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Make Rap Beats Online – What You Need to Get Started Right Away

It’s easy to make rap beats online! Learn exactly what you need to help you get started on cranking out the hits right away!

Make Your Own Hip Hop Beats – The Equipment You Need to Make It Work

So, you want to make your own hip hop beats? Discover what equipment you need to make it work and how you can start making beats within minutes!

Beat Maker Software – How It Can Stop You From Making Crappy Beats

Are you frustrated and tired of making mediocre beats? Learn why beat maker software can help fix that almost immediately, enabling you to crank out hit after hit in no time!

iPod Accessories to Keep You Busy

Owning an iPod means that you own a splendid piece of technology that would keep you busy most of the time. You would rather end up spending you time exploring what all you can do with this gadget and its accessories.

Tips on How to Play the Drums

Amongst musicians, drummers are a unique breed. Their instrument is nothing like the guitar or piano in that there isn’t a flat out arrangement of notes to hit. Drumming doesn’t require knowledge of music theory. What it does require is rhythm and immense practice.

Online Rap Beat Maker – Why You Should Use This First

Do you want to make hip hop beats? Learn why an online rap beat maker is the best option for beginners!

Frank Sinatra – The Italian Crooner

Francis Albert Sinatra, better known as Frank Sinatra or “Ol’ Blue Eyes”, was born December 12, 1915 to Italian immigrants Natalie Della Garaventa and Antonino Martino Sinatra. At age 15, after watching Bing Crosby perform, he decided to become a singer and eventually left home 2 years after. His first successful singing career took place when he joined a group named Hoboken Four.

What Part Did These Women Play In Johann Sebastians’s Life?

Elisabeth Bach mother of Johann Sebastian Bach recounts his first 10 years. I want to tell you an amazing story: the story of my son, Johann Sebastian Bach. This is the story of a precocious talented little boy whose name was to become known throughout the world centuries later. My precious boy was born on March 21, 1685 to my husband, Ambrosious and me, Elisabeth Bach. We are quite a family, we Bachs. The name Bach is nearly synonymous with the word musician around this part of the world of Eisenach, Germany.

Learn How to Practice Piano the Fun Way and Stay Motivated

Practice is a dirty word. It conjures up images of going through drills, exercises, plenty of effort for little reward and frustration. While learning a new piece may be hard, the strategies don’t have to be. Remember there is a difference between effort and intelligent effort.

Music Software – 3 Important Considerations

Software allows us to do some incredible things on virtually any computer. In fact, if you are a musician then the latest software is probably more than just a trend as many predicted. It allows us to not only do more but to be much more efficient in how we do it. What would have cost thousands of dollars in studio time can now be done in your bedroom.

Euphonium Valves – Three, Four, and Compensating Set Ups and Making Sense of Them All!

The valve systems on a euphonium can be confusing to beginners as well as high school and even some college students! This article will cover an explanation of the different valve systems, including three valves, four valves, compensating, and non-compensating euphoniums.

Country Music Uses Real Instruments To Make It Sound Real

It is true that country music does incorporate some computer generated effects but the core of this genre is pure musical sound. If one were to compare the sounds of Kesha to George Strait or Carrie Underwood they would find a vast array of differences in sound.

5 Top Tips for Hosting a Karaoke Party at Home

A karaoke party at home is different from one at a bar or at the office. It has the potential to be more intimate and more fun if done right. Here are the five best tips for hosting a karaoke party at home.

Inside the Martin D45 – How to Buy a Martin D45 Guitar

A Martin D45 guitar turns music into more than a succession of well-arranged notes. Showcased by an innovative design, this acoustic guitar produces a sound that stands above others. If you’re considering buying a Martin D45, here are several tips on the features of the guitar–as well as how to find one at a reasonable price.

Electric Guitar Lessons for Beginners

Do you or someone you know want to learn to play the electric guitar? Perhaps it is your son, who has become so familiar and captivated by the advanced video games we have today that are centered around music, and copy the aesthetics of being a rock star. Maybe it is your married man, who dreams of those nimbus days back in high school, and would give anything just to learn how to play some of his favorite tunes. Or it might even be you, who would like a rocking horse that involves your hands and nous, and can furnish some great tenseness succor, and a lifetime satisfaction. No matter what the reason is, great news to you will be to know that electric guitar deterrent examples for initiates are readily available, and affordable.

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