Guitar Amps vs Bass Amps… What’s The Actual Difference?

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The Release of Springsteen’s Seventh

Born in the U.S.A. was released 30 years ago. It was Bruce Springsteen’s most successful album with seven hit singles.

Why Most Guitarists Fail To Build Speed And How To Succeed

Guitar players often fail to achieve great speed in their playing because they adhere to one of the following (common) practicing principles…

Why Watching The American Idol Experience at Hollywood Studios Is Better Than Watching American Idol

The American Idol Experience at Hollywood Studios is similar to the real American Idol show on television. Five reasons to watch the American Idol Experience at Walt Disney World’s Hollywood Studios.

Gotta Keep It Goin’ On

In certain forms of music, the past echo’s into the future. It’s especially true in Jazz. The legendary musicians from another time are re-created sounding like it was recorded today. One of the most innovative Jazz pianists, Marcus Roberts “Blues For The New Millennium.” revived the best from the past.

Diminished Seventh Chords Pt 2

Musicians in general, and guitarists in particular, tend to run the other direction when someone starts talking about diminished seventh chords. This is ironic because much of the issue that causes this reaction is what makes these chords so useful, attractive, and beneficial to begin with. So let’s roll up our shirt sleeves and learn how to really start using and applying these wonderful diminished seventh chords.

Hank Williams – The Music Lives On

Hank Williams’s life was short lived however his impact before and after death was equally as great. He has had over a dozen songs top the chart at #1 and was inducted in the Country Music Hall of Fame. He created a shift in music, as we know it by influencing some of the greatest artists of our times, including Elvis Presley and John Denver, Norah Jones and many, many more.

Putin Challenged By Two Ukrainian Girls

Vladimir Putin has just ousted a Ukrainian general from his seat. In a Ukrainian ballroom during a private party, he was faced by two girls that want to represent LGBT rights with an enticing dance.

The Importance of DJ Lighting Equipment

For those who only occasionally go to parties, music probably seems like the most important entertainment factor. This is true, but music alone is rarely the only key ingredient for a successful event. A trained, professional disk jockey knows that DJ lighting equipment is equally important and that it can even make the difference between an average party and an extraordinary one. If you are just beginning your disc jockey career, you should do some research and find out about the most popular types of equipment and where to find them. It goes without saying that lighting will never be as important as sound, but the two work best together.

Norah Jones – Come Away With Me

What do you get when you mix jazz, rock, pop, folk, punk, and country? Norah Jones. In her thirty-five years, this incredible musician and vocalist has successfully explored a variety of musical forms, earning the respect of not only her fans, but also her contemporaries and critics.

Should You Refinish a Fine Stringed Instrument for Color?

The finish on antique and modern fine stringed instruments is applied painstakingly for reasons of acoustics. Refinishing an instrument for aesthetics is not recommended.

Guide to Buying Hi-Fi Micro and Mini Systems

Hi-fi micro systems and mini systems allow individuals to enjoy music at home or office. When buying one, you must consider various models, components, and features, such as DVD playback, audio power, radio-presets, etc.

My History of Boogie Woogie Piano Music

I was a 17 year old recruit in the US Army Air Corps in 1945 when I heard this exciting music for the first time. One of my buddies was truly an expert piano player who enjoyed showing off his skill in what we called “The Rec Room” where we often spent what leisure time the Army gave us in basic training.

The One Way To Achieve Success As A Guitar Teacher

Becoming a successful guitar teacher and climbing to the summit of Mount Everest (the highest mountain in the world) are two extremely similar accomplishments. Read this article to learn why.

Bob Dylan, The Music – Then and Now

A retrospective of the life and music of Bob Dylan. Bod Dylan’s music and lyrics have touched and influenced so many people as well as other artist who have paid homage to him by covering his music. Such artist as Jimi Hendrix, Garth Brooks, The Byrds, Adele and new artist Barbara Gracewood have been so inspired by Dylan’s writings that they felt the need to express it by creating their own versions of his music. From Dylan’s humble beginnings to the present, he continues to inspire us all.

Best 80’s Hard Rock And Hair Bands Internet Radio

One of the genres which FM stations have forgotten is the 80s and early 90s Hard Rock, Hair Metal and Hair Bands genre. However, here’s where internet radio comes in and brings a radio station which is specialized in it, being your best alternative in that particular genre.

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