Guitar of the Day: 1959 Fender Stratocaster with Orianthi

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Karaoke Bridges the East and West

A friend recently visited from Japan. We had a great evening at a karaoke bar.

How to Play the Piano In 30 Days

Playing piano can not be circumscribed with time because it is a life-long process. I believe allocating time to your goal of mastering the piano can help you get the most out of your natural abilities even in unfavorable conditions. Experience shows that lots people want to play the piano, but they believe it is difficult and takes a long time

Guitar for Beginners: Making the First Step

The guitar is probably one of the most played all instruments. Children are often this beautiful instrument but anyone should be able to learn this instrument with ease, one needs to make the first step.

The Best Channel to Learn the Guitar Course for Beginners

Guitar learning should not be challenging. Anyone wishing to learn this instrument can do it if they really want to.

Do You Want To Get Ahead In Your Singing? Start With These Singing Ideas

If you’ve been singing for awhile, you might start to truly feel that you’re inside a rut. Beneath are some effective singing ideas to aid revitalize your enthusiasm and enhance your performances.

More Tips For Learning How To Improve Your Singing Voice

Learning how to sing better is something that takes time and patience, but if you continue to practice your voice daily, the results will soon speak for themselves. Remember to record yourself so that you can measure your progress!

Best Ways to Lean the Guitar

Guitar is one of the easiest of all musical instruments to learn. It is also one of the most popular. This instrument can be learnt at any age and by anyone.

Elvis Presley: The Mystery of His Twin, Jesse Garon

The life and death of his stillborn twin brother, Jesse Garon, was a precious mystery to Elvis, an indelible part of his life. But then, Elvis was always intrigued by the mystery that lay at the heart of all existence.

Develop Your Taste in Piano Music

One of the characteristics of audiences that listen to classical music, is the fact that they take the time to learn about the provenance of the music that they are listen to as well as the setting which inspired the composer. This level of sophistication is rarely seen in pop music unless we are talking about critics. It is also one of the requisite elements for the listening experience to work.

Singing Deeper With More Freedom

In this quick singing tip I am going to show you how singing deeper actually requires less effort than you might think. The major problem that I see most singers struggle with when it comes to low notes is trying to sing them too loud and with too much squeeze. Let’s talk about the squeezing issue.

My Hero Emerged As One of the Popular Music Artists Group in USA

Since music was the driving passion among all members of My Hero music group, so they all have struggled to make their band a successful one. In the initial stage they had to struggle a lot to make a name for themselves in the music industry. They performed in different college fests and functions and later participated in different competitions also. Ultimately they emerged victorious in their field and have become the recognized faces all over.

Square Piano Restoration – Bringing Life to a Victorian Masterpiece

This article is a must read for any square piano enthusiast, collector or owner. Briefly giving an overview of the piano’s history, it describes the conditions that the instrument is routinely found in and mentions the current renaissance that the square grand is currently experiencing.

Rockabilly Star Jack Scott Celebrates His 75th Birthday

Jack Scott, one of the most successful early rock n’ roll stars turned 75 on January 24, 2011. Although Scott remains mystifyingly unknown throughout the United States and even his native Canada, only Elvis and the Beatles have bested him for the number of charting singles that he turned out from 1958 to 1961. His hits included four that earned gold records: My True Love, Goodbye Baby, What In The World, and Burning Bridges. He’s an inductee of the Michigan Country Music Hall of Fame and the Rockabilly Hall of Fame and he’s been nominated for the Hit Parade Hall Of Fame.

Are You Learning to Play an Instrument?

When you are learning to play an instrument you normally go over and over all of the training books that you have available to you. This is a great way to commit them all to memory while you are learning the different notes or chords. The problem is that after awhile you will get bored with playing the same things over and over again.

Creating a Special Memory

There can be many ways that we try to create special memories with our loved ones. The holidays are just one time that we strive to do this. What could be better than sitting down to a fantastic meal with your significant other and music that you played or composed is playing in the background?

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