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Choosing a Beat Maker Program

Taking into account that music plays a major role in society, it is actually very exciting to think of the possibilities that producers and artists now have thanks to the internet. Here we will look at some of those possibilities and choosing the right software to make it happen.

The Great Indian October Fest

Rock n roll has been a religion since its inception. India is fast catching up to the growing Rock fever and is home to a plethora of bands that play a wide variety of music right from Rock to Nu metal to Industrial and Electronic. The trend is fast catching up in India and slowly but surely, Indian bands will scale up the international scene.

How To Get The DJ To Play Your Type Of Music

When you hire a DJ for your special event, you want to make sure they don’t ruin your fun with the wrong song mix. Hire a reputable DJ that treats their talent as a business.

5 Great Tips That Are Guaranteed to Improve Your Blues Guitar Skills Very Quickly!

If you’ve been a blues guitarist for a long time now, you will definitely understand how it was at the beginning, when you started practicing the guitar. I have to admit that I was extremely ecstatic the first time I got hold of my first guitar but unfortunately it was also quite discouraging at times when I was learning certain songs on it. In some cases I would have the ability to pick up a certain amount of songs very fast but on some other occasions it would take me days or even months to grasp the same kind of songs on my guitar.

Make Music For Yourself

Do you feel like you should be making music? Do you get the urge to create your very own sounds?

Hellyeah – Band of Brothers

This is the third release for the supergroup… Hellyeah. The band is:

Learn To Play The Violin

If you have been thinking of learning the violin so that you can relax at home with one of the most beautiful stringed instruments in the world, the first thing that you have to think about is how you will actually get the lessons you will need, so that you can expertly handle the violin. You have several options when it comes to learning the violin. The first option is enrolling in a music school, so you can get specific lessons on the just the violin.

Learning to Play the Piano Is Easier to Do With a Comfortable Piano Bench

Having the right piano bench can help you to learn to play your piano by allowing you to be able to practice longer and to practice in comfort! This article discusses the merits of selecting and investing in the right type of piano bench to speed you along the way towards becoming a talented player.

How to Sell Music

New record labels are offering gifted musicians a way to get their music out on iTunes and all the DDL music stores. The process is easy but require tools that the new wave of indie labels provide. Music can be sold world with from two weeks after release.

New Music From DOA – We Come In Peace

I got a chance to see D.O.A. at a hole in the wall, dive bar called The Jockey Club back in 1985. I was a sophomore in high school and had just gotten my driver’s license, so I got into the club with a fake ID that was one step up from a Polaroid picture with my birthday written on the back. What a show! It was the 2 guitar line-up with Dave Gregg, and “Let’s Wreck the Party” has just come out. This band has been one of my all time favorites ever since.

Songwriting – How to Avoid Having Your Lyrics Misheard

Have you ever listened to a song and wondered what the singer was saying? That’s definitively an issue you want to avoid when crafting your own music. We’ll look at how to avoid that in this article.

Insights Into Secrets Of Beat Makers

The availability of beat making software online is increasing. Some of the software is incredibly in-depth and can create professional quality beats while other forms of the software are just for beginners and doesn’t require any prior knowledge at all to use. Many amateur artists who want to make their own beats for their videos or music use this kind of software which sometimes cost much and sometimes offered free. You can consider a beat maker software as a good one if it gives you a large deal of range and can allow you to make beats any which way you want.

5 Home Recordng Tips For Success

Learn how to record at home the best you can. If you know the right tools and information you can take your home recordings to a new level. Make sure you give yourself the best chance at success.

Songwriting – How to Keep Your Listeners Engaged With Interesting Lyrics

A lot of times songwriters come up with a great idea for a story to use in their lyrics, but use up the majority of their ideas in the first verse, and simply end up repeating similar information in the second verse. In this article, we’ll look at how you can avoid that.

What to Watch Out for When Hiring a Wedding Disc Jockey

It’s the hope of every couple getting married that their guests feel welcome, relaxed and entertained throughout their big day, which is why great entertainment is crucial to the success of any wedding reception.  One of the best and most financially responsible decisions a wedding coordinator can make is to hire a professional wedding DJ who can do so much more than simply provide musical entertainment during the reception.  But how can a coordinator be sure they’ve found the very best?

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