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The Beatles Rise to The Top – Meet Astrid in Germany

For The Beatles it was not an easy road to the top. Find how they found success from their trip to Germany and the group of peers they met that would your way of life today. The true story of what happened on the seedy Reeperbahn in Hamburg. How they met Klaus Voorman and Astrid Kirchherr and unknowingly changed the coarse of history.

The Best John Mayall Songs

Without doubt John Mayall is one of the best Blues artists of the modern era, but what are his best songs? Get the scoop on his three best songs.

Guide to Popular Instruments – The Easiest Instruments to Learn

There really isn’t such a thing as an easy instrument to learn if you’re not interested in learning one. But if you’re willing and motivated to learn, this is a list of instruments that take less time to learn and are great fun to play.

Maximize Your Music Collection With A Music Server

For people who own hundreds or even thousands of CDs, it can become increasingly difficult to organize, manage, and enjoy the collection put together over the years. When other forms of music, including tapes and vinyl records, are added, the collection can become unmanageable. One potentially excellent solution for organizing a music collection is a music server.

Why Learn Guitar Scales

If you wish to learn the guitar you should also lean the guitar scales. This article tells you why you should learn the guitar scales.

Best Beat Making Software – Choosing The Right One Can Get You Paid

If you have spent the time to know that beat making software is the key are you sure you are choosing the right one? Read more about choosing the best beat making software here…

Can a Musician Set Up a Profile on a Website and Gain Passive Interest in Their Music?

We conducted an experiment with Solar-Isis, one of our bands, to set up profiles on Last.fm, Ourstage and Soundcloud, to find out if any new activity was generated on a passive profile over the course of a full calendar month, beginning the week before the Christmas holidays. The short answer is nothing!

Best DJ Turntable for Spinning Like a Pro

Though the ever progressing electronic age has forced several industries to change the way they do business, DJ’s turntables have been enhanced in a way that ensures they’ll never have to stop the track before they’re ready. Upgrades and new features have enhanced the spinning experience rather than hindered it. With so many options on the market, DJs can fall in love with vinyl all over again if they’re not ready to commit to digital. Taking into consideration key factors such as the shape of the arm, upgraded functionality, price and pitch, here are the best DJ turntables on the market.

Beats Creator – Be A Paid Beat Maker Using Professional Beats Software

Are you looking for a way to get your beats out into the marketplace? Read more about being a beats creator using professional beats software here (…)

Why Artists No Longer Need A Record Label

No matter where we play or who we play music for, there is always the question… “What label are you on?” or “Are you signed?” And how much would it cost to “break” a new artist with a major Record Label? Oh, just only about a few hundred thousand dollars.

Rap Maker – Be A Star With Professional Rap Beat Maker Software

Looking to make the beats that are used by rap artist but don’t know where to start? Find out more about being a rap maker with professional rap beat maker software…

Finding Bands for Hire – The Best Option to Spice Up Your Party

Are you planning to organize a party? It does not matter what the reason is, finding the right bands for hire can help you to spice up your party and boost the mood. Today, if you look around, you can find different bands that are ready to play for parties.

The Vibrancy of Beethoven

For a deaf man, Beethoven was an amazing musician. There are few people that can achieve a fraction of what he was able to do. We can see the genius in the Beethoven biography as well as the other remaining treasures that he gave to the world.

What Type Of Music Are You?

Are you a music lover? Do you love singing but there are times that you feel that you chose the wrong one? If yes, then maybe you haven’t got the chance to sing with the right type of music that will fit you.

Playing Guitar Live – Getting Ready For The First Show

You’re in a band. All of you are really motivated and rehearse a lot. At some point you’re finally ready to do your first show, so you book a gig. At the long awaited night you jump on the stage, but the show turns out to be a total nightmare. Your guitar sounds really weird, plus your bandmates don’t play even close to how they did on rehearsals. Not only that, but some piece of equipment breaks up and you don’t know what to do, so you end up spending 15 minutes on stage desperately trying to fix it, while the whole crowd is laughing at you. You finally manage to fix that stuff, so you play your next song, but then you forget your guitar solo and you find yourself in the next awful situation.

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