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Kanye’s Dark Twisted Fantasy

Ladies and gentleman, it’s here. The album of the year has dropped. Kanye West’s, My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy, has brought the world into Kanye’s one of a kind maniacal mind, and what we’ve found is, just as his album title suggests, pretty twisted.

Vocal Technique – A Secret Method to Learn Perfect Pitch

Good singing is all about hitting a certain note correctly and in sequence. Many professional singers have highly attuned hearing to detect the pitch and tone of any given note. You too can achieve this level of expertise by practicing the hearing and pitch exercise outlined below.

Mumford and Sons’ Unique New Sound

Mumford and Sons’ passionate sound, poetic lyrics and chilling harmonies ooze with authenticity, awing listeners and leaving them asking, “Where did these guys come from?” Mumford and Sons hail from London’s Underground, one of today’s most fertile environments for growing musical talent, and has since emerged as one of music’s best live acts. However, the band’s future was not always so bright.

Learn How to Play Solo Guitar

Have you ever seen a concerts where the lead guitarist hypnotizes the whole crowd with his powerful performance solo? To be the center of attraction, even for a short time- yes – it is a dream of most, if not all new guitarists. Here are some ends to help this dream to become a reality:

Periods of Music – Baroque, Classical, and Romantic

Classical music of the common practice era is divided into 3 main periods, that each have distinct styles and forms. While there is a little overlap between each period, it is universally recognized that the baroque period came first, followed by the classical, and romantic romantic periods respectively.

Top 3 Breathing Exercises For Singing

In this quick singing tip I am going to share with you my top 3 breathing exercises for singing. Correct breathing is very important as a singer. It has an effect on your ability to produce a consistent tone.

Top Websites For Free Beats and Instrumentals

One of the interesting sites I ran into was where you can get as many beats and instrumentals of a variety of producers as you want. Just one thing has to be kept in mind before downloading the beat from this site- try to contact the producer/ composer of the beat before using the beat in your songs if you are a creator.

Remove iTunes Duplicates – 3 Strategies

Do you want to get rid of the duplicates in your iTunes library? There are 3 easy ways to go.

How The Rock Revolution Began

Many years after the Beatles formed, the three surviving members of the “Fab Four” would be recording and touring for an audience that far outnumbered the teenagers they wowed in their heyday. Rock’s earlier generations had grown up but, with apologies to the Who’s Pete Townshend, had forgotten to fade away. Presley might be dead, but the world rocked on.

Les Paul Studio 50’s Tribute Guitar – The Symbol Of A True Musical Legend

The brand-new Les Paul Studio 50’s Tribute design symbolizes the appearance and sound of the original Les Paul guitars from the 50s, at a value that fits the budget of the hardworking musicians today. Since its launch during 1983, Studio model continues to be significantly popular with the players who want the versatility and power of the original model in a package that is ready for action with a price tag to match. Les Paul Studio models stays entirely to the script, but its 5 worn finish style from the 50s represent the wear of a guitar…

A Short Les Paul Biography – The Creator Of The Iconic Gibson Les Paul Guitars

Les Paul was given the name Lester William Polsfuss at birth by parents Evelyn and George and he is from Milwaukee in Waukesha, Wisconsin. His family had been of German origins and his mom was related to the pioneers of Valentin Blatz Brewing Company in Milwaukee and also the manufacturers of the Stutz Bearcat automobile. The Prussian name has been initially simplified to Polfuss by his mother before he adopted Les Paul as his stage name.

All He Needed Was Love

John Lennon was the founder of the Beatles back in 1957 and laid the foundation to what was to become the most famous rock band in the world. After the Beatles’ demise, John Lennon continued his musical development in close working partnership with his second wife, Yoko Ono. Recording as the Plastic Ono Band, he had success by chanting “Give Peace A Chance” and singing about heroin withdrawal in “Cold Turkey”.

Jay Electronica Is Making an Impact in Music

First appearing on the world wide music scene in 2007, Jay Electronica actually has his roots in New Orleans, though he began to make a profound impact on the hip hop industry while living in Detroit. A bit of a wanderer, the Jay Electronica biography must contain chapters in several cities, including Denver, Washington D.C., Baltimore and Philadelphia, prior to his arrival in the Motor City.

The Right Beat Making Machine Can Make You Money

Looking for the right beat maker? Read more about how to choose the right beat making machine for your needs here.

Why Should I Play the Piano?

You might ask the legitimate question as to whether you really need to learn how to play piano music. This can be a pastime but it could also be your sole source of income. Therefore you need to take the decision seriously.

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