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Perfect Wedding Bands and Music – Make the Right Choice

The first and most important thing is to decide what kinds of songs and music that you want to be played on your big day. There are so many options to choose from like traditional wedding bands/music, contemporary, light-hearted, religious, eclectic or somber. You can also choose music pertaining to a specific culture or according to the theme of your wedding if any. Once you have decided the framework, consider half the job done. It is best to sit down with your partner and make the selection rather than do it all by yourself; if you have hired a wedding planner, then make sure that she is also a part of your discussions as the music must reflect the overall mood of the wedding.

Guitar Speakers – How to Choose Speakers for Your Six String

One of the most important components for any guitar setup is a great set of speakers. Axe players need a good set in order to properly hear the music they’re playing, and purchasing the wrong ones can lead to less than stellar sound. Players say a guitar is only as good as its speaker, and if you’re not going to buy an adequate speaker bundle, then there’s no point in purchasing or owning a professional six-string.

Why You Can’t Afford To Cut Corners With Your Music Equipment

Good musical equipment ensures a high quality sound output. There are many instruments in the market that make music, but not good enough to make great music. This is the reason you cannot afford to cut corners while buying musical equipment.

Dobro Guitar – Important Guitar Facts You Should Know About

If you like the clean sound of the steel stringed acoustic guitar then chances are you’ll quickly fall in love with the classic Dobro Guitar. For those who haven’t heard of this particularly unique instrument, the dobro guitar (also called the ‘resonator guitar’) was invented back in the 1930’s by the Dopyera brothers who attempted to design an acoustic guitar that had a louder sound to it.

Yardbirds Exalted Drummer and Songwriter Shares an Afternoon With Me

I spent a delightful Thursday afternoon chatting on Skype with legendary drummer Jim McCarty. McCarty is a gifted songwriter and a brilliant drummer who is best known as a founding member for British Invasion rockers The Yardbirds and also for pioneering progressive rock with his band Renaissance.

All About Amon Amarth

Amon Amarth is a death metal band from Tumba, Sweden. Amon Amarth is one of the most respected death metal bands that have focused their music on Viking fantasy and epic battles.

Rockabilly Slap Bass Has Become An Art Form Unto Itself

Along with country’s influence, rockabilly grew out of blues and rhythm and blues. Blues bass players found themselves competing to be heard over the rest of the band–especially in up-tempo music like jump blues and rhythm and blues. Of course, they were all playing acoustic upright basses and didn’t have amplification for them, so they started playing hard in order to be heard. Along with the more aggressive playing came the sounds of the strings snapping against the stringboard.

Yamaha Dtxplorer Electronic Drum Set

The Yamaha Dtxplorer Electronic Drum Set has to be one of the most user-friendly, well priced and versatile drum kits on the market. This kit suits both the beginner looking to get into drumming and not knowing where to start as well as the professional who is looking for a quieter smaller kit to add to their quiver of drum kits.

Feel The Beat On Your Own Computer

Make beats on your computer and you could be right up there with the pros when it comes to creating your own unique sound. These days, with a variety of beat making programs available, it is possible for just about anyone to create music. If you’re not finding the sound you want at your local club, then mix it up on your own PC!

An Acoustic Drum Kit Versus an Electronic Drum Kit

Many purists debate the worth of an electronic drum kit when compared to an acoustic one but in todays technological advances, the types of drum sounds and the feel of an electronic drum kit are on par with their acoustic cousins. This coupled with the societal shift of people living in more compact dwellings and in apartments, it’s easy to see why an electronic drum kit is gaining momentum as a must have for any serious drummer. Electronic drums have a number of benefits over their louder counterparts.

Common Ways That You Could Get To Listen To Online Music

Nowadays, people really enjoy listening to music, whether it is with traditional CD’s, iPods, or even on the internet. There are many websites that offer online music selections. Most of the high quality tracks come from websites that let you pay for the service. There are also some websites that let you download songs for free, but these are usually from the independent artists. You could also listen to music online using internet radio. However, the disadvantage with this type of music is that you would only get to listen to the tracks. You won’t be able to save them.

Electronic Keyboards – Electronica Revival Give New Impetus to The Market

There has been a recent revival in electronica music inspired by acts from the eighties and nineties. This has led to an increase in demand for synths and electronic keyboards. We take a look at the latest new products aimed at differing segments of this expanding market.

Fender Guitars – How The Legendary Guitar Company Maintains Quality and Extends Its Range

As popular as ever, Fender has maintained consistently high standards in the quality of their guitars. We take a look at the iconic company and their tactics for keeping up their game, including how they stay relevant for today’s guitarist.

Why Are USB Microphones So Popular These Days?

These days, almost every one of us makes use of internet facilities. Chatting online through video chats or audio calls is a great way to keep in touch with our near and dear ones.

The Advantage Of USB Microphones Over Older Microphones

Today living without the help of science and technology in our life seems to be impossible. Starting from the light bulb to the ovens in which we cook to the equipment we use to travel, brush, shave and connect and communicate-we are all dependent on technology.

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