Ferndale D3-E Dreadnought – An Affordable Electro Acoustic Guitar With A Spruce & Carbon Fibre Top?!

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Songwriters – How to Reference A Song You Love to Come Up With a New Melody for Your Song

A great way to come up with a melody is to look at one you love and modify it to be completely new. We’ll look at how you can do that in this article.

Write Memorable Melodies With These 2 Easy Songwriting Tricks

The best melodies are kept simple, so they’re singable. The main ingredient of melodic simplicity is repetition. But the key is to be repetitious, without being overly repetitious. We’ll look at 2 easy ways to do that in this article.

Tips of Increasing Your Overall Distribution of Music

It is the dream of every musician or artist to see their songs on top of the charts. Most of them ponder over the question how to sell music and increase their sales. However, with the increase of musicians and limited avenues to channel the music it is becoming impossible to do achieve that dream. That is the reason why you as the musician will have to device some ways to reach to the top of the game.

Tips on Maintaining a Powerful Voice

Excellent singers have powerful voices but some of them are not able to maintain and sustain its quality over a period of time. There are some of them who develop serious diseases that affect their throats and vocal cords. Some singers damage their vocal cords because of too much strain placed on it and at times they lose the sound of their singing voice as well.

Why You Can’t Get Enough Practice Playing Guitar

“I don’t have time for practicing.” “Practicing is boring.”

The Benefits Associated With Meditation Music

  Meditation music is played to help in practicing meditation. The music can have specific religious content or a relaxing aura. However, in recent times modern composers compose the music without necessarily focusing on a religious group.

Taking Care of the Singing Voice

It is important for singers to take care of their voices especially if they would like to make a lifetime career out of it. Even some famous singers and artists have experienced losing their voice because their vocal cords have been damaged or injured because of too much strain on it. Some singers may also develop certain diseases like cancer which could affect their throat and other parts of their speech organ that they also use in singing.

These Are The 3 Best Megadeth Songs Ever Produced

Megadeth is an awesome band. But which of their songs are the best? Check out the 3 best Megadeth songs ever made!

The Violin: A Review of the Fender FV3 Electric Violin – Questions and Answers

The original Fender violin, which is called the F1 has been around for longer than I can remember, but when I played the new Fender, I was genuinely interested to see how it compared to other violins in roughly the same price bracket, such as the NS design and of course the Yamaha. The violin has an almost classical violin shape and the only colour I have ever seen is in “flamed” brown maple. It comes with an ebony finger board, chin rest and fine tuners which are located behind the bridge.

Justin Bieber the Young Singing Sensation

It was in 2009 Scooter Braun an American talent manager found Justin Bieber. He got interested in the talent of the young artist who was born in 1994 after seeing his YouTube videos. Scooter became the singer’s manager later.

An Important Discussion Concerned With This Rise of Church Sound Systems

The vast majority of audio products and equipment are created to boost audible noise for presentations and public speaking. Whether designed for songs or the human voice, audio systems enhance sound so that it can go further than it normally does, ensuring that everyone can hear more clearly.

Songwriting – An Idea for Using Another Melody for Inspiration for Your Song

If you’re stuck on coming up with a melody, one thing you can do is to start listening to other music to get inspired. In this article, we’ll look at how you can use a melody that inspires you, in your own music.

Flute Lessons: Top Tips for Flute Warm-Ups and Best Techniques

Read more to find out about some useful Flute playing tips. Our simple Flute lessons will have you improving your warm up and technique in no time.

Toadies – Play Rock Music

This is a review of the new album by the Toadies. This Fort Worth Texas band is back, and putting out some of their best material ever.

Composers and Composing

It is commonly thought that, in music, performers are all composers. But is this really the case? Who or what is a composer, exactly?

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