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Start DJing – How To Get DJ Gigs You Want In Clubs

If you’re looking to learn how to start DJing, the following step by step guide will help you. In summary, what will happen is that first of all you’ll choose the DJ equipment that is best suited to you, then you’ll learn how to mix and develop a style. Then finally it comes to the hard part: how to get DJ gigs in clubs. What does a beginner who wants to start DJing do and in what order?

Guitar Buying Tips for Your Second or Third Guitar

Your toughest decisions in buying a guitar may come not with your first instrument at all but with your second. Admit it – your first time out was probably a blur, but now that you know a little bit about guitar playing and what’s available out there, you face perhaps an even more daunting prospect than before: What should you choose as your next guitar? If you’re still undecided, then you need some guitar buying tips.

Elvis Presley Has Always Been The Reigning King Of Rock And Roll

Popular music history was made in Tupelo, Mississippi on January 8, 1935. Elvis Aaron Presley was born on that January day. This young boy would grow up to create rock and roll and develop into one of the most popular American singers in record history. Elvis was called the “King of Rock and Roll” and it was a name that was well earned.

Releasing Your Pressure For A Few Hours At A Time

It’s time to divide yourself from the cell phone. Your phone chats, text messages, and business dealings can wait. Shut off the computer for long enough that email updates aren’t blighting your mind. The paperwork that has been piling up on your desk can be organized at a later date.

A Look Into The Splendid Neumann TLM103 Microphone

The world has literally hundreds of microphones in use, but Neumann tlm103 microphone has been designed after a careful analysis of the limitations faced by the other designs. This product has been designed with a red Neumann logo for identification. The key mechanical features of the Neumann TLM103 reveal its flexibility as it accommodates different swivel angles and positions.

Guitar Kit Construction – How You Can Add A Sunburst Finish

A general overview of the processes involved in achieving a sunburst finish for your electric guitar kit. The article briefly covers all aspects from preparation to final polish.

I Can Write Better Than That!

It’s not a good idea to compare your songs with those you hear on the radio by a famous artist. The famous artist could probably sing his shopping list and have a hit. Write like his breakthrough song.

A Good Line Sings Well With the Melody

The melody and the lyric should sound made for each other. If the emphases is on the off words, the listeners attention will be distracted from the subject.

Buying a Guitar – Before Breaking Out Your Wallet

Before you walk into your local music store ready to plop down your hard-earned dough on a new guitar, you need to take stock of what you’re doing. You need to ask yourself some tough questions about buying a guitar – and you need to do so now.

Achieve Your Dream To Become A Good Singer

Some of the people are not gifted with natural talent for singing. Though there are people having the gift, anyone needs effective lessons and resources if they want to learn.

How Exactly Do Speakers Work?

When it involves music systems, the speakers are the most vital aspect. Lacking correct speakers, ones which function efficiently with the overall system, you might as well not bother to switch the thing on. Good speakers generate great sound quality, and in turn, give you a music experience dissimilar to nearly anything else in the environment.

Learn How to Play Guitar in a Band

Many people like to learn how to play guitar. There are many reasons, whether it is to enjoy simply playing what you like to listen or to be a part of the band. The Lead guitar is one of the hardest to learn, even with beginner guitar songs, so it is important to spend some time practicing for this.

Grand Piano Bench Buying – Picking a Bench to Suit Your Grand Piano

If you’re buying a grand piano bench for your grand piano there are some key points that should be considered before purchasing. Knowing the details about various bench models will enable you to pick the correct bench and make an informed buying decision.

Guitar Lessons for Kids on DVD

Thinking of enrolling your child in private guitar classes? Why not save a few dollars and potentially even enjoy the process of learning guitar with your kid. In this article discover the benefits of using a guitar lesson dvd for kids instead of taking private instruction.

A Jazz Guitar Course to Learn at Home

Jazz Guitar is one of the most difficult styles to learn. It’s improvisation methods, unique and often abstract chords along with crazy scales makes learning this style of guitar a lifelong process.

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