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How You Can Learn What Makes Steve Vai Great And Improve Your OWN Guitar Playing Because Of It

Without a doubt, Steve Vai is one of the best guitar players in the world. But how does this fact help YOU? If you are trying to just learn his songs, you are on the wrong path.

15 Song Albums To Revisit in Honor of ’15

A politician on the local TV news recently promised that the year ’15 is going to be a big one, which reminded me of the last good Beach Boys album, titled 15 Big Ones. Many of the songs were covers, but the record had some great originals that recalled Brian Wilson’s late 60s heyday. “It’s Okay” and “Suzy Cincinnati” are among my favorites on the album, which is a rare one in the sense that it contains fifteen songs.

Interview: Ralf Scheepers – Primal Fear

Since 1997 Germany’s Primal Fear have delighted metal fans the world over with their melodic brand of power metal. With each release the band continues to go from strength to strength severing up classic metal masterpieces such as Primal Fear, Black Sun, New Religion, 16.6 (Before the Devil Knows You’re Dead) and Unbreakable.

Interview: Jay Jay French – Twisted Sister (Part 1 of 2)

Part 1 of my interview with Twisted Sister guitarist Jay Jay French. Stay tuned for Part 2 coming soon!

Interview: Erik Martensson – W.E.T./Eclipse

Back in early 2009 I had the pleasure of speaking with legendary rock vocalist Jeff Scott Soto. During our conversation he spoke to me, with great excitement, about a new project he was working on called W.E.T. This was going to be A collaboration between Robert Sall from Work of Art, Eric Martensson from Eclipse, and himself. Once I had heard their 2009 self titled debut album I could see why he was so excited. In short, this is melodic rock at its finest. In 2013 the band would release the follow up album Rise Up which would take the band to another level. This would then lead to the release of a live CD/DVD package in 2014 titled One Live In Stockholm. To get the inside story of the band’s formation, the state of the music industry and the band’s new live CD/DVD I caught up with bassist, keyboardist and rhythm guitarist Eric Martensson.

Interview: Richie Kotzen – The Winery Dogs

These days the word “Supergroup” tends to get thrown around with relative ease. Any time you get a bunch of well known musicians together in one room, there it is..

Interview: James Christian – House Of Lords

For two and a half decades American hard rockers House Of Lords have been at the forefront of the melodic rock world. Established in 1987 the band was the creation of former Giuffria keyboardist Gregg Giuffria. This for all intents and purposes was a true “Supergroup” featuring the talents of Ken Mary on drums, Chuck Wright on bass, Lanny Cordola on guitar and frontman James Christian.

Interview: Matthias Jabs – Scorpions

It is fair to say that no other German band in the history of hard rock/metal has had the success and global domination of the Scorpions. Since the release of their first album Lonesome Crow in 1972 the band has been on a mission to rock the masses, dare I say it, like a hurricane. And that they have done with studio masterpieces such as Virgin Killer, Lovedrive, Blackout, Love At First Sting and Sting In The Tail among others.

Five Easy Ways To Transform Your Guitar Students Into Highly Creative Musicians

Want to have the greatest guitar students around, have new students constantly at your door trying to take lessons and have all the other local guitar teachers talking about how they wish they could be as successful as you? In order to make this a reality, you have to know how to continually transform OK guitar students into excellent musicians.

A Few Good Benefits of Routine Vocal Exercises for Singers

Regardless of how tedious or boring they could be, there are benefits of applying vocal exercises as regular practice routine for singers. Among many, vocal exercises train singers to develop vocal muscles surrounding the areas responsible for sound production, to improve pitch accuracy along with developing listening skills, and to increase vocal range that can lead to other singing ability. Overtime, successful singers should not think of them as annoyance, but as tools/elements that can lead them to confidence, proficiency, and improvisation.

The Difference Between Psychedelic and Neo-Psychedelic Rock

Psychedelic Rock continues to reign supreme within the annals of the Rock world. However, its eventual decline in the early 70’s led to the end of its reign. But bands continue to incorporate Psychedelic Rock’s elements in a newer form: Neo-Psychedelic Rock. What is the difference between the two genres, and why can’t musicians ever again write a true Psychedelic song?

Top 10 Neo Psychedelic Bands of the 80’s

After Psychedelic music fizzled out by the end of the 70’s, a plethora of bands in the 80’s had been influenced by the drugged out elements of yesterday’s statements. Not only did these bands play Psychedelia, they infused their own statements into the sound, producing such an attractive kaleidoscope of musical output that it’s impossible to come down off of the listening high.

The Basics of Electronic Music Production

This article covers what music production is, how electronic music production differs, and what you can do to get started. Electronic music production differs form normal music production in that typically the producer does all the steps.

What Is Deathpop Music? The History of Deathpop (Part 3)

Coined by Orgy bassist Paige Haley in 1997 to describe a Synth Rock meets Industrial sound, Deathpop bands reigned the charts of late 90’s rock. However, not too many people know the Deathpop term. Read about this small but poignant blip in rock history.

Tips To Ensure You Enjoy Your Next Concert

Concerts can be very entertaining and they are supposed to be as memorable as possible. Whether you will be attending a favorite concert alone or with friends, the main point should be to have fun. How you prepare for the concert and the things you do during the concert can determine the experience you have. Here are some helpful tips to ensure that you fully enjoy the next concert you wish to attend.

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