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Joe Manton – Where Bass Knows No Boundaries

Joe Manton, a man where bass knows no boundaries is coming to the Sydney Opera House on November 16, 2013 for a one night only performance with world music artist Mahmood Khan. Joining Joe Manton for this one night event will be Australia’s new singing voice, Tamasin Howard.

Maharshi Raval – Australia’s Most Prominent Tabla Player

The Sydney Opera House is proud to welcome back Maharshi Raval, Australia’s most prominent tabla player for a reunion concert where he will be playing, once again, with world music artist Mahmood Khan. Maharshi Raval will be reunited with Australia’s new singing voice, Tamasin Howard.

5 Strategies to Help You Bring Meaning to Your Songs So You Can Stop Worrying and Sing More Freely

Here are 5 Strategies to help you bring more meaning to your songs so that you can stop worrying and sing more freely. They say that getting stuff out of your head and onto paper is key to stopping that feeling of overwhelm. It’s true for singers too. When we are working on learning songs we have a tendency to try and rectify all the problems at once…

Why Do I Have a ‘Break’ in My Voice?

This is one of the most common problems singers want help with. There are 3 common mistakes that we fall into and I am going to show you what they are and how to begin to smooth out your sound.

4 Most Popular Musical Instruments

Music is freedom; of speech, of thought, of creativity, and of imagination. In a nutshell, music is the freedom to feel and express your emotions. Just like we use words to speak and express ourselves, feelings are expressed through the instrumental tunes of music.

What Do I Need To Record At Home?

Traditional multi-million dollar studios are rapidly being replaced by home recording studios due to the advancement of technology and lower price of equipment. Though hiring a great engineer in a great facility is always ideal, you can achieve high quality results at home with the right combination of gear and knowledge.

Where Can A Female Vocalist Find Inspiration?

One of the qualities of a good female vocalist is having the ability to write her own songs. And writing good songs comes from a good inspiration. This inspiration can come from a wide range of personal experiences. It can come from love or hurt or a new experience. Singers can also be inspired by other much experienced singers or by their peers. These can keep a vocalist inspired not only in singing but also in song writing. In writing songs or even in singing, a female singer must not imitate or copy other people’s style. Inspiration is important, but originality can make a female vocalist successful in her career.

How to Hire a Wedding DJ?

When we get inquiries from our potential clients, most of the time, their first question is, “How much do you charge?” Is the cost the most important factor when it comes to choosing a DJ for your big day?

Discography of Trans Siberian Orchestra

It’s always good to know more about your favorite music artists. Keep a track of how they made it big! Here is a scoop of value-adding discography of TSO.

3 Things a Professional DJ Should Be Really Good At

When it comes to becoming a professional DJ it pays to keep a few important pointers in mind to improve your performance. These pointers should help anyone become a better DJ regardless of if they do it part time or want to go pro.

Picking the Right DJ

When it comes to picking the right DJ for you, there could be several factors to consider before you make your choice. Read this article for useful information on the subject of Picking the Right DJ.

Collecting Celebrity Autographs

Across the nation, millions of Americans spend tons of money each year on their favorite past time, which may seem useless to some: collecting items. Some collect action figures, comic books, or trinkets and knick-knacks; others collect celebrity autographs and signed music memorabilia that can turn a profit.

Authentic Celebrity Autographs

Celebrity autographs are a great souvenir for any fan. What could be better than meeting your favorite celebrity and getting their autograph?

Collings 12 String Guitar

Until recently the Collings Guitars has focused exclusively on six string guitars. Before the introduction of the current 12-string guitar production model Collings had previously only produced a 12-string twice before as a one-off custom guitar. Collings hits another homerun with this new guitar introduction with appointment levels and tone wood options to please just about every 12-string guitar fan.

The True Value of Signed Guitars

There are thousands of guitars out there signed by various artists, but proving the authenticity can be difficult. Its important to have your guitar authenticated by a professional who is well known in the autograph industry to place a value.

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