music degrees.

The Wide Range Of Applications Which You Can Use With The Help Of iTunes

People who have used the products of Apple would know the concept of iTunes. It is a media library and also a media player that has been developed by Apple Inc and this application enables people to download, organize, save and play various songs or videos on their iPhone, iPod or personal computers. One thing that you must remember is that the computer that you would be using must have OS X as its operating system.

Songwriters – Do You Want to Write Simple But Interesting Melodies?

When it comes to melodies simple is usually best. In this article, we’ll look at an easy way to write a catchy melody.

Songwriters – Do You Want to Write Lyrics That Easily Fit Into A Catchy Melody?

Wordy lyrics can negatively affect your melody. In this article, I’ll address how you can write lyrics that can easily being sung in a melody.

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