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Christian Songwriters

Christian songwriters have come under the spotlight in the past few years. Christian songwriters made an impact on a wider audience by using multiple genres. Surprisingly, Christian music was drastically noticed among common audiences.

Are You A Belieber?

Why will Justin Beiber just NOT GO AWAY? Maybe there’s more to him than we give him credit for. — a hater’s perspective.

The Ladies Who Shaped the Pop Music Charts of the 80s – 4 of the Best Solo Artists

Choosing a “Top Lady of the 80’s” is not an easy task. There are so many female artists who broke records and made music history in the decade. Even ladies that did not achieve awards and accolades did things that challenged the industry and changed the way woman were perceived forever.

Practical Ways to Get Guitar Lessons

The guitar has always been a fascination for for many people, especially the youth. Some say “it’s just a piece of wood.” It really is just a piece of wood, but it has amazing powers that can attract or even mesmerize people.

7 Ways That Learning a New Instrument Can Help You

You may have been thinking about learning how to play a new instrument, or you may have been thinking about enrolling your child in music lessons. For many people, they just do not understand how much learning a new instrument can help them or their child in the end.

The Face Behind “The Uncelebrated Musicians of the Motown Empire”

Discover one man’s vision for the musicians the Motown Empire has ceased to honor–musicians whose contributions are one of the cogs that not only caused the wheels of success to turn in the 60’s, but have continued into the 21st century. Who are they? Why have they been ignored? Who is that man?

Beat Making Today

Creating music is something that touches the soul of almost any individual that has ever been fortunate enough to do it. While some individuals are truly gifted at creating music, others find that they have the desire but simply lack the skills that are required to create the music that they would like to be able to make. However, with the advent of technology there is no need for a person to feel as if they are on the outside looking in when it comes to music.

The Ladies Who Shaped the Pop Music Charts of the 80s – The Genesis of Girl Power

The 80’s was an important decade for female artists. Not only for lead singers, but also for solo artists and all women bands. For the first time, female rock artists came into their own in what had been very much a boys club.

Songwriter – Writing Song Lyrics

The concept of hiring a songwriter online is proven and long established. By searching for a songwriter online, you can find a top quality songwriter who is available to write lyrics and create an entire song. A good songwriter is someone who understands the role of instrumentals (piano, guitar, percussion, drums, or bass) and lyrics.

Writing Lyrics

Writing lyrics requires creativity and following a few tips. With useful lyric writing tips, writing lyrics has become easy, provided there is true talent to understand and implement these tricks. Although a song has seven main parts, not all are always used in every song.

Writing Songs

Writing songs is a means of expressing yourself. When writing songs, certain rules need to be followed. There are usually two sections in a song: the verse that has the main subject matter and the chorus that conveys the meaning and the essence of the song.

The Beatles: History and Album Guide

This article serves as a brief history and guide to the music of the English rock and roll band, the Beatles. The article provides specific references to the band’s best recordings and the reasons why those recordings are well regarded.

Lyric Writing Tips

Lyrics mostly express the writer’s personal feelings. Depending on the mood, writer might complete a song in few minutes or may even take a month to be ready. Lyrics form the base of a song, and it is only good lyrics that enhance the quality of a song.

Lyric Writing

Lyric writing utilizes creativity, style, and techniques. Lyric writing is about creating better ideas, finding the right words for expressing your ideas and coordinating rhymes and rhythms into a powerful song. Lyric writing is in great demand because there are many talented musicians who can play and compose beautiful music, yet there are far fewer people who can write lyrics to match the melody.

How to Write Better Lyrics

What musician doesn’t want to write better lyrics? Writing lyrics may take a little of your time and patience, but if you are aware of how to write better lyrics, the end result is always beautiful and meaningful. The regular practice of writing will give you work a natural flow.

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