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Why Your Guitar Students Leave During The Summer (And How To Get Them To Stay)

Without a doubt, the summertime is one of the slowest times of the year for getting contacted by new students. For many guitar instructors, this is a huge problem that makes it extremely difficult to make a decent income. Although less students are calling, this does not mean it’s impossible to get tons of new students.

The Debut of Nirvana

Nirvana’s debut album, “Bleach,” hit the shelves 25 years ago. It didn’t have a commercial impact until “Nevermind” came out two years later.

Positive Songs And The Underdog: Supporting Those Who Keep Winning

Positive songs are often used to teach a lesson. If we learn to respect the underdog through positive music, can we also respect the repeat winner?

Casey Kasem Passes Away

Casey Kasem was a D.J. But he was more than just a D.J.

The Ultimate Substitution Chord Function Pt1

Okay, I have to admit, at times I have fallen victim to the babel-like confusion of the chord substitution world of seemingly unending maze of linguistic jabber. This often seems more complicated than it has to be. For over 10 years I have been a mathematical statistician and a mainframe computer programmer. This mindset has led me to create what I think is the ultimate substitution chord function.

Solids – Blame Confusion

Solids is the moniker of a Montreal duo consisting of Xavier Germain-Poitras on guitar and Louis Guillemette on drums. Having previously played together in another band, Germain-Poitras started writing songs that didn’t quite fit that outfit’s sound, and subsequently asked Guillemette to help him flesh them out. The pair were able to build on their existing chemistry, and quickly released a five song EP, a 7″ single, and a split with fellow Canadians, Animal Faces, out of Toronto. All of this led up to their first full length album, Blame Confusion, which was released in early 2014. An album is made up of ten tracks that consist of the what might be the densest, most blistering indie rock released so far this year.

Temples – Sun Structures

Temples are an indie rock band hailing from Kettering, Northamptonshire in England. Formed as a basement studio project in 2012 by guitarist/vocalist James Bagshaw and bassist Thomas Warmsley, Temples recorded and released their first single that November. About that same time, the duo tapped fellow Kettering residents Sam Toms and Adam Smith to take up drum and keyboard duties respectively, so they could start playing live sets. After a hectic 2013 consisting of recording sessions and live shows opening for popular UK acts such as Suede and The Vaccines, Temples released their debut album Sun Structures in February 2014.

The Faint – Doom Abuse

In the music industry, dropping out of view or taking a hiatus can be deadly for an artist. It can mean less airplay on the radio and fewer tours, making a comeback difficult. It’s been nearly six years since The Faint released an album. During that time, the band kept fairly quiet as a group, but still remained active through the side projects Broken Spindles and Depressed Buttons. They even appeared on Yo Gabba Gabba! in 2010 performing a song about learning from your teacher. Though it was a long time coming, Doom Abuse is a welcome return for the group since their proper reformation in 2012 and stands as a slap-to-the-face comeback album, proving that The Faint is refusing to fade away.

Sound Therapy With Gongs

INTRODUCTION TO SOUND THERAPY WITH GONGS – Gongs can be used therapeutically either as a stand-alone instrument or they can be combined with other sound tools as part of a harmonic sound therapy session. Working and playing gongs either that are hand held and / or placed on a specially made stand can create sounds which are deeply healing, soothing and transformational as they penetrate every aspect of our being. Gong therapy, gong baths and gongs as interlaced into sound therapy can be an extremely transformational tool when working with clients, groups and the…

Brenda Lee: 50 Years Recording Great Hits

There are some singers who deserve Legendary status and Brenda Lee’s career states volumes about her being classified as one. She has lasted through several changes in music genres over the years and kept her career going over the course of a 50 year period. For a singer who started having hit records when she started her recording career at age 13 is a testament to her destiny in the music business.

Hank Williams

What do Beck, British punk band The -The, George Thoroughgood, and Cheryl Crow have in common? This diverse group shares at least one thing: they have all created covers of Hank Williams’ songs. Hank Williams, the first American country music superstar, impacted American music in a way that can never be forgotten.

Blues Harp

The blues harp, or blues harmonica, had its golden age in the 1950s in Chicago Illinois. At the time, Chicago was a very attractive place for blues artists to try to make a living and a name for themselves at the same time. Chicago’s music scene was bursting at the seams and it also had an up and coming blues recording industry, most notably the Chess (and their subsidiary Checker) record company. It was in Chicago in the 1950s that two of the greatest blues harp players found themselves. Little Walter and Sonny Boy Williamson were both in their prime and had their most productive years there.

Norah Jones – A Life of Inspiration

Norah Jones, is a jazz vocalist, musician, and songwriter who packs serious talent. Born as Geetali Norah Jones Shankar on March 30th, 1979, in Brooklyn New York, she is the daughter of the late Indian sitar musician, Ravi Shankar, and Sue Jones.

Galliyan Soundtrack From the Movie Ek Villain by Ankit Tiwari

‘Galliyan’ is a soundtrack from the movie ‘Ek Villain’ which is an upcoming romantic thriller film directed by Mohit Suri. Starring Siddharth Malhotra and Shraddha Kapoor in the lead and Riteish Deshmukh makes his debut as an antagonist with this film.

Bob Dylan’s Influence Carries On

Bob Dylan is an internationally recognized songwriter, singer, and musician who revolutionized folk rock music in the 1960s. Bob Dylan has given the world half a century of lyrical inspiration. It should come as no surprise that he still has such a great influence on up and coming artist to this day.

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