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Atlanta’s Chastain Park Amphitheatre

An Atlanta perimeter hotel highlights Chastain Park Amphitheatre. One of the city’s most popular concert venues is located in Chastain Park.

Singing Powerfully

A lot of amateur singers sometimes damage their vocal cords or may suffer from laryngitis, polyps or nodes because they have pushed their singing voices too hard in the attempt of putting power into it. However, individuals do not have to punish themselves by straining their voices while singing because they may end up not being able to develop a powerful singing voice.

Review: Dot To Dot Festival – Manchester

Since its humble beginnings seven years ago, Dot To Dot Festival has gone from strength to strength and has served up sets from bands that have gone on to see incredible success. In the past, this has meant shows from the likes of Mumford & Sons, Florence & the Machine and The XX – but this month it focused back on some lesser-known acts hoping to break through in the same way. Taking place across three cities – Bristol, Nottingham and Manchester – the event has a pretty ambitious mission statement.

5 Reasons Why You Should Buy a Piano Cover for Your Grand or Upright Piano

Five reasons why your piano needs a cover: protection from sunlight, temperature change, dust, physical damage, and aesthetics. A small investment to protect and lengthen the life of your expensive piano.

Why Sheet Music For Pop Songs Often Sounds Wrong

Ever play a pop song from sheet music and get disappointed with the results? Find out why piano sheet music for pop songs isn’t always the best way to learn and play them.

Tips for the Future Super Producer

A few tips to get you on the way to becoming a super producer. Know the Basics: You don’t just start making beats overnight. Build your knowledge on the subject and learn the jargon. Just like any other subject, beat production has its on language.

Learn How To Give A Lap Dance Now – My 5 Techniques Unveiled

Lap dancing is a preferred form of amusement at adult clubs which cater to men and now many women have an interest in learning how to lap dance so they can bring some excitement to their romantic life. Lap dancing is an erotic and sexual experience that can spice up a relationship which is getting stale and make the male partner realize how attractive his mate really is.

Singers’ Auditions – What Do They Mean?

You can’t take the results of auditions too seriously; savvy singers know that many, many factors influence the outcome of all singers’ auditions. Don’t judge yourself too harshly if you don’t succeed. You simply may or may not be what they’re looking for that day. Here are examples of what the decision-makers in three different situations seem to be looking for.

How To Make Music Video Albums – Tips For The Beginners

The music video albums are considered to be a pinnacle of a way in order to be prominent in the industry of music. It doesn’t matter that whether they were on or MTV nowadays, the thing that matters is that they have been a portal to glory as well as fame.

Tips To Make Your Own Rap Beats

A good beat created will make a beginner to achieve good heights in the field of rap music. Choosing of beats plays an important role in making our own rap beats. The first and foremost requirement of choosing is that the beginner should fully understand his style of music and he/she should also know whether the selected rhythm will support his/her style.

Five Equipment Essentials For Writing Christian Songs

Writing Christian songs requires as much artistic talent as any other form of song writing. And as with any art form, you need the right pieces equipment to make the song writing process as smooth as possible without losing artistic integrity. Serious writers of Christian songs use the right equipment in order to produce cutting edge music that can change the world.

Writers Of Christian Songs Should Create A Lyric Explosion!

I’ve been writing Christian songs now for more than 30 years and it always amazes me that the basic songwriting principles I learned back then still apply today. Of course, these days there are plenty more creative stimuli to trigger the imagination and bring new energy and vitality into the process. The trap we easily fall into is to produce “pre-packaged” elements into our writing.

Alto Saxophonists in Bristol

Bristol has a strong contingent of alto saxophonists who play locally on a regular basis as well as touring further afield. Perhaps of the most well known are the two James’s. James Morton was spotted by tenor player Andy Sheppard and further mentored by one of James Brown’s horn section, Pee Wee Ellis.

How to Learn the Electric Guitar Online for Free

Want to learn guitar for free in the comfort of your own home? It is possible to do this. Find out how by reading this article on learning to play guitar online.

Love of Music

There is nothing that brings greater peace, happiness, and comfort than music. Listening to the best quality music can change a person’s mood instantly, whether you are using it for educational purposes to help improve memory, or for the athlete to get all-energetic for an event, or simply just want to escape to a different world with softer music.

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